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These cyphers combine with the Glyphs to form the final password to the Aperture Science login page files. See Glyph cubes.



Every game has an associated message. These messages have 16 consonants total, made up of these 17 consonants: bcdfghklmnprstvwy. The missing consonants are j, q, x and z, (the 4 least common characters in the English language).

Phrase Consonants Related Game Origin
Lo-fi wave tossed. It is a sad hoop game. lfwvtssdtssdhpgm AaAaAA!!! Grids in Steve's YouTube videos
Liar! Alias does too use dust as a sore muse lrlsdstsdstssrms Amnesia: The Dark Descent Image featured in-game
Tire & rope; tie self. Too irate, so I eat a sheep. trrptslftrtstshp Audiosurf Tip added to random tip list
A sidewise safe; inside we see isotopic goo. sdwssfnsdwsstpcg The Ball Help tip when you find the glyph
A sage sausage? I ate it fast! So sue us... we cave. sgssgttfstssswcv BIT.TRIP BEAT Message sent when uploading your score.
Safe, we avoid no seaside noises as we loom. sfwvdnssdnssswlm Cogs Given when getting the worst possible score in the secret level.
Wife ire - avoid evil maidens. Be good, okay? wfrvdvlmdnsbgdky Defense Grid Finish the secret campaign on Impossible difficulty.
Slice a lil' mouse... no noise alone harm Ohio. slcllmsnnslnhrmh 1 2 3 KICK IT! Razer blog posts
I said, "One's sofa have deep counts," as I die. sdnssfhvdpcntssd Killing Floor Added to "Mr. Foster"'s description
6teen dot data. Ovened a hot nut, no hen. tndtdtvndhtntnhn RUSH Click on the potato at the level select screen
Data issued teases due to kid hair aroma. dtssdtssdtkdhrrm Super Meat Boy Put together from Super Potato World level titles.
Art for swans is dope! I sauce age a taco. rtfrswnssdpscgtc Toki Tori Real-life message at the developer's HQ
Oil you above eyes. So, be bossy! A hobo yam? lybvyssbbssyhbym The Wonderful End of the World Found on Rube Tuberson's Twitter.

Additional Phrases

The secret frame from the 3rd Aperture Science video, exacting the number of glyphs and cyphers

There have been several other associated phrases that fit the pattern for example "Hear the turret, for it is knell" from the Portal 2 video; the filename "sawthisthroughthewindow.gif" from the "everythingisfine" email account, the name of Sandy's blog, "Sandy May or May Not Be Fictional". However, we know that there are only 13 "official" phrases based on the static image from the 3rd Aperture Science teaser video. It is more than likely that we can use the additional 16-consonant phrases as hints to recognize elements of the ARG.

Matching Glyphs With Consonants

The major thing we're attempting to do with these ciphers is see if the consonants contained within them match up with the letters we're getting with the Glyphs.

For reference:

Y As A Consonant

Some people have been debating the validity of "y" as a consonant. The general rule for American English is that if the y is attached to a vowel, then it becomes a consonant. For example, the y in "hey" is a consonant.

Interestingly, the single y in Defense Grid's pattern ("okay") is a consonant by these rules, but one y in TWEOTW's phrase ("bossy") is not. The main reason why people would be interested in taking out the y is that then there would be only 16 possible consonants in the phrases instead of 17, which would mean the 16 glyph/letter combinations might match up without one left over.

Cypher Phrases As Glyphs

Cypher consonants converted into Glyphs.

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