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Aperture Science puzzle

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The Aperture Science puzzle is the puzzle posted on an Aperture Science page on 13.4 2011. The page contained a bunch of jpg images which seem to form a puzzle. The URL of the page was found on a computer screen in The Ball [1]. (See also: The Ball#Terminal)

The pictures have been put together but works continues to decipher it.

Note that there are two sets of pieces that appear duplicate of another piece save for a thin grey line over top of them; they actually are merged as two pieces to complete the grey curves. The grey curves form four sets of a Fibonacci curve.

Following the four curves from the inner point out, the filenames (without jpegs) are:

Curve 1: (top left) fscxg maffx dawqb juojb fgaxz aouhk scdfy

Curve 2: (top right) bncxa paexy ufdcb jfhgv xcgge urtfd rszxb

Curve 3: (bottom left) qewsp dwexm jsdxa cvhng nihjk xcern axclr

Curve 4: (bottom right) dcghr cxhjf kdfgy cfvcj awvuj ysdcv wyzxi

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