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Defense Grid/Recruitment Drive

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The recruitment drive

The recruitment drive for Defense Grid finally came to an end, after 100 people were recruited. We now have to wait for it to get processed. Hidden in the message is a line once again refrencing glyphs, and a 4 by 4 array of glyphs can be seen. Defense Grid Aperture Science login page password, derived from the glyphs (DNTFRGTBTTHLSRS, or don't forget about the lasers), was revealed to be "deadly lasers" (referencing a picture that Razer had posted on its Facebook page). Using the password "raspberryshortcake", derived from dadsredeploydinner.txt, the dadsdess.ert file was unlocked.

Instructions (Old, no longer relevant)

  • If you own the game, but have never played, DON'T WORRY, you don't need to play at all.
  • Go to the console on the main menu. The username/password is jsharman/ultraz7x4.
  • Enter the command "cd recruitment".
  • Run the two files there (id_scan and sign_up) and screenshot what you have (F12 in-game).
  • id_scan tells you your info which is tied to your Steam account.
  • sign_up attempts to register you, and if you are not what the program is looking for currently, it will tell you what it IS looking for. One of three cases can happen (In any of these cases, fill out the google docs form):
  • If you're a match, you get a quiz question. Make sure you let us know on IRC about it and we can help with the answer.
  • If you're not a match but someone on your friends list is, it will inform you of a 'colleague' being applicable (note: this person does not necessarily have to own the game, it appears)
  • If you're not a match and no one on your friends list is, it will say 'perhaps you can help us find someone who does'.
  • If your entry is not currently valid, please enter it into the form linked below so we can notify you when you are needed.
  • Until someone responds to the request, it does not change and no progress is made. This is why it's so important to have as many people signed up as possible, to speed up the process.

List of recruits

This is a list of the 109 people recruited by the Defense Grid system.

Steam group: I am trying to invite all 109 recruits onto my Defense Grid recruitments group. If your are a recruit or know someone who is can you please get me (The Leithal Weapon) or someone else on the group to invite them. Feel free to leave a comment on my profile or invite me. The list of people I could not find is here. If I jave missed any of the new 9 people please tell me.

Recruits (Most recent at the bottom):

