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AaAaAA!!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

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AaAaAA!!! Title


Step by Step Guide to Getting Potatoes

First Potato

Second Potato


AaAaAA!!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity was developed by Dejobaan Games and was released on Steam September 3, 2009.

Main-Page Login Screen

Symbol Key

The input screen with Symbols


April 12th Update

Patch Notes


The main menu now plays 'Searching. Emergence. Discovery.' found on Razer's website, and the normal falling scene is filled with weighted storage cubes with green potatoes on them. There is also a spinning Aperture Science 1500 Megawatt Super-colliding Super Button in the corner, which makes an area where you can type in pop up. It is currently unknown what typing anything in there actually does, or if any specific phrases can make something occur.

GLaDOS audio clips

When you start up the game, GLaDOS now (usually) makes one of several different quotes, such as:

These alternative voiceovers seem to occur when you first launch the game only.

There are also GLaDOS quotes you get when you 4- or 5-star a level (possibly only the blue/orange levels listed in the below list), such as:

It seems that whether you get 4 or 5 stars doesn't matter -- they both can give the same quotes. Can someone confirm?

Potato Cubes

These look like companion cubes, but with potatos on the faces. Levels they've been spotted in:

Level backgrounds

It is believed that ALL levels now have a blue and orange background, identical to the one on the button screen.

Updated main screen
The 'Portal 2' input screen

Added/Changed 25 maps

Levels with 'Searching. Emergence. Discovery.' background music

The following levels have the background music Searching. Emergence. Discovery. as of April 12th. Not sure if this is in any other levels or the importance of these levels. Hints to the main menu button's password?

April 7th update

Steam updated the game and said this. Fixed potato bugs, and am now beset by spindly, hairy things that shift and turn and crawl through the night. I know that speed is of the essence here, but I sometimes can't suss out what's hidden in plain view. What's going wrong? Why is the system degrading? Because it is. This is an incredibly brief account of what has been happening, and there are all sorts of intricacies that I've missed out.

They also showed off this pic, can anyone try to fall in this specific spot ? (See Dejobaan News Updates)

[This] mysterious chat log was found inside the models folder of the game.

 Location of the mysterious chat log Proof 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 The chat loops.

There was also an audio clip added when 4 or 5 starring any level (one time only):

-- Hear are some of the audio clips that starts (randomly?) at the end of a level 1 2 3. Each clip ends with the announcer stating that there will be "more news at midnight". He also mentioned a potato shower in Southern Boston (If I recall). (NOTE: PAX East is in BostonRather, Dejobaan Games is in Boston)

-- Clip # 3

-- Clip # 4

-- Clip # 5

This is normal. There's like 30 or so news clips.

New images and text in game / levels:

Note: for those that have the game but not all the levels, you can download this save (alternate download link), place in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\AaaaaRecklessDisregard

The game now has potato chips/French fries in the menu and on top of buildings Another image

Buy monkeys! Buy monkeys! Buy monkeys! Buy monkeys! Buy monkeys! Buy monkeys! No, wait. Don't!

texture dump

Audio from above YouTube Video

-- The graphical glitches in the video (e.g. :45, 1:07) do not appear in-game.

(Hi I'm GeniusGT the guy who uploaded the video above and the video glitches were not from the game it was from fraps, I thought I made it clear in the video description but apparently. Sorry if the glitches sent people on a wild goose chase.)

The glitch at 45 seconds.
The glitch at 1 minute 7 seconds.

Note: MOOMANiBE from irc checked a pre-update ver. of the game and says the audio exists there aswell

Beta Stuff

Running Steam with -beta argtest0406 updates AAAA, and in the updated version, I'm not seeing any potatoes. Before update: After Update:

Potato facts from kissing potatoes from a potato spawner

Fact: There are more potatoes than people in Idaho. 
Fact: Bolos can be made with llama gut and potato. 
Fact: Only silver bullets can kill a Werepotato. 
Fact: Potatoes originally came from Antarctica. 
Fact: SteveSaysOcelot SteveSaysJellyfish ProcyProxyManatee ProcyProxyMantis. 
Fact: Raw potato stamps are delicious AND non-toxic. Mostly. 
Fact: Potatoes can reach 8 metric tons in zero G. 
Fact: Architects begin by playing with mashed potatoes. 
Fact: Some potatoes can talk, but choose not to. 
Fact: A potato buried underneath the full moon cures warts. 
Fact: Boise is known as the big potato. 
Fact: It's easy (and fun!) to mistake old potatoes for coprolites. 
Fact: One in 100,000 potatoes has a soul.
Fact: Only 25% of potatoes contain actual toes.
Fact: You are never more than 3 feet from a potato.
Fact: Any two potatoes can define a line segment.
  • These phrases link to tinyurls. (ex. See TinyURLs


We have been told this is the code that selects these lines. See the get_tuber section below for additional info.


