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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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WarningIf you are familiar with the history of the ARG concerning Amnesia, PLEASE make sure all the information here is correct and up to date, as this page is currently very confusing.

Amnesia Title


April 12th Update - Justine

As of April 12th, a new DLC, "Justine" can be accessed by clicking on the "Justine" button on the launcher.

After completing a 100% run, you are treated to a new login page and an mp3.

[1] 100% run video walk-through. Thanks to IBringDoom for this.

[2] Text Walk-through for a 100% complete run. Thanks to Ryukaki for this.

[3] The page when you get a 100% complete run.

[4] If you want to explore without the monster in the way, here are instructions on how to get rid of him.

Amnesia Audio.mp3 The audio MP3 on the page.

A note from "A.S Inc. (Aperture Science)" shows the address "Boston, Massachusetts" which is the address of Dejobaan Games HQ.

Misc Data / Patch Notes relating to Justine DLC

Patch Notes:

Amnesia: The Dark Descent gets a free expansion!

Now with 20% more horror and 10% less cake. Enjoy this brand new flavor of canned horror - manufactured with license by Aperture Science. (might contain traces of potatoes)

Updated Files:

Update includes new files and sounds placed in the textures/ptest folder. (Some may have already been here unnoticed).


Getting to the Login Screen

This one is very easy.

To get the login screen:

Phonograph Puzzle


Dev-confirmed to be the way to access the login page. In the Study, in the room with all the junk, is a phonograph that asks the following questions when you approach it:

Play order Transcript Answer
1 Daniel, you killed me, you took my life away! If only you realized what you've done, what violence you have forged upon history! You have to make it right, you selfish old boy. n/a
2 I am offering you redemption. I need you to give me the answers. Rid yourself of guilt, tell me at once. n/a
3 The man who escaped death in Grenoble -- who is he? Who is hunting (me? you?)? And who is the banished one? Agrippa, Shadow, Alexander
4 You laughed when I told you I would call on Gabriel to help. You know him, where did you meet him? Bremen
5 You are slipping! Your mind is questioning my existence. My request is sincere, Daniel. This is all real! Where did you leave your sister? Canterbury
6 Daniel, you are going mad! Go home. Call on her, what's her name and let her bring you home to England. Hazel
7 Listen, if there is any will in you left, answer my questions and let them make a name for yourself! n/a

Take the first letters and anagram them to get the word "casbah;" naming a profile that unlocks the login screen.

Entering the password downloads the file "keypotioningredi.ent" to the root folder of Amnesia. Renaming it to "keypotioningredi.rar" and using the password "damascus rose" for the inside files gives some Portal 2 concept art and an "o" file without any extension, measuring approximately 3,99 MB. It should be renamed to "". The compression size suggests that each game's single letter file has to be combined to form a ZIP file that can be extracted.

The RAR Puzzle

After the update, four encrypted .RAR files appeared inside the root directory of the Amnesia game.

File 001.rar 002.rar 003.rar 004.rar
Password TCHUMHULYTSHO cruel love Tin Hinan endoftheline

Messages from HELPr indicated that a "blue note" would be the key to opening the first, and sure enough, under the stairs in one of the level was this cryptic blue note:

Blue Text

Inscriptions of the Nile, where the unspeakable eldritch horrors hide:

- A simple man: hideous toad and hairy bat (1)
- Dweller of sky: mother in sea (1)
- Give your eye and bowl: mass far below, creator of life (1)
- Fibonacci digger: at graveyard, in gallery (2+4)
- Temptation's tongue fell off at hole: plateau of the octo-leg (1)
- The weights are in equilibrium: the gate (1+6)
- Feather walker gaze at meal: unstoppable and shapeless (1)
- Dual hooks and beams: many forms seek followers (8+9)
- Two more remain in plain sight.

A certain permutation can form something encapsulating all,
but is not the answer.
The numerical order, where hidden trumps shown, must be used!

Do not gaze at the face! It is not of here, but should reside elsewhere.

