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Audiosurf Title


April 12th Update


Patch Notes: Updates to Audiosurf have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Selecting any character gives a surfboard at the bottom centre of the screen, with a portal gun where the ship would be. (Like a first person Chell view). All blocks are orange and blue. White and black blocks are now companion cubes. The background is now grayscale. Playing any song defaults to a song called The Device Has Been Modified v2 and the character is changed to Pointman Pro. This only seems to work on the first song per play. After then, it can be replayed by going to Audiosurf Radio and choosing "TEST - For Science". It has the tags [as-portal], which presumably makes you play as Chell.

  • Someone should try using this song in one of the other Potato Sack games that uses your music. You can find it in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\audiosurf\engine\laddermusic --StupendousMan 19:25, 12 April 2011 (CDT)

Audio transmission found in Audiosurf. This is gained through an Aperture Science page, pictured on the right. To play the transmission and get a potato on your Steam account, obtain gold while playing 'The Devices Has Been Modified v2' on Elite or (much harder) Pro. Each companion cube picked up is worth 5000.

The transmission says: "Bike lanes are slow in Latona."

One possible interpretation: The Burke-Gilman Trail in Seattle is the largest bike trail through the city, and intersects Latona Ave NE. map street view This map location is a few miles south of the PRELUDE map points.

Also, because of this update, any song played from the Orange Box Soundtrack > Portal within Audiosurf will have the [as-portal] adjustment.

Getting a Gold

Here's what worked for me:

You should get Match 11 without even trying, so that plus Clean Finish will probably put you over the 180,000 points required for the gold. --KingMudkip 18:04, 12 April 2011 (CDT)

  • Go on Pro, during the slow parts go for orange + companion cube, on fast parts go for blue + companion cube. (via slimd1995 in IRC)
  • For people that typically play Ninja Mono, what worked for me was collecting all companion cubes and only one of the colored blocks, avoiding the second color like you normally would greys. This method got me the gold on the second attempt.
  • I recommend novice pointman, make sure you collect as many companion cubes as possible and do not waste your companion cubes by using the colour changing blocks as those will wipe out your bonus points!

Cheat Engine method

  • Note: Cheat Engine may require firewalls to be disabled to work properly.
  • Select QuestViewer.exe from the process list (The top left button of the magnifying glass on a computer)
  • Press "Add address manually" on the main screen
  • Choose Type "Float" and check "Pointer"
  • Address of pointer=0x00DA89A0, Offset(HEX)=7C, press OK
  • Load up "TEST - For Science" or Icy_Murderous_I.mp3" and press Play
  • Now edit the value to 180000 or bigger and wait until the end to get gold. Keep in mind you lose points for doing poorly, so watch your score near the end.
  • I found that i had to already have a bronze and silver medal for this to work or it would crash Audiosurf. --Julusian 17:10, 16 April 2011 (GMT)
  • This method worked in one try for me, with no existing medals. --Spagett 22:58, 16 April 2011 (CDT)
  • This method should work no matter what your previous status in Audiosurf because it is editing the raw address where the point total is located in the app memory. However it does help to try and follow the tutorial in CheatEngine at least for the first 2-3 steps if you want to understand how to do this properly. --Bobkooney 20:09, 17 Apr 2011 (MDT)

Gold Run Example (On Easy)

Jerk in the IRC made this video example with tips for getting the audio page: On Easy


I've been attempting this for over four hours. On many, many occasions I have collected every single available companion cube and not overfilled any bar once, and yet only finished with half the required points. I have tried all three difficulties many, many times. Over 100 attempts in all. I would not waste your time with this. Cube numbers are randomly generated, I've seen one run with only three cubes to collect throughout the entire 3:27 running time.

More Files?

Hitting the "www" button next to "The Device Has Been Modified"'s listing in Audiosurf Radio links you to a page with three different versions of that song, as well as two others. It sounds like these two extra tracks may have hints that a spectrograph would uncover; there is some strange white noise in both of them.

  • These are the first version and the first version encoded in constant bitrate (CBR). As they were uploaded 3 years ago, it seems highly unlikely they are related. --AuREAX 01:28, 13 April 2011 (CDT)
  • Keep in mind that both versions of the song are very old, they were created in 2007 I think. --Steve

Getting to the Login Page

For the login screen to appear you must complete Icy_Murderous_I.mp3 from Killing Floor with any character on any difficulty, and get a gold medal.

Audiosurf cheat.png

You can open the logon screen by cheating the game because Audiosurf only check the ID3 tags to recognize song. You can use any song but it must have ID3 tags set like in the picture on right. Here you can download a very easy to play, cut version of the original song from Killing Floor which show the logon screen after hitting all color blocks on Ninja Mono.


There are the 3 .tga unlocked in the file. The n file is another zip with more passworded .tga files on it. The file "N" is currently inaccessible, current popular theory that is part of a larger achieve within each of the other games.

April 7th update

This update added the ability to view the Aperture Science login page from the Steam overlay once a certain criteria in Icy Murderous I.mp3 from Killing Floor.

Music tracks of significance

Lil' Slugger.mp3

Located in the sound archive of Super Meat Boy, it was the first song to give the tags [AS-steep] when played in Audiosurf. If a gold medal is achieved, a potato is seen with the glyph for RUSH.


Located in the BIT.TRIP BEAT music folder, it is another song that has the [AS-steep] tags automatically applied to it. once finished it gives "failed experiments" *see below*. AdFurious is an anagram of "Audiosurf", which has pointed us toward the proper game to play the song in.

the file can be located here AdFurious - original

Failed Experiments

Failed experiment.jpg

When playing either the AdFurious - original or the short version of AdFurious, the "Other Bonuses" section of the scoreboard changes to "failed experiments" when you receive a gold medal with any character. This does not change the values of the bonus points.

"Failed Experiments" is also a link to Killing Floor Due to the Zeds being failed experiments. This link led us to finding the next song, "Icy Murderous I.mp3"

Icy Murderous I.mp3

Found because of the subtle link in AdFurious, retrieved from the sound folder of Killing Floor. The five minute track is by Dirge, and is the Latest song to have the [AS-steep] tags automatically applied to it when played. A gold medal must be achieved, with any character and difficulty, for the Aperture Science login page to appear.

Icy murderous is an anagram for "Ride your music", which is Audiosurf's tag line.

The original track is Icy Murderous I.mp3, while the shortened version (which is easier to beat, and still counts because Audiosurf only checks ID3 tags to identify music) can be found here.

This one is really hard and a lot of people are cheating to get this one. One method to get this without too much effort is to play Double Vision on easy and just pick up everything, just don't overfill. Eventually you will get a lucky run. If you can make a clean finish and Match11 you will need around 129k before the song ends. If you managed to get Match21 you can end the song with around 117k.

3D Files

Super Meat Boy's Deluxe Soundtrack

Audiosurf Potato.jpg

April 1st update

April 1 2011 Update News

A new tip appears randomly:

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