Coder talk ahead:

In ackdll_aaaaa.dll, there's an export called get_tuber. AaAaAA!!! uses it like this:

 popup_message("FACT: SteveSaysOcelot  SteveSaysJellyfish", buf);

I can't get it to work at the moment and I'm dead tired, so if anyone can play around with it and see WHY this fact in particular uses a DLL export for computing what to display.

Disassembling get_tuber results in code that checks a precondition and then fills buf with two strings: first with "You found it! We will do better next time.", then it is overwritten unconditionally with "ProcyProxyManatee ProcyProxyMantis". The fact that a clear message is overwritten with a cryptic string is puzzling. Even though the second string is shorter, a terminating \0 character is copied as well.


This phrase appears in constants.ini

"Of course, this isn't even used anymore. Sheesh. Hey! Go play Kick It or something. Drink more Ovaltine."


This appears in catalog.dat


Here is a pdf of catalog.dat: File:Catalogdat.pdf

Modified Files

List of changed files/folders found since the update.

Getting to the Login Screen

Video instructions

You have to kiss enough Potato Launchers to reach 100%. Each launcher increases the % by 5. The % counts down after a couple seconds, and the count down persists in the menu. When you've kissed all the launchers on a level, exit immediately to the level select screen and choose the next level. After you have kissed a bin in a level for percentage points, you can't receive any more percentage points from any of the bins in the level - even those you haven't kissed before - once you finish a level (crash, stop level, restart), until you restart the game.

Note: You do not have to crash to exit the level. You can hit "Esc" and quit right after you kiss the bins, and then switch levels. This saves you some time.

How I did it: I started at "Flying Cars are Here": and got 50% under the landing pad. Then I (quickly) went to "Welcome to the Descent of Fans" and got 90%. I missed a few, so you can definitely get 100% with just those 2 levels. If you don't, go to "Something Purple" to pick up the last few.--Treymoney 14:19, 8 April 2011 (CDT)

Here are the locations:

- Flying Cars are Here, Mr. Burton, has at least 9 when you pass the first landing pad. Spin around the center, kissing each bin, then grab one of the outer bins and hurry back to the center for the last. That's 50% right there!

- Welcome to the Descent of Fans has a bunch as well, right at the beginning. Start at Flying Cars, then come here to get the rest. From the start platform turn 180 degrees and fly out straight. There are several groups of launchers that require you to zig-zag back and forth to kiss.

- Something Purple Something Saucy Something Juicy has a bunch if for some reason you don't hit 100 with the others.

Tentacle Beasties

In the April 7th update, a series of tentacle beasties were added to the game, marked by a questionmark near that regions, first spotted by IRC user Kaese. When kissing most (if not all), you get the message "It's not ME you should be kissing. Try someone else." We're currently scouring the game and trying to find where all of them are.

The first questionmark screenshot, provided by Kaese
Level Number Location Image/Video
Welcome to Boston - Here's Your Parachute 2 Above the starting point. video
The Landing Pad is a Blatant Lie 1 Modifying the constants.ini file on jump_speed 50.0 video
Da Na Na Na Nah Nah Nah Nah Da Na Downtown 2 Together, straight from start video
Chopping You Up For Love 1 Right next to the landing pad at the end image
Scoring Plates and Taking Names 2 image
Ichiro (secret level located in AAAA's maps folder during phase 2, seemingly removed in phase 3) 1 Near the Beginning, beside some potato bins. image

The level Ichiro is an unused level located in \steamapps\common\aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!\Maps, with the name "00-Ichiro.cad". To access it, you must rename it to "02 - The Zeroth Level Dan and Ichiro Ever Made.cad" (make sure to back up the file this one will be replacing). Then, in the game, go to the cube for the level The Zeroeth Level Dan and Ichiro Ever Made, and start the level. It will load into a level with a black skycube, with only a few scoring plates, a couple building, a few potato bins, a tentacle mass, and a landing pad at the bottom of the level. To restore the original level, just restore the original file.

I think it's worth noting that in Welcome to Boston, two of the adverts are for Potato Sack games; Defense Grid and Cogs. Should we look for an ad for The Ball?

Possible Glyphs

Found on Hoary Hosts Sounds Like a Dirty Dowager (turn around immediately after jumping) [12] [13]

Lead From Other Sources

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