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General Questions

Q: What has been discovered so far?

A: The Aperture Science Login screens for all of the Potato Sack games, as well as their logins, and the passwords for the .zip files that could be downloaded. For a more detailed history, check the Investigation History page.

Q: What are the Aperture Science Login screens?

A: Each of the Potato Sack games can unlock at least two Aperture Science login screens at - some pages require a specific password, which lead to a file to be downloaded, which in turn contain images related to Portal 2. Others are not password-protected, and lead to audio clues. Some games contain more than two login screens. For more information, see Aperture Science Login Screens.

Q: Have any of the Aperture Science Login pages been accessed yet?

A: Yes. When entering the proper login(NOTE: Requires you to access the page by unlocking it in one of the Potato Sack games), you will receive a potato icon in your account, one being added for each different page you manage to log in to. You also get an archive with images, usually box art of concept art.

Q: Which games are in the Potato Sack?

A: Please refer to the Steam Store.

Q: Where can I follow the latest developments?

A: All major developments will be edited in the Template:News section. Alternatively, you can join the #ValveARG2 IRC on to participate in the IRC chat and watch developments as they happen - Join with your browser.

Q: Which channels are there on for ValveARG related discussion?

A: Please refer to IRC Channels for an up-to-date list of all the IRC channels. Make sure you read the rules as well, before entering.

Q: How can I help?

A: There are several ways. You can check the Current Focus page. The home page also offers a "Contributing"-section, make sure you read it at. Finally, you can join the IRC chat mentioned above and offer your help.

Q: I think I found something new! What now?

A: First, make sure it's not mentioned at either the Red Herrings page or the Template:News section, or the page for the specific game. If you're relatively certain you've found something new then hit #valvearg2 and bring with you:

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