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Portal 2

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The following page contains information from the ARG that is directly linked to the Half-Life 2/Portal 1/2 universe.

The "Potato" theme seems to stem from removing R, L, and W from the phrase "Portal Two", as shown by the banner that appears when you can claim your Portal "Resurrection Associate Pin" pin in Team Fortress 2.


Login Screens

Aperture Science login screens have started to appear in Potato Sack games when the player achieves certain goals. The login screen shows in a Steam overlay browser, directed at an page which prompts the user for a password. Within the URL there is an argument made of several digits (which in the URLs below has been shortened to 'x'). The first was found within Super Meat Boy by the user Substance. Within each URL is a message which is specific to the login page of the game it originated. These pages can be accessed outside of the Steam overlay by first logging into with the account that has gained access and then going to the unique URL that was given.

Once a login page has been accessed with a correct password the user will then be awarded a potato icon which displays on their Steam Community profile next to the avatar. Additionally, updates will begin to download for the game which the login was gained from. These have been in the form of an archive file stored in the games directory.

The archive is a ZIP file containing 3-4 files. All but one are TGA files that have alpha channel data described below. There is also a single letter file that itself appears to be a ZIP file (only for "s" from TWEOTW) but is corrupted if you try to open it. The file itself contains files "40.tga" to "83.tga"; the compression size suggests that all 13 single letter files have to be combined to form a ZIP file that can be extracted. Using repair tools on the single archives allows them to be opened; the password collaboration (discovered by Echoblade on IRC) will do this, but some files will remain unextractable, suggesting that a full archive is needed. The single letter files are able to be merged by hjsplit,by renaming the files in order, although dummy files need to be provided for the missing letters to allow it to be merged.

When the order of the numbered TGA files are arranged, the single letters form "connnec_dadots" which suggests "connect da dots", pointing to the map of locations being generated from the alpha channel images. More may be in the complete zip file.

Each password describes the game it's intended for in some way, but is also related to Portal 2 in some way ("death traps", "ovoid rescuer"). The exception seems to be "bird eggs".

Looking for password:

AaAaAA!!! is suspected to provide the password "weighted companion" for The Ball, but it has yet to be found in the game.

Game Address/Message Method Login Password Archive File Name Archive Password Numbered TGA files Letter Archive
AaAaAA!!! "Gravity disregard" "Kiss" enough Potato Bins to reach 100%. Each bin is worth 5%. (Locations). long fall


grandmacookiecontribu.tor teddy

(In the game, Grandma says that Teddy's ashes are in her cookies, as such, he contributed)

1-3 c
Amnesia: The Dark Descent "Dark descent" Create a profile named "Casbah" (case sensitive) (based on clues from phonograph puzzle) troubled memories

(from DG flower)

keypotioningredi.ent damascus rose 4-6 o
Audiosurf "mode Fe" Beat the song Icy_Murderous_I.mp3 from Killing Floor on Ninja Mono, and get a gold medal. rail rider


noisy.sfx crowd 7-9 n
BIT.TRIP BEAT "Don't be a square daddy-o" Get to the boss in Descent and enter MEGA mode as soon as you can. You'll get the login screen once you mode up again. Works on easy. chips challenge


0105mess.age arecibo

(This is hidden in the first level of BTB.)

10-12 n
Cogs "Move that thing" Solve the second hidden puzzle and get all gold trophies. movable panels

(Toki Tori)

2xincred.its tomas izo

(In the Game Credits, Tomas Izo is credited twice)

13-15 e
Defense Grid "Chas s17 entry" Login user "jsharman" with password "ultraz7x4" in the console, run tonylanche and win the dot game. deadly lasers

(From Kick It, tied in with Razer through the Cult of Razer message.)

dadsdess.ert raspberryshortcake

(from a recipe in the console)

16-18 c
1 2 3 KICK IT! "Drop the baby" Play the mp3 and surpass 50,000 points. ugly truth

(Stems from "the writer" in KF after using a console command the password appears)

richestper.son sweetie baby

(from Dejobaan's blog)

19-21 t
Killing Floor "Perk-collate" Purchase the potato gun in game. You can't use cheats to get the money. failed experiments


stupidscience.guy carnivore

(Security Officer Thorne's nickname, the name of the zip is a quote from his bio.)

