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Aperture Science TGA Images

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This is a compilation of the images found from the individual game files and from the combined collaboration archive.


Individual game images (1-39)

AaAaAA!!! (1-3)

Location: Pike Place Market (Map Original TGA)

Location: Sculpture at Central Community College (Map Original TGA)

Location: "Spirit of Our Youth" orca fin sculpture (Map Original TGA)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent (4-6)

Location: Seattle/Washington State Convention Center (Map Original TGA)

Original TGA

Original TGA

Audiosurf (7-9)

Orginal TGAs 7 8 9


Original TGA

Location: Ken's Market (Map Original TGA)

Location: Jean's Consignments and Antiques (Map Original TGA)

Cogs (13-15)

Location: Maple Leaf Reservoir (Map Original TGA)

Location: Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. (Map Original TGA)

Location: Green Lake (Map Original TGA)

Defense Grid (16-18)

Original TGAs 16 17 18

1 2 3 KICK IT! (19-21)

Original TGAs ([19] [20])

Location: Ravenna Barber Center (Map [Original TGA])

Killing Floor (22-24)

Location: Bear in Woodland Park (Map Original TGA)

Location: Lighthouse Roasters F.I.N.E coffees (Map Original TGA)

Location: 45th Street Clinic (Map Original TGA)

RUSH (25-27)

Original TGA

Location: Woodland Park (Map Original TGA)

Location: Possibly Woodland Park baseball field (Map Original TGA)

Super Meat Boy (28-30)

Original TGAs 28 29 30

The Ball (31-33)

Location: Seattle Public Library (Map Original TGA)

Location: Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation & Development (Map Original TGA)

Location: Pho Bac (Map Original TGA)

Toki Tori (34-36)

Original TGAs 34 35 36

The Wonderful End of the World (37-39)

Original TGAs 37 38 39

Images from the "collaboration" archive (40-83)

Original TGA

Location: Seattle Ferry Servies (Map Original TGA)

Location: Sculpture near Space Needle (Map)

Location: 8th Ave & Bell St (Map)

Location: Cafe Venus [1]

Original TGAs (45, 46, 47, 48, 49)

Location: Eastlake Zoo Tavern (Map TGA)

Location: Washington Park Arboretum (Map of the arboretum. Map Original TGA)

Location: "Black Sun" (Map Original TGA)

Original TGAs (54 55 56 57)

Original TGAs ([58] [59] [60])

Location: "Golden Oldies" (Map Original TGA)

Location: Michaelo Espresso Inc(Map Original TGA)

Location: Mosiac bench at Lake Union (Map Original TGA)

Location: Husky Stadium (Map Original TGA)

Original TGA

Location: Gasworks Park (Map Original TGA)

Location: "The Ave", University Avenue NE (Map Original TGA)

Original TGAs (68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83)

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