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Banana Error Message
An example of one of the "Banana Error" messages that appear when a player tries to craft multiple banana peels.

The error codes are part of Stage 2 of the ARG, and can be found by crafting 2 Banana Peels together. The codes are each part of 8 seperate PNG images. The "Banana Error #X" dictates which image the error refers to, the "Code XXX" refers to an offset within the PNG file, and the hexadecimal code within "/' .. '" is the data to be inserted at that offset.


Banana Error #6

Code: 192 / ' 0x9E 0x35 0xD5 0x42 0x20 0x94 0x1B 0xF3 '

This means that the image is #6, where the offset is 192 in the PNG file. The hexadecimal code is inserted in that offset (192)

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