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Improbable Clues

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This page is for Theories and Clues that are considered Improbable. Theory pages represent the current majority understanding of the group, and may be corrected at a later date.



Relating to the theory that splitting the word potato into digits and reassembling them has significance:

"po/ta/to" when dialled into a phone becomes: 76/82/86. Then add the digits in each block to create 13/10/14. Could this refer to dd/mm/yy?

  • How about you add the new digits in each block now? That turns into 4/1/5. Coincidental 4-15? (probably nothing) ~Mando


Relating to the theory that you can construct the word "Portal Two" from the letters in "Potato":

  • Whelp, looks like whoever posted this was right. It IS related to Portal 2. Good job.
When you have 13 games, PO TA T O with portal images will appear on your Steam Community page. SiPlus 11:09, 10 April 2011 (CDT)

RUSH Phrase

"6teen dot data" could refer to some sort of hidden data file within a game's files. I have no proof of this, but something that just came to me.

  • Possibly 16.dat/sixteen.dat?
  • That was the idea when it was hatched - RD
  • Or maybe within the Defense Grid console. It has a unix-like directory structure. One of the user's home directories could contain a file that begins with a '.' It would only show up with a command like "ls -a"
  • Try looking around. I have none of the games and I'm just helping with what I can. The 6teen dot data was the only code with a number in it, so it lead me to believe it held something different. - RD

The Irish

Team Fortress 2 has made a point of associating poorness (EG: hatlessness) with being irish. A common stereotype of the irish is their love for potatoes. This link could possibly go deeper

Maybe... what Potato Sack games have an Irish character with backstory to be explored?
  • The Scout is from south Boston (southie), a predominantly irish neighborhood of Boston. It's one of the strongest Irish communities in the United States

Game-specific references

My brain is tired and can't think straight, but it noticed that Super Meat Boy's glyph points to Audiosurf (we think), and playing a song from Super Meat Boy in Audiosurf gave us Audiosurf's glyph... I'm wondering if that pattern holds (e.g. using something from Audiosurf in RUSH would get us anywhere, or using something from Cogs in Kick It! would get us the glyph for Kick It!), but it probably doesn't.

Possible Wonderful End of the World reference in KF

The bio "So apparently the end of the world isn't all it was cracked up to be." for Police Sergeant Davin may be a reference to Wonderful End of the World?


During the latest (Valve released) video. While the case options are being listed, there's a copyright of 1998 in the lower left corner. 1998 is when GLaDOS was put online, the year of the Black Mesa incident, and indecently the year when Half-Life 1 came out. Just throwing this out to see if any one else has noticed any other correlations.

Correction: The Black Mesa incident did not occur in 1998. It occured in 200X.

Team Fortress 2

When the potato hat dropped in TF2, players lost all of their cross-promotional items, only to regain them again later in drops. The 'level' (a pointless number associated with each item.) of each hat was changed when they were returned. While this may have simply been a bug in the update (the TF2 team isn't particularly known for regression testing, and after well over 100 patches, strange things can happen) I'd be curious to find out if, suddenly, the cross-promotional items (Also, the Direct Hit, a weapon. Apparently some of those went missing, too, and have been replaced with re-levelled items) all shared numbers, at all, as it seems odd that, after making people wait 5 days to receive the hat, it did nothing to move the ARG forward.

Gang Garrison 2

The demake of Valve's game, Team Fortress 2, received a big update. I don't know what can I do with this, but my suspicious were made by TF2 blogpost. So, I will post here if I find something

Fake blog comment

A blog comment on Sandy's blog on April 6th (source), translates to:

Dear Sandy, Hello. I hope this finds you well. I have a question for you. Do you ever feel as if you are living in a world where sleep is not what it seems? Do you feel as if you become someone else when you close your eyes? Or perhaps you were someone else before you ever opened them? I ask, only because your blog has awakened something within me that only you can help me find the answer for. Please help me to find the answer... Sincerely, L-------o [1]

Probably fake since it's posted after the blog was discovered.

This has been posted in "Theories" under interesting links to Half-Life 2, bringing doubt that its fake?

Killing Floor Achievement Codes


It is not HEX, it seems more like "H E X" is the key to decode the words.

That was right :D Wyll 14:48, 17 April 2011 (CDT)

Mr. Potato head

According to a somewhat reliable source "1973" is a possible clue. One thing worth mentioning is that this happens to be the year in which Mr. Potato head gets his new, now famous and recognizable design.

MINERVA Timeline

According to a somewhat reliable source "1973" is a possible clue. The Half-Life 2 mod MINERVA took place in 1974, or at least had important events. Source: wikipedia. Further evidence that this is somehow linked to MINERVA.

-- also, "Mr Foster", as mentioned in the Killing Floor clues - Adam Foster, developer of MINERVA and now Valve employee? (he was also heavily involved in running the first Portal 2 ARG)

chiasaur11 posted ARG. seems like a reference to the HL2 story line. Possibly not using Gordon in the next game or at very least being accompanied.

"This isn't seeming like a one man game anymore, no matter how good he is. Seems to have taken on a life of its own."

"1973" and Aperture

The semi-official descriptions of Aperture Science's history from mention that 1973 was the year in which Aperture changed from a manufacturer of shower curtains, to the science-y company it is in Portal. Also, on the Aperture BBS, 1973 was listed as the earliest the BBS was used. Source. But, 1976 is the date on this manifest. . That just proves my point, since the manifest was written after 1973 and is clearly talking about testing, an important part of post-curtain Aperture.

It may also be relevant to note, however, that one of the abducted IRC members' names was changed to -testsubject3791-, which is 1973 backwards.

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