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Commandhat	Well I just introduced everyone in valvearg3 to the toy commands
Commandhat	valvearg3 is now about 8ball and !dome, apparently
<Bobo> na I'd agree that Watcher sound a lot more like G-Man
<Goat>f*** this, the community has gone to s**t
<roxahrus>"We just recieved word from Valve that this is all useless!"
*** Goat quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 4.0/20110318052756])
<@Commandhat> YOu know that message I posted?
<@Commandhat> It was in the aprt about asking us to update the wiki.
<@Commandhat> So in other words
<@Commandhat> they want us to update the wiki faster and more often or else...SOMETHING will happen
<@Commandhat> I don't know what, but it's strongly hinting to ANOTHER round is op dissappearance :(
<Brorbo> So Watcher = Gman, and last Clew = The Ball. Get searching and don't get caught up on the chat
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<Miss_Stabby> WAAAAARGH.... it wont let me GET TO NELIPOT
* Miss_Stabby was kicked by SpamServ (Your message contains too many capitalized letters.)
<+stomper> what if all pirated versions were leaked on purpose in order to further this ARG?
<Lattyware> Hey guys, fancy being depressed?
<Lattyware> The odds are, someone in this ARG will die before Portal 2 comes out.
<Lattyware> And never get to play it
<brkdncr> i vote that Jake_r go to the IRL bathysphere
<CSN|IMBATMAN> jake-r is a hgue contributor in my opinion
<Suyo> Yay let's get Jake_R there and let somebody record him as he does his acrobatics again
<Jeth> Jake_R, we'll fly you over to that bathysphere and make you climb it.
<TF> I vote Jake_R flies to Seattle so he can climb up another pipe to take a picture of the Bathysphere from above.
<brkdncr> someone ask Gabe to buy Jake_r a plane ticket
<auREAX> Jake_R, are you up for the task?
<Jake_R> Hahaha
<MosServ> Jake_R: The people have voted.
<omNOMinator> Jake_R to seattle!
<Jake_R> Guys, seriously, if you buy me a plane ticket? I'll have my bags packed in 30 minutes. However, I don't think that's our best option. xD
<brkdncr> Jake_r: Dont forget to bring potatoes.
<Jake_R> It'll cost like... $800 or more
<auREAX> Jake_R, meh, only 500 euro
<Shodan_xl> you can use the bathysphere to go back to holland
<omNOMinator> btw Jake_R congrats on your climbing skills xD
<Ienzo> I can just imagine a cardboard cutout of the Trollface inside the bathysphere XD
<irule88> Jake_R since we canadians liberated your country, I would ask that you do us a small favour and go to seattle. those tulips arent enough
<Dilettante> Jake_R, don't you want the unique experience of being the one person ever trapped in the Official Aperture Science Mobile Underwater Test Chamber?
<Jake_R> Guys, srsly. Stop the insane calculations and start finding someone who lives close? xD
<AlphaCentauri> Jake_R, come on! You can swim to Seattle and go there
<@Dougley> I swear to GOD team meat you BETTER not call me out
<@Dougley> ooohhh
<@Dougley> because I get a fuckton of friend invites each time 
<@Dougley> and it's not fun
<@Dougley> at all
<+AndrewF> ..
<bullet100> I do
<PixelSith64> Dougley: You just cursed yourself you know
<@Dougley> "do u wok for vavle" every TIME gfh
<PixelSith64> Now Valve/Team Meat/Dejobaan/Gaijing/Etc will all mention you
<lupe121283> well do you?
<PixelSith64> Dougley: Well, do you?
<@Dougley> it's already happened TWICE
<lupe121283> lol
<@Dougley> so
<PixelSith64> ... damnit
<@Dougley> NO I DO NOT
<+AndrewF> goes to show people can find anything to complain about
<PixelSith64> Are you sure?
<S0N0S> brb
<@Dougley> derp colourcodes being dumb
<+AndrewF> emphasis on your popularity
<lupe121283> poor dugley, he works at Valve and doesn't even know it.
<+gboon> all the other ones get evalutions and an image, mine just shoutouts someone else. cyborg jerk
<Fergdog> has anyone noticed portal two minus a couple letters = potato
<meaple> I should warn you though Im nude D:
<Roonast> yup!
<meaple> and its not pretty
<DrHerpster> meaple: are you a guy?
<meaple> last time I checked
<PixelSith64> DrHerpster: Whatever you want him/her to be
<DrHerpster> meaple: HORRORS
* DrHerpster was kicked by SpamServ (Your message contains too many capitalized letters.)
[10:28pm] ranunculoid joined the chat room.
[10:28pm] ranunculoid: S T O P  K I C K I N G  M E  M Y  N O R M A L  L E T T E R S  D O N T  W O R K
[10:28pm] ranunculoid was kicked from the chat room by SpamServ. (Your message contains too many capitalized letters.)


<chewymilkybar> my punishment: be gabens couch for a week
<chewymilkybar> truly
<chewymilkybar> the worst punishment
<Jaeger> i just realized that there are Valve employees taking care of all the valvearg wiki channels,
and most likely they saw all of my gaben jokes :V


<dageek> Looking for: Whatever you got Can offer: My girlfriend will do dirty things with you/to you


<MosServ> also it turns out dougley was a troll oh wait we already knew that

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