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Hubert Notes

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Transcription of all the notes, post-its, and various other papers found so far that were written by Hubert Uberson.

Above picture is probably clearest view of everything so far.

They did it again and this time I got the evidence video

Hubert's imgur account

Pastie of most tweets including date and times

After Break In

Taken from the video, the pic, and some of the imgur pictures

--Far Right Paper in Desk After Break in--

Pic: The glyph for Amnesia

assoc w/

letter "B"?

They substitute it?

--Center Note--

Sketch: A 'yam' holding a handkerchief knapsack on a stick. Think hobo or runaway kid. small potato sketches above. (In red) More like this? - S (Sandy)

-Seen 3 times

-2 reliable wits (witnesses?)

-_Not_ potato - yam?

-Bundle. A hobo yam?

This is ridiculous!!!

also I can't draw


Sandy, I need

drawing lessons (In red) OK - S

--Sticky Note 1--

Call R. (Rube?)


of ???? (followed by ? or Z)

--Sticky Note 2--



for Sis (Do we know who Hubert's sister is?)

--Notepad under records-- *Note: lots of words covered up...*

He tests and it distresses him;

Before will be losing his tresses

distresses -> "tresses?"

isn't that the same thing?

does "distress" actually mean

make bald?

I am a bad poet!!!!!

--Far Left Paper in YouTube video--

Pics: Several Meatboy glyphs interspersed with tiny text (Can anybody make this out?)

Sandy - fix up

and send to everybody.

Check re Stencil-paint?

who's buying a lot? (What does stencil paint have to do with anything?)

--Far Right Paper in YouTube video--

Pic: Meatboy glyph

Doodles: lots of odd face-ish sorta things?

Sketch: Large blob with smiling face on it

I figured it out!

It's a smile face.

Sticky Notes From Before Break In

All from the imgur account

--First Notes

OK so this

is how I'm

going to do

it from now

on. Sandy

said to try

writing on notes

to constrain

myself. Good

plan, Sandy!

In fact if the

camera thing

works then that

length limit

doesn't even

matter. Also

I can illust.

my points.

"C" kind (Pie Chart

of looks (With a C taking up most of the space

like a C. (A is a smaller space, unknown on medium sized?

--Second Notes--

(Previous notes are crumpled to the side) (Blackstonian Pencil?)

I can already

tell I'm *crossed out go*

going to need

some nicer

paper. This feels

too casual.

Like I'm meeting

a client and not

wearing a tie.

Anyhoo, Hubert

Out. Until later.

--Third Notes--

Yes, this is much better.

And this paper

smells better

too! "Mmmm!"

Good choice. *Doodle of happy bearded man that looks like prof from PhD comics*

--Fourth Notes--

And look! I


tweet in

3D now

Don't try to tell me

I'm not hip and

up to date!

--Fifth Notes--

(Previous notes crumpled to side)

Late dinner at

the steak house.

No potatoes with

meal. Too weird. Had

pilaf instead.

The pilaf worked

fine with the steak but

not the wine. Waitress

suggested mushrooms.

Next time I'll try,

and report!

--Back of Bible(?)--

Giant H scribbled in marker

--Notecard in Bible (?)--

Available 24 hrs.

By Reservation

(Note: there's the end of an email address visible as well. All we can see is "28")

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