How To Connect To The BBS

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  1. Connect a low-speed dial-up modem to your computer.
  2. Connect your cell phone to the modem. Buy dial-up connection access (it can be an internet time card or your ISP's service).
  3. Setup dial-up internet connection in your computer.
  4. Launch HyperTerminal (it was placed in Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > Connection in Windows XP). If you're using Windows 7, install Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode and then launch HyperTerminal through Windows XP mode.
  5. Create new connection. The number is 1 425 8225251.
  6. Double-click on newly created connection.

Remember that if you will connect to dial-up internet throung ISP you will pay for minutes at BBS (depending on your ISP, except ISPs with free dial-up connection).

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