No. Fictional Name Steam Name Qualification
1 Sergeant Edward Williams Banchou
2 Ensign Louis King 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 5th Division, Recruited Sep
3 Ensign Theo Martin Kalias Weapons specialist, 6th Division
4 Captain Tyler Young Fjorkin 2nd Division, I Brigade
5 Sergeant Thomas King DarkFlame Gesser Rock, Recruited Apr
6 Major Harry Adams armante Fortification Engineering, Yamatsumi
7 Sergeant Chloe Taylor Mikel S.
8 Major Scarlett Moore nucleophilicity Terra Luto, IV Brigade
9 Lieutenant Tyler Jackson Draven
10 Sergeant Isabella Clarke Baconman
11 Admiral Madison White linFox
12 Ensign Katie Fox [UCF] Enduro
13 Major Emily Smith CAT PLANET; CAT PLANET :3
14 Captain Archie Walker Gus the Crocodile
15 Sergeant Jessica Wilson xhileno
16 Admiral Ryan Campbell EvilHolyGuy
17 Ensign Harrison White BY2K Mobile Armor, Yamatsumi
18 Sergeant Joseph Evans Eraysor Signal Analysis, V Brigade
19 Sergeant Louis Clarke MitchEvious
20 Private Amy Johnson come the rubber pig Military History, Recruited Mar
21 Private Oscar Hughes Coranico Artillery, Recruited Jun
22 Ensign Henry Johnson Discrider
23 Private Edward Morgan Sharkinu
24 Ensign George Morris Redh3ad
25 Major Jessica Allen GVBN
26 Lieutenant Leon Phillips Burgersmith Lieutenant, Recruited Dec
27 Major Lilly Holmes Nobody
28 Private Amber Smith cccino 8th Division, VI Brigade
29 Lieutenant Archie Holmes TG_Judgement
30 Sergeant Holly Cooper Ryonez
31 Captain Charles Hill Channel Ten
32 Ensign Alexander Carter Kernon
33 Sergeant Michael Cooper Napy Da Wise
34 Admiral Jack Watson DeathWish808 Admiral, IX Brigade
35 Private Sophia Hill nazghal
36 Captain Evie Wilson Potato Weapons, Recruited February
37 Lieutenant Leo Clarke Nameless
38 Captain Daisy Williams DragonNinja Psi Ops, 3rd Division
39 Ensign Mason Moore Higgins Computer Systems, 7th Division
40 Private Lucas Ward Hobocannibal Records, Recruited Dec
41 Ensign Ella Anderson The Noodle Incident X Brigade, Recruited Apr
42 Lieutenant Samuel Moore Shih Tzu Lieutenant, Recruited Feb
43 Sergeant Daisy Hall Fatal Error X ?? Electrical Systems, 1st Division
44 Major Archie Hill Eagle Eye
45 Private Leo Young etc
46 Lieutenant Ryan Scott pcl219 Artillery, Recruited 61
47 Ensign Archie Campbell reininop
48 Major Ava Moore sherman113
49 Admiral Anna Morgan one5th
50 Engsign Michael Evans The Mourning Dove Menace
51 Ensign Dylan Turner snipeman2512
52 Private Freya Wright Milla jovovich
53 Private Amber Cooper buboe Yatsumi, Artillery, X Brigade, 8th, '62
54 Private Leon Holmes godprobe Yatsumi, Recruited '60
55 Captin Jasmine Davies fallen warden
56 Lieutenant Erin Jackson unrealuniverse
57 Major Scarlett Young lattyware
58 Private Harrison Young joshbox
59 Sergeant Holly Hughes houli
60 Sergeant Brooke Wright deion
61 Sergeant Amelia Thompson duncans_pumpkin
62 Private Edward James subman X Division, September
63 Lieutenant Millie Brown rocketjesus
64 Private Theo James ch1||p1||
65 Sergent Brooke Campbell CheeseGamer
66 kn2nja
67 Captin Leon Hughes noxxit
68 Lieutenant Riley Green ICS
69 Ensign Jack Young lobster Johnson
70 Private Michael King zer0blivion
71 Lieutenant Freya Phillips king.somnus Mobile Armor, Recruited 66?
72 Captain Michael Thomas SuperNewb
73 Private Daisy Campbell Gentlefood Psi Ops, Gesser Rock
74 Lieutenant Leah Clarke [KNG PRES] Sir Program
75 Admiral Millie Hill Mooninites
76 Admiral Adam Jones Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love
77 Sergeant Lily Clarke Alteffor 6th Division, V Brigade
78 Lieutenant Isaac Wilson MaX MayheM Linguistics, recruited May
79 Sergeant Mason Lewis lifenoodles Aviation, recruited June
80 Ensign Aaron Moore Baha
81 Major Charles Walker Szilard
82 Ensign Archie Ward jetuser
83 Warrior
84 Private Grace Clark Kirbinator
85 Captin Harry Ward {Leib}CMS
86 Private Katie Ward Dakoman Signal Analysis, VI Brigade
87 Sergeant Jake Morris Threep
88 Major Aaron James Ryau
89 Lieutenant Leah Thompson Film11
90 Lieutenant Anna Watson Kn1nja
91 Ensign Summer Fox The inevitable Fishmonger
92 Sergeant Oscar Campbell Taerix
93 Private Isaac Anderson Stylpe X Brigade, Weapons
94 Salty
96 Pyrrhus
97 Qazi
98 Private Daniel Clark Sorcerer Supreme
99 A Well Dressed Young Man
100 The Leithal Weapon
101 RedSnt
102 Athenor
103 Visi
104 Private Elizabeth King TenebrousNight Combat Tactics, recruited in '70
105 Duke_Jarlsberg
106 Sergeant Alexander Hall Hank Hill (aka Supacasey) Survival, 2nd Division
107 Rive
108 Private Madison Brown TheSophera Private, IV Brigade
109 Celidat

Examples of entries

"We need someone who is a Signal Analysis specialist from V Brigade."


Puzzle: What element freezes at 3422 degrees?

Answer: Tungsten

"We need someone who serves in the 2nd Division, in the I Brigade."

Puzzle: What is the day on July 31, 2067?

Answer: Tuesday

"We need someone who is a Aviation specialist from Gesser Rock."

"We need someone who is a Fortification Engineering Specialist from Yamatsumi."


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