The left side of the note hints toward a series of hieroglyphs hidden throughout the game, while the right side clues gods in the Cthulu Mythos, as tracked here:

Deity riddle Deity Letter Hieroglyph Hieroglyph riddle
hideous toad and hairy bat (1) Tsathoggua T man a simple man
mother in sea (1) Hydra H bird dweller of sky
mass far below, creator of life (1) Ubbo-Sathla U bowl + eye give your eye and bowl
at graveyard, in gallery (2 + 4) Ghoul HU rabbit Fibonacci digger
plateau of the octo-leg (1) Leng L Bird + snake Temptation’s tongue fell off at hole
the gate (1+6) Yog Sothoth YT balance The weights are in equilibrium
unstoppable and shapeless (1) Shoggoth S Bird + pot Feather walker gaze at meal
many forms seek followers (8+9) Nyarlathotep HO Hooked T Dual hooks and beams
Two more remain in plain sight  ? CM

Taking the numbers after each line as indices into the names of the gods, the letters removed can then spell "CTHULU MYTHOS." As the note says, though, this permutation is not the correct one. If you then order the letters by the hieroglyphs they're paired with, you get "TCHUMHULYTHSHO" - the password to the first rar file.


The included letters are: "ECVMIILNSDIAT" (from top to bottom)

Out of those letters, you can create the phrase "DANIELS VICTIM". Inside the first file are two images: one of a head within a vise with letters scattered over the picture, and the other of a block of text. As of yet, the first picture is deemed irrelevant. The second image, of the block of text, has a series of numbers at the bottom, beginning with "9, 1." Pairing these numbers results in a set of coordinates: For example, the first numbers would be paired (9, 1). These pairs refer to lines and letters in the text of the image - for example, (9, 1) is the 9th line, first letter. Putting them all together reveals the password for RAR #2: "cruel love."


The included letters are "OEGNRHERTEFI", which could spell out 'THE FOREIGNER'.

In RAR #2, there is again an image with letters scattered around it, along with a .PDF. The image is as of yet irrelevant - the PDF has certain italicized letters that spell out "FRIENDS LEGEND." This is a reference to the lore of Amnesia, and the answer to the puzzle, and the password for RAR #3, is "Tin Hinan"


On the paintings? drawings? inside this image are three Spanish words, "Guarda Ráuda Clave", which translates to "Keeps Key Swift". An alternate translation of Clave is "Password".

At the bottom of the page is the pair of strings:


Two sentences in the text of the PDF have 69 and 64 characters, including spaces, exactly:

I still have doubts about the cabinet and what it may come to reveal.
Come to think of it, there is one part she would be perfect for.

XORing the hex code from the text gives two lines of repeated text: "endof" and "theline", leading to the 4th rar's password: "endoftheline."


RAR #4 contained concept art with some hidden words in it - the hidden words spell out, in broken Swedish "An airplane can lift from there, sure!" It also contained instructions for a RUSH map that opened the RUSH login screen.

Unexpected Omen

The text was deciphered through frequency analysis, noting that several single characters became spaces, while groupings of characters represented single characters.

The fully decoded text is:

The potion certainly is a capricious tool to work with. Anyone who consumes it will suffer from memory loss but to what degree is difficult to predict. Lately, I have become skilled at matching the body of the prisoner with the amount of rose oil; however, there are still prisoners who takes me by surprise. Emanuel, the poacher, roused from his unconsciousness, rambling, "The liver the cube! Musty the liver! Come weigh your bells!" His words meant nothing to me. The prisoners rarely tried to address me in English. Everyone knew I spoke their language quite well. I grabbed him and hushed his manic rant. Emanuel calmed down and looked at me with his frightened eyes. He spoke: "The mashin must ravel wear light north ark beguines!" As his voice resonated within me, it felt important, maybe even prophetic. I asked him what I could do to help, if there was an answer to this riddle. He cried and said, "Come weigh your bells!"

