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Game Informer

See April Game Informer for more information regarding this subject.
On March 5th when The Progress Bar reached 76/76. Game Informer and SteamPowered.com published an official Portal 2 announcement.

April Issue

Main Article : GameInformer_Portal_Exclusive
At the 7th of March 2010, Game's Informer April article of Portal 2 was leaked onto the internet. It contained 12 pages of new information regarding Portal 2. Nearly all of the images provided were associated to the BBS images found.

Underlined letters

The SteamPowered.com news had several letters being underlined. Which forms the word: drattmannh0nee.
This becomes an user/pass combination:

Username: drattmann
Password: h0nee

If the "cjohnson" initial-surname format is followed, this refers to a user named "D. Rattmann." Doug Rattmann is the "Maintainer" of the Aperture Image Format. Additionally, a cut character who was supposed to have been behind the graffiti in Portal was called Ratman (possibly in-house nickname).

h0nee could be connected to Cave Johnson's memo about his honey prize.

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