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This wiki uses IRC for main communication. We have a bot named ARGBot that can help with many ARG-related commands.

How to Connect

If you already have an IRC client like Adium for Mac OS X or mIRC for Windows, just click one of these links to join:

  • #valvearg2 - for ARG discussion (Muted, see below!)

You can also use a web client to connect! Click here to open Mibbit.

To speak in #valvearg2, you need to request voice. PM a channel operator (Green dotted name in Mibbit, or @ in any other IRC client) with a contribution to the current discussion.


1. If you actually have something to say (not "oh I'm smart I need voice"), PM an Operator (any user with an @ in front of their name) with a good reason for voice.

2. Don't ask to say something - just say it!

3. Don't type less than 4 word lines, it's really annoying.

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