Developer Hints and Forum Fiction

 "they haVe caught on to me And will try to silence me will try to escApe knnHldp"

This is now confirmed not to be a troll, and he has made a second post:

 "Okay I do nt care any mre if thse sadistic bastrds got me burning wi lasers and all after last escpe. 
 Hrd to type with fngrs off bt have to kpp trying!! Dd mssages before went   up??? Itried to sneak, but scrw that now!! 
 I just dmped all I could find on th srvers!!! hahaha!! This wll scrw them up. I also sht in thomas shos... hohoh...
 hohho... someone awke and heading this wy!!! I there are sre to be material that can HURT THEM ALOT!!! Hlp me find!! 
 might be hidden. BSTRDS WLL PAY!!!! go2go!! "

Forum post Dev blog directly referencing some things in HELPr's posts, confirming this is not a troll

After that post was made, this went up on the Frictional Blog:

 So I just awoke to what can only be described as manic giggling and intense keyboard mashing. 
 First thinking it was hallucinations caused by recent days' fumes I ignored it. 
 But it would not go away and I finally went up to investigate. What I found was that my 
 desk was spattered with fresh blood and mucus, something I spent the last minutes cleaning 
 up with high pressure hose (we installed one after the "Sottoth-incident").
 Anyhow, this can only mean that one of the old specimens, subject H, has escaped once again. 
 How he did manage to pick the lock without any fingers boggles the mind. I guess he always 
 did have dexterous feet though. Once we catch him there will no more of that though.
 In any case, if anybody spots strange messages on the forum or whatnot, please ignore them 
 and just report back to me or anyone at FG. I assure you anything that subject H says is 
 all just a mad animal's ramblings. Nothing to take any note of. Would be great if you all 
 could help me catch the bugger.
 Oh, well time for placing some bear traps I guess!
 PS: Good news from Razer, looks like the problems are fixed now. To all those that have reported missing limbs: we are working on finding (somewhat) fresh replacements!
 PSS: What in god's name is that in my shoes!!!

The next message from Harold, after forum members attempted to help him:

 Hard to post any more since the bastards are after me now... learned to type by mashing by hand stumps though, pretty nifty right?
 I digress. Need to be quick.
 Poked around in the cellar and found more notes. I hope they can be of help.
 "Beneath stairs, the key to a rare tome can be found. Paired with ancient symbols, letters lurk inside names of my favorite nightmare-magican's dreams."
 "Omen, placed as gift for god of tumbling perfect shapes. It is of no use in our realm, but very much so in its."
 "The murderer's victim spoke of riddles, the answers forming a greater whole. It could perhaps unlock boiling layers inside forgotten memories?"
 No idea what it means, but perhaps u will? I have no more time, they are onto me and the bear-trap around my ankle is slowing me down.
  • Could "tumbling perfect shapes" of another realm be referring to RUSH? If so, might this mean the Omen code and the RUSH codes are related?

His next message:

 Freaky monster appears not out entirely of ordinary. Lately it is very calm at 
 Alexander and I am unsure whatso? Anyway better organisms tough if durable, 
 through circumstance many. Feeling good bout theoriesaccepted inside. What you 
 consider worthwhile? Nothing is good but bad to me example so tell us so!
  • It can be split up to FREE DLC START AT STAIR TEXT

His third message

  RE: Update? 
  new message:
  Not much time... 
  To: Francis York Morgan 
  I think they got me for good now.. feet are gone and blood is gushing out...crocodiles...or something like it.
  I need to be fast. For the past hours I have looked around the FG basement for anything I can use...and found some... This will be the last I can give..
  Blue note: Its about pairs, where latter can generate the key. Dunno, what it means but some a side note was along these lines. 
  The murdered voice, she can help release the gaseous moist, and reach the inner web.
  Omen is essential for the cubes... but does not belong with the forgetful mind.
  That was all I can find, I hope it helps.... hope this brings them time.. is over...

HELPr Returns

  juSt Ahead rightnow, spiderlegsnotwrorKING good (lonnngerSToryTelllater). AnYWAY, backKK.HAHA. JustMESSedfiRStperson I could, caNOtpost foRUM (FG WiLl c)
  Now, Ihavesome info. THe basTARDs are laughING in BasemnT and I overHERAD fewTHIngs (eaRzztill groWing so Bd heering, again LOng story).
  "...allt i brevet..."
  "...två meningar..."
  DUno wat means, but might use B?
  BCK l8er 

In the above message, sent to user Anxt, HELPr revealed two Swedish phrases (defined in the "RAR Puzzle" section of this page).