22-24 d
RUSH "Three simple rules" Placing specific tiles on "Key to Success" as determined from an image in the 4th RAR file from Amnesia conveyor belts


cubeproponlyalteredincred.its speed

The speed of the cubes is altered in one level (the one shaped like a gun) as well as the credits, dev oversight?

25-27 a
Super Meat Boy "Spikes and pits" Die eleven times on level 4-19. death traps

(The Ball)

drsfulln.ame keith fetus

(it's the "doctor's" full name, i.e. Dr. Fetus from Super Meat Boy)

28-30 d
The Ball "I want my mummy" All at once get: 89 health, 233 distance from the ball, 26:37 minutes, 3 monkeys killed, 2 deaths, 13 monsters killed and 5 secrets. weighted companion

(Unknown, guessed)

herobirthy.ear 1909 31-33 o
Toki Tori "Ovoid rescuer" Reach the bottom right part of <TEST> bonus level 2. Solution is here on YouTube. Solutions to the normal levels. bird eggs

(Super Meat Boy, via Twitter)

tokioriginaln.ame eggbert

(The prequel to Toki Tori)

34-36 t
The Wonderful End of the World "Big demon fish" Hold [U] while entering the Arcadia level on timed mode. Get an A+ rating. You can use [Space] to jump on this level. every piece


bearaudiences.ize eight

(On the level Sugar Candy, eight bears are watching another on a "stage".)

37-39 s


It is possible to uncover images within the files by altering the alpha channel properties. These images are black and white photos from various locations in Seattle. "Repairing" the lettered zips yields more files, many of which also have hidden second images in them. Since we are supposed to "CONNECT DA DOTS", the position of the photos on a map may be important. Speculation is on-going, but "Prelude" has cropped up by arranging the letters formed in numerical order. (Require a couple extra lines, which may be supplied by Kick It)

Compiled collaboration archive here. Password is collaboration

The map

The locations found in the alpha channels have been plotted using Google Maps, which can be found here. A picture of those locations has been made for the purpose of connecting potential dots:

For those with Google Earth, a KMZ of these dots can be found here: PORTAL ARG.kmz

Individual game images (1-39)

AaAaAA!!! (1-3)

Location: Pike Place Market (Map Original TGA)

Location: Sculpture at Central Community College (Map Original TGA)

Location: "Spirit of Our Youth" orca fin sculpture (Map Original TGA)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent (4-6)

Location: Seattle/Washington State Convention Center (Map Original TGA)

Original TGA

Original TGA

Audiosurf (7-9)

Orginal TGAs 7 8 9


Original TGA

Location: Ken's Market (Map Original TGA)

Location: Jean's Consignments and Antiques (Map Original TGA)

Cogs (13-15)

Location: Maple Leaf Reservoir (Map Original TGA)

Location: Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. (Map Original TGA)

Location: Green Lake (Map Original TGA)

Defense Grid (16-18)

Original TGAs 16 17 18

1 2 3 KICK IT! (19-21)

Original TGAs ([19] [20])

Location: Ravenna Barber Center (Map [Original TGA])

Killing Floor (22-24)

Location: Bear in Woodland Park (Map Original TGA)

Location: Lighthouse Roasters F.I.N.E coffees (Map Original TGA)

Location: 45th Street Clinic (Map Original TGA)

RUSH (25-27)

Original TGA

Location: Woodland Park (Map Original TGA)

Location: Possibly Woodland Park baseball field (Map Original TGA)

Super Meat Boy (28-30)

Original TGAs 28 29 30

The Ball (31-33)

Location: Seattle Public Library (Map Original TGA)

Location: Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation & Development (Map Original TGA)

Location: Pho Bac (Map Original TGA)

Toki Tori (34-36)

Original TGAs 34 35 36

The Wonderful End of the World (37-39)

Original TGAs 37 38 39

Images from the "collaboration" archive (40-83)

