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What is it?

ARGBot is a general-purpose bot that has convenient commands for helping to solve puzzles in ARGs. It started out as one Ruby file and grew to a 22-file Ruby gem in one week. Dovahkiin has been developing it, but many ARG players stepped in with ideas, suggestions, and improvements that helped to create ARGBot in its current form.

ARGBot is alpha software. Many of its bugs have been eliminated, but there have been some humorous instances where people on IRC have figured out how to crash it with carefully crafted commands.

What can it do?

ARGBot 0.7 can do conversions between ASCII, hex, decimal, binary, base64, and morse code. It includes a utility to detect a file's magic bytes based on its header, string substitution with regular expressions, URL shortening, cryptographic hashing, true random number fetching from, countdowns, and a sandboxed Ruby interpreter for evaluating short chunks of code. That's just the beginning of what I hope to do with it for future ARGs, and I owe it to a lot of the people on IRC for awesome suggestions, bug testing, and helping to make it stable.

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