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Found Audio Files

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This wiki page gives you information about anything that is related with audio files in this ARG.


The Compiled ARG OST

(As of April 17) You can grab it here!

The Riet would appreciate help confirming/finishing any unknown tags, so an accurate OST can be released. Comment on his discussion to help!

Asynchronous Emotion Stimulator

Youtube Link File:REAL AES.ogg

Dejobaan claims on Twitter that this may have been actually made by a real composer. That information is still unknown.

Alive and Kicking.mp3

Youtube Link File:Alive and Kicking.mp3

Victims of Science - The Device Has Been Modified v2

Youtube Link File:Victims of Science - The Device Has Been Modified v2.mp3

This song was created long before the ARG began. Found on tindeck, "uploaded 3 years ago".

Science Can Be Fun

Youtube Link

Language Learning Laboratory

Youtube Link | Language_Learning_Laboratory.mp3 | File:Language Learning Laboratory.mp3

See also: Dejobaan Tweet Images


Youtube Link and lyrics | File:Cave.mp3

See also: The Wonderful End of the World#Music

Searching. Emergence. Discovery.

Youtube Link | Searching._Emergence._Discovery.mp3

See also:

Icy Murderous I.mp3

Youtube Link | Icy_Murderous_I.mp3

The Battle Of Lil' Slugger

The Battle of Lil' Slugger (Ch 1 Boss) by dB Soundworks is part of the Super Meat Boy soundtrack. During the first update phase, this song shows a potato when played in Audiosurf at the end of the track. Also, the [as-steep] tag appeared even if you didn't use it.

See also: Audiosurf#Getting to the Login Page


Located in the BIT.TRIP BEAT music folder, it is another song that has the [as-steep] tags automatically applied to it. once finished it gives "failed experiments" *see below*. AdFurious is an anagram of "Audiosurf", which has pointed us toward the proper game to play the song in.

... and Potatoes (Red herring)

Super Meat Boy's Soundtrack also has a song "... and Potatoes". This has been proven to be irrelevant. The title is simply referring to the phrase "meat and potatoes", and the music itself has nothing harmonically nor melodically that is decipherable in the context of this ARG, since it is merely a remix of Chapter 2 Light World.

"Potato eye" song

There are two videos which have a very low quality guitar riff in them:

In HubertUberson's video, there aren't any side noises. In the description, he mentions the band "CandhisG". LLLLongJumper's video has some water and electric ambient loops over the guitar.
Here are flibit's proposed chord progressions. They assume 4/4 around quarter note ~ 140 and do NOT take inversions into account.

Chord progression of HubertUberson:

Em * 4
GM * 1
CM * 2
DM * 2
Em * 3
GM * 1
CM * 2
DM * 1
GM * 6
CM * 1
GM * 1
Em * 1
GM * 1
CM * 1 - Cuts off

Chord progression of LLLLongJumper:

Em * 1 - Cut off at the beginning
GM * 1
CM * 2
DM * 2
Em * 3
Am * 1 - Cut off

Results of above transcription:

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