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Getting Login Screen (and all potatoes)

First Potato: 100% on alive and kicking

method 1

After simply doubling the length of Alive and Kicking.mp3, I tried to get the two KickIt potatoes. Due to the fact that the MP3 is double the length, the game is as well. However, the process of getting the 100% bars does not double, thus, doubled length simply means that it is easier for one to get the Aperture Audio Screen. So now, all you have to worry about is aligning yourself with the score plates (M3 to shift left, M2 to shift right). It's not hard at all! Note, you can also use the Q and E keys to rotate your alignment. I found this much easier than using the mouse buttons.

File:Alive and Kicking longer.mp3

There is the MP3. Good luck with it! ~Nephilim.

(P.S. Rename the MP3 "Alive and Kicking" [minus the longer bit] before you play it, otherwise it won't work.)

method 2

Take the above lengthened MP3, generate a world and then exit to the main menu. Edit '[Your Steam Directory]\steamapps\common\123kickit\Maps\!world_01.cad' and replace all instances of '651' with '771'. Go back to the game and hit 'Again' and then just fall in the center and let the % rack up. if you don't want to edit the !world map file you can instead download this pre-edited map and put it in your maps folder. It will get you 100% in about 60 seconds.

If done correctly GLaDOS will say "Rachel fell for wailing Stratocaster"

Second Potato: Razer Hardware

If you don't have a Razer mouse but want the other potato, download this program. Start up Kick It to the main menu, then run the RemoteDLL program (be sure to read the readme). If done right, you should get the alternate page immediately, without having to play the Alive and Kicking level. Note that this method uses a DLL injector, virus scanners may give warnings or block this program.

Players using the Razer Lycosa keyboard have reported issues with the both the 100% alive and kicking, and the hardware potatoes. After respectively having completed each task seen here the same audio file of GLaDOS saying "There are no peanuts or seed allowed near Australia." Additionally only one potato is awarded. This issue can be resolved by using a separate computer without Razer hardware for the 100% potato.

Third Potato: Getting to the Login Screen

Kick It Percentage.jpg
When playing Searching. Emergence. Discovery.mp3 in Kick It, a percentage is shown at the bottom of the screen. The score must be 50,000 or above to get 100%.

It is possible to modify the generated level file [Your Steam Directory]\steamapps\common\123kickit\Maps\!world_01.cad and change all the object id's of 335 to 771 to increase the value of the scoring plates. Making 50,000 points very easy to obtain. A pre edited copy can be found below.

If you are having trouble getting to 50,000 points, here is a save file created by Bo0m that will help:!


April 12 Update

A screenshot from Alive and Kicking
A screenshot of the end Alive and Kicking

A new song -- Alive and Kicking -- was downloaded with the April 12 update. It appears to be a cover of Still Alive. Playing this song creates a level with intro narration by GLaDOS and scenery composed of companion cubes; there is also a percentage counter shown as in the previous level. To fill the percentage counter you must hit every window and be positioned correctly when you hit them.

Patch Notes

April 7 Update

The update news for the game reads, "Day one. Missed call. Partied all night with that platinum midget fellow and Urbano. I want to decide who lives and who dies. No, forget that. Just forget it all. What does the rest of it all mean? Not just life, but the universe as well. When will I find true love? What's the melody that holds the key to my heart? What do uplifts care, anyway?"

Found in Update News.

Along with that, this picture was shown.

Cult of Razer

When launching the game with a Razer mouse or other peripheral connected, the game pops up a message reading "Cult of Razer" and a code translating easily to "SECRET MESSAGE." This leads to a series of information and puzzles on Razer's blog and facebook page - more information through the link.

Secret Potato Level

The message can be seen at the bottom.

When you play Kick It for the first time (uninstall and reinstall if you've played before, or just delete the one map in the maps folder, and veryfie the files), you can find a secret level by starting to play and hitting escape at the song selection screen. As you get more score in the level, a percentage increases at the bottom of the screen and a message starts revealing itself slowly. When you hit 100%, you get the message "SANDYMAYORMAYNOTBEFICTIONAL," which leads to Sandy's blog: Sandymayormaynotbefictional

The Potato level has been removed with the latest update.

Other possible ARG stuff

With the new update, a new splashscreen was introduced, with the signature containing the word "help me".

It has potatoes everywhere, especially on the main menu

Kick It's loading screen

A transcription of the text in the background of the loading screen can be found here.

There's a button that redirects you to different YouTube videos (only five as far as I know.) It seems random in which video it opens. These are the following:

  1. The Wiggles- Hot Potato
  2. The Ross Sisters - Solid Potato Salad (DVD Quality) {3:50}
  3. Potato Fruit on the Plant
  4. Sesame Street: One Potato
  5. DEVO KNOCK BOOTS (This album cover likely explains Devo's inclusion)
    • Also, the video has many Egyptian references. Possible parallel to Amnesia glyphs?

Not sure if it is related at all to the other symbols, but thought it worth mentioning. It was the avatar of the uploader of one of the linked YouTube videos. Image

Someone suggested taking the audio from these videos and playing them through Kick It. I snatched the audio from the DEVO vid and played it through all three modes. No dice. - Just perfected them all. Nothing abnormal, just bad levels. Dead end.

I played two of the songs from the list above in Audiosurf (Hot Potato and Solid Potato Salad) with no abnormalities.

The Potato button that is in the "secrets" menu has the white letters WAT! iside of the potato, and when you put the mouse ontop of the potato text at the bottom of the screen reads "5 RANDOM THINGS THAT ARE BAD LIVE HERE.(Opens in brawler)"

Tried potato button again (after April 7 update), and now it redirects to another videos:

  1. Furby in Microwave
  2. Soap In A Microwave
  3. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Babbage and Lovelace - Albion: 1849
  5. Star Trek's White and Nerdy


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