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Countdown Aids

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These are sites, plugins and userscripts that enhance the functionality of the [email protected] countdown site with percentages, community focus and more.

WARNING: If you use an extension that adjusts the timer, please be aware that you will be seeing a time different from ours. Inherently, just because your timer says there is only 24 hours remaining, that is not the official word from Valve.



Userscripts are compatible on a wide range of browsers. Just install the script and return to the [email protected] page to see the result.

A quick description of how to install browser scripts in general can be found on the GLaDOS Enhancer Plus page. It's designed for their script, but the same instructions apply for all scripts in general.

Please note that some of the above scripts may require the Greasemonkey Add-on to work in Firefox.


To use a bookmarklet, copy paste the JavaScript code into the URL field of a new bookmark. Then click on the bookmark while on the [email protected] official site.

All of the above seem to be broken in terms of ETA since the overclocking began.


These are browser specific extensions, but may offer more functionality and browser integration.

They seem to be broken at the moment, they add about 5h to the counter.




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