Message to Helper

  Harold, I understand that you are under extreme duress, but I am making a desperate plea. We have a task force of dozens working as hard as we can to save you, but it is essential that we understand some things.
  You overheard them talking about a letter - one of the Swedish phrases you heard was "everything in the letter." If you can do anything to find out which letter they're talking about, it will bring us infinitely closer to getting you out of their alive.
  Best of luck,
  A friend 

The user dragon2041/Synthecism (although he is known as Synthecism on the forums, he is referred to as dragon2041 on the irc channel) sent the following message to helper in response to the clues about the letter, staying in character. The message was intended to confirm whether the "letter" in HELPr's clues referred to the PDF (see the RAR Puzzle section of this page) or another message.

Helper Responds

  PRrtyere PainFul (and hardTosSee) hving batwIngs GrWing out mY eyeS. Thyse LobstRclawz notMking typIng easIer. SorrYifHardto read, doIng bsT I cn. PleasE Trty tO Not paYmuch attention.
  tLettErIm unsURe. ThEt R currEntly DOingSome ritUl now so, cNNOT hearAnytTHing. I do RemMEBRER "rare" AND "pee dieriff" (SORY bad hring withRatlegs in eaRS?
  AWEFULT PAIN NOW!!! Mst ENdure few hours... hpe was somehelp.

The above message was sent in response to dragon2041/Synthecism's inquiry. It served two purposes: first, to debunk the theory that the capital letters in his letters had significance (waving it off with "these lobster claws are not making typing easier"), and second to specify that the "letter" to which he had previously referred was the "pee die riff" (PDF) in the "rare" (RAR).

Another Inquiry

  I pray that you are still alive. We're trying to save you, but need your help.
  We're using a secret letter we found in a rare tome, but are perplexed at its meaning. At the bottom of the letter is a series of numbers that appear to be in hexadecimal - we've been working with these numbers for over five hours now with no end in sight.
  If you can do so safely, please, bring us any information you can that might relate to this. I'm sure those bastards at FG are rolling in laughter at our incompetency, and overconfidence lends itself to slips of the tongue. 

Still stumped by the hex code, dragon2041/Synthecism sent another private message at the request of the IRC channel.

Harold's Clarification

  PAin SHarp, ADnd Croc-things nERAR, bUt:
  "...två meningar..." SeEMED IMrotpant.

Harold sent an indication that the previous clue "två meningar" (meaning "two meanings" or "two phrases") was the clue to the puzzle.

Victory Message to Harold

  Topic: We've Solved It
  At long last, it is finally over. We've cracked the rare tome, lent aid to the world of tumbling cubes, and put the murdered voice at rest. We've found the secret ingredient and finally broken the last of the puzzles those bastards created.
  But my mind is not at ease. Please, Harold, tell me you are safe. That you escaped them. I've been working so hard to try to save you, but as the last piece falls into place you are nowhere to be found.
  Come back to us, somehow. 

Dragon2041/Synthecism sent this message to Harold upon the cracking of the fourth RAR and the discovery of the Amnesia login screen. It stemmed from a personal connection that many in the Amnesia IRC channel felt had been created with Harold - several members had either received messages from him or sent messages to him, and were, when in character, fearing for his safety.

Harold's Forum Post

  Hahaha, Those fools!
  When they found out about the leaked information, thanks to you cracking it!!!, they started running around like idiots, not knowing what to do! The croco-cats was all confused by this and I managed to lure them into an acid pit.
  As you can see I am all good now, and finally healed all my wounds. It is a bit funny walking around with spider-legs sticking out your throat and eating with rat-heads from my nose. But I am slowly getting used to it!
  You may wonder how I cheated death? Well let me tell you. The bastards at FG thought I was done for and threw me into a corner to bleed to death. However, I struggled and managed to tip over some essential salts on a shelf. I got all kinds of strange 
  stuff over me and while it messed me up a bit (as you might have noticed) it managed to save me. Or at least my head...(and awakened meeee). And I also got strange voices in my head... but nice with some company!
  As you might notice, I do no longer have to worry about those morons at FG now that they are all in panic, running around with creatures from the beyond released. After having healed I used this chaos to snoop around a bit and... YOU CANNOT GUESS WHAT I FOUND!!!
  It is going to take a bit time to get it all processed, but this is really going to piss them off. Stay tuned.
  PS: you should already have some teasers in rare secrets.

