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Rules specific to this IRC

  • Off topic goes in #portal-offtopic (PROTIP: if you think it may be "off topic", it probably is.)
  • Any, and all discussion of "cleaning", "scrubbing", or otherwise editing the sound files belongs in #portal-audio
  • Any mention of false leads will get you humiliated, kicked, and/or banned.
  • Whining will get you permanently banned. No exceptions.

General rules

  • No flaming, TALKING IN ALL-CAPS, don't be an ass, etc.
  • Keep profanity to a minimum, it's not against the rules, just don't be silly!
  • We do like to get things done, so keep that in mind while you are in the chat!
  • No linking to any shock sites. Tubgirl, goatkcd, etc. If you know its bad, don't link it.
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