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Chain of glyphs featuring disconnected glyphs.

Numerous glyphs were discovered in several in participating potato sack deal games after a patch was released listing the change note:

"- Happy #PotatoFoolsDay!"

At the time of writing not much is known about the purpose of the glyphs which has made them a prime target for investigation. Some glyphs refer to other potato sack games directly, e.g., an outline of a main character or logo. Some glyphs have letters in close proximity or replace letters in words, these letters have been associated with the glyphs. A chain has emerged such that if we follow the path of glyphs, going from one game to the next, we end up in a cycle. The start and end of this cycle is currently unknown. The chain is as follows:

Cogs → 1... 2... 3... KICK IT! → Amnesia → Wonderful End of the World → Super Meat Boy → Audiosurf → RUSH → Killing Floor → The Ball → Defense Grid → AaAaAA!!! → Toki Tori → Cogs
Game Consonant Glyph Confirmation
1 2 3 KICK IT! P P Cogs puzzle screenshot
AaAaAA!!! G G Confirmed from KF cipher; Defense Grid patched to flip D/G to match
Amnesia: The Dark Descent B B Sandy/Hubert photos
Audiosurf M M Confirmed from KF cipher.
The Ball Y Y Killing Floor character model
BIT.TRIP BEAT N N Cogs puzzle screenshot
Cogs W W Sign outside Two Tribes HQ in Netherlands
Defense Grid T T The Ball in-game screenshot
Killing Floor C C RUSH's menu screen, confirmed by KF cipher.
RUSH L L Shown by playing Super Meat Boy boss music in Audiosurf
Super Meat Boy R R Confirmed from the Cogs Puzzle Solution
Toki Tori V V Steve from Sandy's blog
The Wonderful End of the World F F Amnesia in-game screenshot
Razer H H Alliteration on Razer's facebook page
(Unknown game, represented by "?" glyph) D D Confirmed from KF cipher; Defense Grid patched to flip D/G to match
(Unknown game, represented by "dot" glyph) S S Confirmed from KF cipher and from BTB's April 7 news update.

The glyph for C may also serve as the glyph for K, as both "C" and "K" were shown by the glyph in RUSH (see below). Converting the glyphs into 2x2 blocks (see below) supports this idea as all possible combinations of 2x2 grids are represented; leaving no room for any additional glyphs. When then combining these 2x2 blocks to form the letters "B" and "L" in the word "Collaboration", using the same glyph for both "C" and "K" creates the letters perfectly. There is also no reason to associate the letter "C" with Killing Floor's glyph over "K" other than "C" being more common in the cyphers.

The glyphs above are freely available in a Glyph Pack (Recreated by Onefifth)

Glyphs In Game

1 2 3 KICK IT!

AaAaAA!!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

Amnesia The Dark Descent


Found by playing the music from the first boss in SMB Links to RUSH



These images are from an early April 6 beta update of Cogs.

The ring around the jack-in-the-box's left eye spells out "every" in one photo, and "piece" in the other. See Cogs for more information about this level.

Defense Grid

Killing Floor

7th April Update

On 7th April, Killing Floor's achievements were updated, including five achievements with glyph icons.


  1. Super Meat Boy's Bandaid
  2. Steam
  3. Killing Floor
  4. Tea Bag
  5. AaAaAA!!!'s Coffee Icon

Super Meat Boy

The Ball

The Wonderful End of the World

Razer Facebook Message

Hidden Path points the way

An update was made by Hidden Path to their Congratulations page with the message "alinealk +v". On IRC, +v means voice, meaning to pay attention to someone and make sure they can speak when the channel is moderated.

As a result, we searched the #Valvearg2-DG channel for Alinealk, and found this (reposted by GameFreak)

[11:40] <GameFreak2> <alinealk> there are glyphs everywhere
[11:40] <GameFreak2> <alinealk> shoudn't we at least try to make blocks out of them?
[11:40] <GameFreak2> <alinealk> anyway
[11:40] <GameFreak2> <alinealk> dinner

Gamefreak then discovers that he changed his name, and this shows up:

[11:50] <GameFreak> <alkaline> is it me, or do I see an "O" in the WEOTW cypher?
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alkaline> if you arrange them in 4x4
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alkaline> I don't have any image tools
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alkaline> or a big 2x2 dot
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alkaline> it's bit like ascii art where they use . as an empty character
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alkaline> or a i just seeing things?
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alkaline> :O
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alkaline> it must be
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alkaline> guys
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alkaline> i seriously belief that this
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alkaline> somehow refers to the other glys
[11:50] <GameFreak> * alkaline changed nick to alinealk
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alkaline> guys
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alkaline> i seriously belief that this
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alkaline> somehow refers to the other glys
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alinealk> it was?
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alinealk> but those are not the glys i mean
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alinealk> eh
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alinealk> these
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alinealk> some look like an O if you put them in a grid
[11:50] <GameFreak> <alinealk> mh, ok, i thought there was more to those cyphers....
[11:51] <GameFreak> <alinealk> i tried to focus on that...
[11:51] <GameFreak> <alinealk> and I thought it had something to do with the 16 glyps from the cyphers
[11:51] <GameFreak> <alinealk> but i was told that was solved already so i'm trying to move on

Glyphs as 2x2 blocks

There are 16 total glyphs. Note that many of the symbols are offset to corners or the like; for example, the Toki Tori logo is all in the bottom left; the Super Meat Boy logo is all in the upper half. These placements initially seem arbitrary leaving lots of white space in the glyph square.

If one considers a 2x2 block of squares, there are exactly 16 ways of coloring it in black or white:

By considering the space that these symbols take up in the glyphs - with some squinting - we can assign them each of these 2x2 blocks uniquely; the Toki Tori logo a single black square in the bottom left, the Super Meat Boat logo taking the top two squares. Contrarily to its previous use on this wiki, the "eye" glyph for Amnesia is used for the top-left to bottom-right diagonal; until the discovery of the DG "don't forget about the lasers" message, there was no digital message that contained the "eye" glyph to confirm the proper orientation.

We work out what the cyphers mean!

The solution from the Killing Floor achievement puzzle, which also provided confirmation on 5 of the glyphs, gave the phrase "sixteen and four is the way". Each cypher found for each game consists of 16 consonants (assuming K as C) that correspond to the glyphs. These can be arranged in a 4x4 grid - note that the order is as originally found for each cypher, and does not use anything from Hubert's dice Twitter picture. Doing so, and then blanking the "dot"/"S" glyph, gives a series of what appear to be letters that can be arranged to spell "Collaboration", the password for the mega-archive file from the single letter files from the DLC acquired after reaching each Aperture Science login screen with the correct password. The python source code for generating this is available [2]


The letters are clearer when each glyph is replaced by its 2x2 square from above. magcius on IRC made a tool to try out different 16-consonant phrases.


One point made is that it would be hard to make the glyphs contain two separate messages (i.e. Make them contain 'Collaboration' *and* another hidden message in the glyphs). This would imply that either 'Collaboration' is a co-incidence, or that there is nothing further to be gained from studying these glyphs (which is somewhat hard to believe).

Arguably, the use of glyphs as graphical elements of a larger picture was hinted by the Flower puzzle from Defense Grid. The flower page can be seen to use the 2x2 grid assignments to create a more refined picture without gaps in the pedal edges.

Hidden Path leave us one more message

Hidden Path updated their congratulations thread with the four following notes:

Note: I did not say phase 3 starts tomorrow.
Note 2: The Echo that just was on gamesurge isn't me :P
Note 3: Nice, Masum- I wondered when someone would figure that out!
Note 4: Alas, alas- so sass, do assume user airs
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