The puzzle finally solved, Harold escaped Frictional Games alive. It appears, as well, that there is more to the puzzle. It is believed that Harold will continue with more puzzles - whether or not they are related to the ARG, however, is unknown. Some speculate that he will give clues in the next phase of the ARG, while others believe that Frictional Games is diverging from the IRC and will use Harold to promote and hint at their own upcoming game.

The following analysis by dragon2041/Synthecism on the forums explains the relevance of the line "teasers in rare secrets."

  Harold, I'm so glad you're safe! I was really worried about you for a while there, but you could not imagine my relief upon hearing of your survival.
  Teasers in rare secrets - we've had many. There's the interesting concept art in the fourth tome (possibly a secret project by FG - if they released a behemoth like that, we'd have some serious trouble on our hands!) as well as those strange pictures in tomess 1-4.
  For those of you that don't know, the letters in the picture in tome 1 rearrange to spell "DANIELS VICTIM." The letters in tome 2, "THE FOREIGNER." In tome 3, there are three almost indiscernible words, spelling out, in another language, "keeps key swift."
  In the fourth tome, there are some interesting things as well - the image contains not only art about FG's secret projects, but some hidden words that, when arranged properly and translated, make the sentence: "An airplane can lift from here, sure!"
  Eagerly awaiting for you to shed light on these discoveries, Harold. 

"Rare secrets" is a reference to the four RAR files that were decoded by the Amnesia team to unlock the login screen for RUSH. Although dragon2041/Synthecism's post is written in character, its meaning should be fairly straight forward given that "tome" is a stand-in for "RAR file."

Original Update

Full transcript of poem:

we must hurry it's not too late
what will that perfect sphere bring
it will be the end of everything
the tattered yellow king shall dethrone
the pipers will call for us to dance
death shall move across the floor
they who burrow waits beneath
the skinless one is waking
climb the highest tower
it will be again, its coming
from beyond it comes
through the gates
suffer the trial
stay alive
Liar! Alias does too use dust as a sore muse
Line Game being referred to
We must hurry its not too late RUSH.
What will that perfect sphere bring The Ball.
It will be the end of everything The Wonderful End of the World.
The tattered yellow king shall dethrone Toki Tori/BIT.TRIP BEAT?
The pipers will call for us to dance Probably Audiosurf, but possibly BIT.TRIP BEAT / Defense Grid
Death shall move across the floor Killing Floor.
They who burrow waits beneath Amnesia: The Dark Descent? The Ball?
The skinless one is waking Super Meat Boy.
Climb the highest tower AaAaAA!!!
Spin the wheels, crank the engine Cogs.
It will be again, it's coming (?) Half Life Ep. 3 (?) / Defense Grid: The Awakening ?
From beyond it comes  ? Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Defense Grid for aliens?
Through the gates Portal / Portal 2 / 1...2...3..KICK IT?

Other lines:

Line Reference
Suffer the trial  ? (This ARG?) (Anagram of "That file surfer", referring to AudioSurf?)
Stay alive  ? (Possible reference to Portal "Still Alive".)
Liar! Alias does too use dust as a sore muse A cypher.

Further research into the background image revealed that it could be found at the game "Unbirth" appears to have been an unreleased freeware game made by Yezide Studios: the precursor to Frictional Games.

Glyphs in-game (left) compared to a wiki image (right)

New images found in game: clearer shot:

The line "Temptation's tongue fell off at hole: plateau of the octo-leg" could refer to Penumbra: Overture where a man had to remove his infected tongue after eating poisonous spiders.

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