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Please use these templates in articles that would fall under any of their categories. Insert these templates at the very top of the page in question.


Stub articles

Stub icon.png This article is a stub.
You can help Portal Puzzle Wiki by expanding it.

Any articles that are too short to be considered useful will need this template. If the article can not be fleshed out, consider making the article a candidate for deletion. Template:Stub.

Articles with time critical contents

Time critical.png This article or section documents time critical events.
It may contain tentative information; the content may change as more information becomes available.
{{time critical}}

Any article that may have rapidly changing contents or regard future events should use this template until such time has passed. Template:Time critical.

Articles under construction

Under construction.png This article or section is under major construction.
Please avoid editing this article or section until this message box is removed.
{{under construction}}

Articles in the process of being rewritten or newly constructed should use this template to prevent wayward editors from interfering. Template:Under construction.

Speculative articles

Icon Speculation.png A major component of this article or section is speculation.
The ideas and connections made here have not been confirmed by any official source.

Articles that have a major component of speculative (potentially false) information will need this template. Template:Speculation.

Articles with major spoilers

Spoilers.png This article contains major spoilers.
Significant plot or gameplay details follow.

Articles with spoilers regarding Portal 2 require this template.Template:Spoilers.

Articles that need to be deleted

Deletion.png This article or file has been flagged for deletion.
Reason: No longer relevant.
| reason = No longer relevant.}}

Flag articles for the admins to delete. Template:Delete.

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