Original TGA

Location: Seattle Ferry Servies (Map Original TGA)

Location: Sculpture near Space Needle (Map)

Location: 8th Ave & Bell St (Map)

Location: Cafe Venus [1]

Original TGAs (45, 46, 47, 48, 49)

Location: Eastlake Zoo Tavern (Map TGA)

Location: Washington Park Arboretum (Map of the arboretum. Map Original TGA)

Location: "Black Sun" (Map Original TGA)

Original TGAs (54 55 56 57)

Original TGAs ([58] [59] [60])

Location: "Golden Oldies" (Map Original TGA)

Location: Michaelo Espresso Inc(Map Original TGA)

Location: Mosiac bench at Lake Union (Map Original TGA)

Location: Husky Stadium (Map Original TGA)

Original TGA

Location: Gasworks Park (Map Original TGA)

Location: "The Ave", University Avenue NE (Map Original TGA)

Original TGAs (68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83)

Video #3: "Turrets"

This section discusses the content of the April 5th Aperture Investment Opportunity #3: "Turrets" video. Notable features relevant to the ARG are a set of frames at approximately 0:37 disguised as noise in a scene transition which contains phrases encoded in ASCII, the face of a man and several symbols:

Frame 942
Frame 943
Frame 944
Frame 945
Frame 946
Frame 947
Individual frames 942 to 947 showing transition through the two sets of hidden messages indicated in bold type.

Frame 944:


72 101 114 101 39 115 32 68 97 32 66 101 101 110 115 44 32 68 111 117 103 116 97 116 111 58:

89 111 117 32 102 111 117 110 100 32 109 97 110 121 46 70 105 110 100 32 116 104 101 32 114 101 115 116 46:

77 105 75 97 88 115 85 115 32 70 84 87:


A face is clearly visible in the background of frame 944. It is suggested that it belongs to Geoff Keighley, the host of GTTV. He will be presenting a show on 7th April 2011 which will feature a Portal 2 trailer and/or footage. See the show's preview (which DOES include new footage from the game) here. It is not clear, however, that it is this guy, as the frame of the face, and the shape of the mouth, etc, make it very much feminine - it is not much like Geoff Keighley, as the face has nowhere near the number of lines and wrinkles regardless of when it was taken.


There are several symbols in the foreground of the frame which appear as follows:

□ + ɑ x16
"..." x13

'□' likely refers to the number of glyphs and 'ɑ' (old-fashioned shorthand way of writing "alphabet") likely refers to the number of letters in the phrases here. "..." (a way of expressing quotation) refers to the number of phrases, likely the latter. Therefore, if these assumptions are correct, the total number of glyphs is 16, the total number of letters per consonant phrase is 16, and the total number of phrases is 13, meaning one from each game.

Frame 945


65 108 115 111 46 46 46 32 115 117 112 101 114 100 105 110 111 109 97 110 39 115 32 109 111 109:

Portal 2 Comic

A preview of a 2 part comic to bridge the stories from P1 to P2 was put up by IGN on April 6: [2]. Part 1 is online as of April 8 here

Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5Page 6

The Comic deals with the "Rat Man" character that drew the warnings outside the test chambers seen in Portal 1 (same artist, Andrea Wicklund), and confirmed by Valve to have witnessed Chell defeat GLaDOS, his drawings used to introduce the player to the game in Portal 2. This is believed to be "drattman", eg "Doug Rattman" (see prescription label on page 4) that appeared on previous ARG/fictional history of Aperture Science.

At least one of the scribbled writings is a 16-consonant phrase: "Hear the turret for it is knell" (hrthtrrtfrtsknll) This phrase also seems to be alluding to Macbeth line: "Hear it not, Duncan, for it is a knell/ That summons thee to heaven or to hell."

Six Moon symbols on page 1 seem comparable to the moon symbols seen in this screenshot [3], which appear to have Morse code-like symbols next to them (not enough to decipher completely: only xTxxxR seem clear with possible E and I in places, but note that the screenshot was was posted as early as Jan 31, 2011, may not be part of the ARG.

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