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Get The Damn Potatoes

The easy and lazy way:

April 1 2011 Update News

April 14th Update

Patch Notes:

The game is so far unchanged bar the removal of the requirement of saying "please" on the title screen to access the ARG levels. Investigation is underway.

April 12 Update

This update added three new levels: "Portals", "WCC", "In The Box",

Lazy solving for all levels.

Video solutions from Sniper John UK for the new levels:

Getting Master Mechanic (Gold/Gold/Gold) on "In The Box" Boots you to the Steam Overlay, where a sound is played.

Media:Arg_hints1850.mp3 "Grants Foundation Invented Wednesday Quizzes"

Investigate: Some players report getting the Aperture Science overlay after completing WCC. I am unsure why I didn't get it first time round, but have since got it, possibly by setting a better time - Sniper John.

Media:Arg_hints33.mp3 "Game cards first appear in Whyland, in 1994" (Y-land, Ireland?)

Investigate: Might be worth trying to set a really good time on Portals, to see if there is a third login (one for each new level). For reference, My best is 2:16/259 moves

Save file

If you find the levels too hard, or dont have enough stars to unlock the levels/don't have enough time to earn them here is my save file, complete with 896 stars (you may have to complete a level for the counter to update) and all levels Gold.

This will affect achievements, so use at your own risk. Also, it's great fun completing them yourself :) - Sniper_John

Place the file in c:/users/*you*/Appdata/Roaming/Lazy 8 Studios/Cogs (Win7)

MegaUpload for those having trouble with RS

April 8 Update

BestLaidSchemes... level

This is the most recent level that has opened up and became available in the April 8 update. The models for the two jack-in-the-box levels have been slightly modified as well.

Solving the puzzle will open an Aperture Science login page. (Video showing how to solve the Cogs puzzle Thanks to "Sniper_John_UK and jbc429")

Easy Solving:

Solution notes:

Solving the puzzle opens a link on the Steam browser to address (where the value after 'k=' changes for unknown reasons). The link will work in any browser if you log into your Steam profile first.

There is a save file with about 100 stars complete (or more). You can download it here to help you out: [Place it in Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Lazy 8 Studios\Cogs\]

Potato Levels / Getting the login screen

To have the Potato levels appear, you need to type "please" on the main screen, it will trigger a chime sound effect and unlock the additional 2 (at this time) levels.

Update: The previous 2 will now appear without the need to type at the main menu, but you probably still need a certain number of stars

<Test> level

This level does not need to be completed to access the BestLaidSchemes level.

Note: these and other hidden letters seem to be pointing towards a key to unscramble the nonsense phrases in the games.

Other Notes

From coin.exe

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