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October 25th, 2012(all times PDT)

  • 16:30: Halloween Update is previewed here. Chance of ARG is lowered.

October 24th, 2012 (all times PDT)

October 23rd, 2012 (all times PDT)

  • 19:00: TF2's website has been updated. Clicking on the spy's head leads to this page.

August 11th, 2012 (all times PDT)

  • 2:??: Taunting with the High-Five produces a new message in the chat. (Your class) says: did you hear the one from (year) where (item), (item), (item), (item), (item), (item), and The Administrator walk into a bar?
  • 2:01: New MD5s for the Barely-Melted Capacitor.
  • 2:01: Mann Will page added to teamfortress.com as another blood splatter.

August 10th, 2012 (all times PDT)

  • 19:36: Gray page on TF2 site discovered.

June 27th, 2012 (all times PDT)

June 26th, 2012 (all times PDT)

June 25th, 2012 (all times PDT)

June 23rd, 2012 (all times PDT)

  • 03:30: Red herring. The TF2 Wiki has just been decorated by its administrators.

June 22nd, 2012 (all times PDT)

  • 15:00: Mmmmph mmmmph, mmmmm mmmmmp mmmmmph. Mmmmmph mpm! Mmmmmph mph mm! Hm mmmmmph, hmmmmph mm mmmmmph mmmmmph! - The Pyro

June 21st, 2012 (all times PDT)

  • 21:45: All images stitched together appear to form two pages from a transcript of the Senate hearing in which Saxton Hale was questioned about the Poopy Joe incident.
  • 15:40: This wiki was created.


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