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Stitched together version of the eight hidden images forming a transcript of a hearing with several US senators and Saxton Hale, regarding the Poopy Joe incident.

Hidden images are part of Stage 2 of the ARG, and are assembled from Error Codes. We currently know of 8 hidden images, linked below.

These hidden images were linked from QR codes formed from assembling hexadecimal strings. When stitched together, they form the transcript on the right.
Cross-reference: http://xkeeper.net/private/portal/tf2.php

Banana Peel Images

Error code QR code image Output
1 ARG QR Code 1.png Link
2 ARG QR Code 2.png Link
3 ARG QR Code 3.png Link
4 ARG QR Code 4.png Link
5 ARG QR Code 5.png Link
6 ARG QR Code 6.png Link
7 ARG QR Code 7.png Link
8 ARG QR Code 8.png Link
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