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BIT.TRIP BEAT was developed by Gaijin Games and was released on Steam on November 2, 2010.

BIT.TRIP Beat Title


Quick Potato Exploit

Run through the <test> level once and beat it. Copy the k=x (where x is a 10-digit number) and plug it into the other two links. NOTE: This only works for BIT.TRIP BEAT.

April 12 Update

Update notes - April 12th

Audio transmission page found in BIT.TRIP BEAT. Done by completing the "<test>" level.

-A new song has been added to the menu. It is called Science can be Fun. It's the song you hear in the TV Spot for Portal 2. Completing this song transmits audio of GLaDOS saying "Noodles are the primary food for a retro gorilla". This gives you another potato on your Steam Profile Video

There are two potatoes to be earned in this update. One can be received by finishing the level in Hyper mode, which results in "Noodles are the primary food for a retro gorilla". Finishing the level in the Black and White danger mode results in "Hill Towns of Tuscony tile is used for most syrup drawers". Both result in a potato on Steam. I (jasondesante) Have tried finishing the level in the B&W danger mode and I haven't gotten the 3rd potato at all after 5 finishes in B&W. I got it to work finally after ending the level with "danger" showing (dont know if that was the true trigger) but the unique thing I did was I didn't hit the big aperture logo at the end, I stayed at the bottom. I would normally always hit the final logo, but when I didn't hit the logo, I got the alternate audio clip. (revise this once one of these stories becomes confirmed by more people)

Several files have been added to the Models/Background/ folder. One of which includes a folder called Portal 2 that contains multiple AETEX files.

Perfecting the <test> level earns you the achievement "PERFECT.SPECIMEN".

Getting to the Login Screen

To open the login screen, you must get a "beat" (block) past the boss at the end of the Descent level.


The Descent Boss looks like this.
It will slowly fire single beats at you. When you bounce them back they will hit the boss and knock off several blocks.
What you need to do is concentrate your fire in one area in order to blast a hole all the way through.
"MEGA Mode" is a mode that you will automatically enter when you're doing well and have filled up the game's top bar.


April 7th Update

Steam updated the game and said that in the update log:

 Updated <the> Main Menu
Game auto-pauses when the SSSSSSteam Overlay is uSed
Mega Mode enhance
>>>===0|                                    |0===>   Soon?

The code at the end looks like the code tweeted by Team Meat on Twitter. It translates to S|o|S.

The fifth line of the update description looks like entering a portal on a wall and exiting it on the other side of a wall, next to the word "Soon?"

Btb portal.bmp

Also, the update seems to put the focus on the letter S. On BIT.TRIPs Twitter, they posted the "Strangeness is a foot" message from their Facebook Page again, but with the SS in Strangeness capitalized. Also the u is underlined.

When the above Portal reference was posted on Facebook, BIT.TRIP replied with "haHA!". Interpret that however you want to.

Floating potatoes

Square Symbol on PotatoBitTripPotato.png

Strange score uploads

Anagram of some sort.

From the same user as above, posted 2 years ago.

Strange coincidince?

Confirmation by another user posting on twitter: . The image linked to is 100% black.

UPDATE: Adjusting the colours on the image has led us to a strange discovery.

Bittrip colorcorrect.gif

Look Familiar?

Apsci bittrip.png

Is this old glitch? Or it's new, i dont know, but can this little square fit here:

I (sid0) noticed that the backgrounds in the first level, Transition, seemed to be a little more distracting than before. This could be related to the line in the changelog about "Improved particles", or I could be imagining things.

was updated to a yellow image with a black border sometime on the morning of April 3rd. When the curves were edited it became more obvious that the image wasn't a solid yellow, and in fact looked like a part of the Aperture Science logo. (The image is orange only because the curves were edited) (Curve editing refers to an edit of the RGB content of the image, not any actual curve shape within the image.)


A picture of the main screen with all three potatoes was posted on Facebook ( ), along with the message "STRANGENESS IS A FOOT". When asked if the typo was a mistake, BIT.TRIP replied "Everything we do is intentional".

Updated Achievement

Updated BIT.TRIP BEAT achievements page

One new BIT.TRIP BEAT achievement were added on April 7. The icon resembles the Dejobaan logo.

The original name of the icon file is 70c95566aa13f9b3b9df60aad52433966ecdec82.jpg

To get the achievement, you must enter the "inner core" area (the area just before the boss battle) in MEGA mode.

Then, if you somehow lost it, enter MEGA mode again during the boss fight and get the ball behind the blocks, and you will summon an Aperture Science login screen with the URL <number>.

Note: The boots in the 4th Portal 2 investment trailer are referred to as the "long fall" boots.

Another achievement was added on April 12th. It is earned by PERFECTing the <test> level (i.e. hit every single beat).


April 12th update

On April 12th, a new level called <Test> got added. It doesn't have a MULTI+ mode and the interface is changed a litte. The font switches between a classic Arial font and the original BIT.TRIP font. The background shows GLaDOS 'unfolding'. When the level is finished, a screen similar to the login screen opened up, and plays one of two audio files:

The page and audio file shown is random. To get both you need to keep completing the <TEST> level until a different one shows up.

Note: Completing both of these will earn you a total of 2 potatoes.

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