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Dejobaan Games

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Dejobaan Games is an indie game development company that has been "Bringing you Quality Videogames for over 75 years."

They are behind the games:

News Updates

On April 7th Dejobaan patched their games in response to the sentient attack that implanted code in their releases on April 1. Three news updates were made, each update contained an image with 8 digit and 10 digit filenames, this may be a clue. A meaning for the first image has been found but the second two have not had a purpose discovered yet.

Image News Page Name Notes
WEOTW-steam update colored crates.png unencrypted215826.png demonstrates the secret level in TWEOTW
Encrypt23598612.png encrypt23598612.png Does not resemble AAAA and the mouse cursor is from TWEND.
Encryp2397386212.png encryp2397386212.png shows a modified version of the HUD from AaAaAA!!! (and early builds of kick it) the zeros are not present normally.

Twitter Images

These images were posted on April 12 to Dejobaan's Twitter. Additionally a Spanish Language MP3 was linked File:Language Learning Laboratory.mp3

Original Image Processed Image Outcome EXIF/Notes
Ssiiiss .s.comincomingfirst.jpg
Dejobaan 4112011 first image clean.png
[???] PLEASE HELP ME VERYTHING IS FINE [REFER?] TO YOURSELF IN THE SINGULAR [???]S) THEM WITHIN REACH [???]O PLERASE [TELL?] THEM YOU FOUND SOMETHING THEY LOST [U] [U] [U] [WRONG!] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] [P] EXIF author Ichiro - This seems to indicate holding down the P key somewhere in TWEOTW. Shows what seems to look like the colored crate level in TWEOTW, except with companion cubes, as well as several phrases. Edited first image located here However, holding down the P key while entering any level on any mode yields nothing.

The White text appears to be a plea or help, while the yellow text appears to be the virus. Because the U is white and the P is yellow, it is possible that we are supposed to use the U key.

Dejobaan 4112011 second image clean.jpg
EXIF author Ichiro - A portion of the "AAaAAa" logo combined with part of the Portal logo. See:
Green with no text.jpg
false alarm. we thought it broke free but it's still stuck on the language learning tape. thank goodness for the spanish language. i am nervous about the day after now. EXIF author Ichiro
Ssiiiss .s.comincoming (2).jpg
EXIF author Everything is Fine Now
File:Comin-2.wav | Reversed to wav yields "tell them everything is fine" To convert it to an audio file, IRC user Sophie used the GIMP's Levels tool to adjust the input levels by dragging the middle arrow to the right to make it a bit darker, then saved it as a BMP and used ARSS to convert it to a WAV file with the following command line: arss comin.bmp comin.wav -n -r 44100 -f 16 -min 60 -max 22050 -l -p 180 - EXIF Author Rrrrrrr! It's fighting us. But we have it in a holding pattern.
EXIF Artist: "End of Line."

This (and 3 previous) file is NOT uniformly white, from the left the first 688 pixels have an RGB value of 255, 255, 255 while the remaining 9123 are 254, 254, 254. A reference to 1...2...3 Kick It! perhas?

Plea for help

At about 15:00 PDT on 4/12, Dejobaan twittered another page [1] which since has been deleted, but the contents captured here:

  • The front page says there was a hidden message in the source of the page. The only "strange" thing is this :
  • Could this possibly be conveying another letter to use in TWEOTW? --KingMudkip 18:13, 12 April 2011 (CDT)
  • Given that a few games have already shown to have two soundbites, this may indeed be the case. DrMelon 18:23, 12 April 2011 (CDT)
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