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Jake_R climbs a fucken pole

<p17william>: Jake_R climbed a fucken pole

<DemanRisu>: haha

<Jake_R>: I didn't climb a fucken pole

<Jake_R>: it was way too thick for that

<p17william>: lool

<DemanRisu>: depends how loose you are, Jake_R ;)

<Arc_Impulse>: It sounds better that way though, just perpetrate the myth

<Jake_R>: I've seen some poles in my day...

Fun with /nick

<Paarthurnax>: sup dragonborn

<Paarthurnax>: are you a blade?????

<Vekter>: Dovahkiin is a fus ro dasshole :>

<Paarthurnax>: i agree

<Dovahkiin>: … hello, World-Eater

<Alduin>: I saved Dovahkiin in Helgen, woot

<Paarthurnax>: I taught him how to kill you

thordsvin crashes ARGBot

<thordsvin>: !!e def method_missing(*args); args.join (" "); end

ARGBot left the chat room. (Read error: EOF from client)

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