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The second update introduced a new end-scene to Portal as March 3rd, 2:24 PM 2010[1] . Involving The Robot. Together with this, the BBS had been updated.

New Files/GCF Investigations

  • Two new dinosaur sounds: Media:Dinosaur_fizzle3.wav‎ / Media:Dinosaur_fizzle2.wav‎
  • maps\escape_02_l_0.lmp is a new file that patches a map - escape_02.bsp
  • new version of partyescort.wav: File:PartyEscort.wav
  • sound\ambient\machines\p1_drag_intro_01.wav
  • sound\ambient\machines\body_drag_01.wav
  • models\props\camera\GhostAnim.dx80.vtx
  • models\props\camera\GhostAnim.dx90.vtx
  • models\props\camera\GhostAnim.mdl
  • models\props\camera\GhostAnim.sw.vtx
  • models\props\camera\GhostAnim.vvd

Use GCFscape to extract the files.

In-Game Investigations

Note- She is being pulled back at the end. It's new.

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