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Defense Grid

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It was found that the mosaics are in fact not unique. There are ten different mosaics:

Original list of mosaics by ChaotiX.

has any one noticed that the panels in the defense grid mosaics are not solid colors??

The final letters in each of the URLs can be rearranged to spell architects. This appears to be a reference to "Fact: Architects begin by playing with mashed potatoes," a potato fact in AaAaAA!!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity. Whether or not the images themselves are relevant is still undecided.

  • RGB Curve manipulation maybe?
  • There's a lot of yellow here. May be time to take FDobson's quirks into account.
  • In addition, there is a tab in the lowest corner of the level that is akin to the 'juts' at the edges of the mosaics.


Logging in to the console as efletcher allows you to access the /home/efletcher/examples/fromjessica directory. The contents are:

All the flowers' names were found inside each file. It seems that multiple pictures have a small red dot in them. Mostly in the lower left corner. In some cases the pictures need to be rotated or flipped. The dots are never in the exact same spot, but a fair number lie along a straight line, parallel to the short edges. Might be nothing.

  • Probably in reference to the glyph message on the truck in the surveillance video.
  • The dots are about the same size. They also look added in after the pictures were taken due to the coloration of the pixels around the dots. Then again, they are JPEGs and they don't handle red well.
Filename Common name Botanical name
idusall.jpg Yellow Pond-Lily - Cow Lily - Spatterdock Nuphar lutea
daisy1.jpg Bigleaf Maple - Oregon Maple Acer macrophyllum
daisy2.jpg Tall Oregon-Grape X Mahonia aquifolium
daisy3.jpg Autumn Crocus Colchicum autumnale
daisy4.jpg Crocosmia Lucifer X Crocosmia luciferans
daisy5.jpg Magnolia Stellata - Star Magnolia - Royal Star X Magnolia stellata
daisy6.jpg Bachelor's Button - Knapweed - Blue Cornflower Centaurea cyanus
daisy7.jpg White Fawn Lily X Erythronium albidum maybe?
daisy8.jpg Leafy Mitrewort X Mitella caulescens
daisy9.jpg Bog Blueberry Vaccinium uliginosum
daisy10.jpg Bleeding Heart Lamprocapnos spectabilis
daisy11.jpg Cyclamen X Cyclamen
daisy12.jpg Hooker's Willow Salix hookeriana
daisy13.jpg Red-Flowering Currant X Ribes sanguineum
daisy14.jpg Mediterranean Spurge - Euphorbia Euphorbia characias
daisy15.jpg Passion Flower X Passiflora caerulea
daisy16.jpg Scouler's Corydalis - Scouler's Fumewort X Corydalis scouleri
daisy17.jpg Salmonberry X Rubus spectabilis
daisy18.jpg Western Starflower - Indian Potato X Trientalis latifolia
innoparticularorder.jpg Bearded Iris (2) Iris germanica maybe?

Here are the 18 daisies

The flower images do not contain a Digimarc Watermark

Here is an image of colored respectively square by square, with each square's color dependent on the color of the flower it linked to:

Flower Diagram.png

Labeled Flower Diagram.png

Text file of the above can be found here

Newest Console Updates

Here are all the files opened, feel free to upload them to wiki : The screenshots!

Old updates

From an admin post on the official Defense Grid Forums: "Congratulations!

   Defense Grid Update 1
   First to milestone 1 - Achi
   First to milestone 2 - Navossoc
   First to milestone 3 - Woppyce, Kalias
   First to milestone 4 - Woppyce, Ariel Faith Plate
   First to milestone 5 - Trojax2010
   First to milestone 6 - Kalias, kontroll, MOOMANiBE, LordNed, lazerlow, bloocheese565, Dougley, et al.
   First to milestone 7 - lazerlow - Congratulations!
   First to milestone 8 - Ariel Faith Plate, Hirschquadrat, Polaris, Wobble
   something is repairing the files... it will take some time. "

We may have to wait for a new update before further progress. But keep looking and researching nonetheless!

There's also this admin post: "I'm looking for ascii art aliens (1-5 lines, 1-10 characters wide). Your creation may be featured in an upcoming surprise!"


Accessible from main menu. Brings up quite a bit of new dialogue from the AI. Login as Guest to start with.

DG Logo
Logo for glyph comparison
Console after boot

Dump of (hopefuly) all the interesting strings related to the console from the DefenseGrid.exe

Console program specifics:

Reversing the game executable reveals that there are only three possible logins (Memory address 0083EA50 has the username check):

You can also try to login as "admin", which sometimes results in a comment from C.H.A.S.

A map was identified as a possible barcode from a bird's eye view, which was then edited from colour-coded to a black and white was subsequently translated to a password usable on the "fdobson" console account (password: D4meZuMAri). This account granted access to the "efletcher" account (password "elisefletcher" hinted at in picnic_list.txt). Note that passwords are case-insensitive - "d4mezumari" or "D4MEZUMARI" also works.


Contents of Console Directories


Complex map
Map of the complex
They fit like a puzzle
They fit like a puzzle
Building puzzle with building names added. Note numbers and odd building names.
The Mosaic image ending with "a" can be rotated 90 degrees and edited to resemble a mirror image of the assembled building puzzle.
An altered version of the "Mosaic" image ending with "a".
  *Their security policy is very close to the one for Aperture Science you can find on the Aperture Science website.

dev0://home/: (contain a number of login names.)





dev0://home/efletche/: folder able to be accessed using the password elisefletcher.


Text Adventure Game

This is a small adventure game you must complete to unlock C.H.A.S. It is found in dev0://programs/games/.

You can complete the adventure game by defeating monsters and unlocking colored doors.

As you explore, be sure to attack any creatures you encounter. Each creature defeated will net you an improved piece of equipment, which is used to defeat the bullrog. The bullrog is found behind the final colored door and requires +5 armor and a +5 weapon to be defeated.

Begin the game by locating and getting the id card item. Proceed to the red fountain, and use the id card there to turn the id card red. Go to the red door which can now be unlocked. Now go to the crystal fountain and use the id card there to turn it white again. Go to the Yellow fountain to turn the id card yellow, then unlock the yellow door. Now go to the blue fountain (without first washing the card off) to turn your yellow id card into a green id card. You can now unlock all doors. Attack any creatures you encounter to gather the equipment upgrades. Now proceed through the green door to find and defeat the bullrog.

Beta Update

The beta update so far has yet to yield anything new. The directory structure and access has remained unchanged and there is still only one level in the CHAS campaign.


A new single-level campaign only accessable after completing Tony's Adventure (see console). Has two difficulties, Campaign and Impossible.

 - this is potentially an anagram - partial decode: 'If I were alive' (fairly sure on that) - rest unsure.  - Truck
 - My attempt is: If I was alive, I'd bake very good demon oie" - If only that "o" was a "p" for pie! :(  - Soulrift
 - Or maybe it's "If I was alive, I'd go doom everyone I baked"
 - Adam jumps out of the rest of the sentence.  Probable reference to AStephens.  Also the words disk and goodbye.
 - I found "If I were alive, I'd kinda vamoose.  Goodbye."

New Dialogue

A large amount of dialogue was added to the game. This is a dump of the dialogue lines:

Can we get a dump of existing dialog lines? i'm wondering if the AI ever mentions his name. These lines say his middle name is Ignatius
This one says to check back later

Odd items

April 1 2011 Update News

Modified startup game logo (featuring 1x potato!)

Square Symbols

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