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Killing Floor

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Killing Floor is a co-op multiplayer survival first-person shooter set in the current-day ruins of England. It was developed by Tripwire Interactive and released on May 14, 2009. The game features realistic weaponry and an original soundtrack.

Here is TWI's official report of their doings in the ARG



BioticsLab - Unknown
Wyre - Staircase glitch fixed? need someone to check (not roof, i checked)

Getting Potato(s) Achievement and Login Screen

To get the potato you need to accumulate seventy thousand pounds in-game, without cheating.

Here are some ways for the achievement and/or login (if one doesn't work try again or another). Please post your results in IRC channel #valvearg2-kfloor.

  • Dedicated Server for achievement and login screen - (Confirmed by 50+ people)
1. Launch KF and click Host Game (if a warning pops up, ignore it).
2. Select KF-WestLondon, Beginner Difficulty, and Long Game Length (Enable Sandbox should be UNCHECKED).
3. Check your Mutators tab and remove any mutators that are active.
4. Click on the Dedicated button on the bottom right of your screen.
5. KF should become a small window with a bunch of text, wait for it to reach "STEAMAUTH : Sending updated server details - Killing Floor Server 0 | 6".
6. Go to your Steam Library and launch KF.
7. Click on Multiplayer, go to the LAN tab and connect to "Killing Floor Server". DON'T click "I'm Ready" yet!
8. Minimize to your other KF window and type "set PlayerReplicationInfo Score 70000". Screenshot. This should have no visible result. Return to your in-game KF.
9. Click the I'm Ready button and post results in #valvearg2-kfloor.
10. Results: login, login with achievement.
* If you are getting the money but cannot buy the potato, check your taskbar to make sure you don't have multiple servers running.
  • Multiplayer Online Game for achievement and login screen (try these servers: or
1. Get a group of friends or join IRC.
2. Find a server or have someone host a beginner listen long kf-westlondon server (make sure the person hosting knows what they are doing).
3. Either collect weapons and/or heal and pool your money to Player X.
4. Have Player X buy the potato when they can and everyone should receive the achievement and only Player X will get the login page.
  • Custom Map for ONLY the login page - (Confirmed by 10+ people)
You can use this custom map.
Takes about ten minutes on suicide, just sit in the room with the $ in it.

To get the next two potatoes for your profile (make sure you are in a multiplayer game):

1. In KF_Bedlam go to the manolantern corpse and press your "use" key to launch a browser window which plays this. YouTube Guide.
2. In KF_Aperture go to the computer (there is more than one way to it) and press your "use" key to launch a browser window which plays this. YouTube Guide. Solo Method.

Login Screen Instructions

We first stumbled upon the password by looking at these banners, posters, and tickets that are all over KF_Bedlam.

Note: the ticket has November 15th instead of October 31st. Also note the Level 8 mis-match between the poster and ticket. We think Level 8 points to Biotic's Labs where they have a lot of failed experiments. Tried "failed experiments" as KF login password. WORKED. This was most likely a coincidence since the password is supposed to come from another game (i.e. Audiosurf).

When playing the song AdFurious (original name: Descent) from BIT.TRIP BEAT in Audiosurf, the "Other Bonuses" at the scoreboard changes to "failed experiments". You need a gold medal for it to appear. The bonus points don't change.

1. When you enter "failed experiments" as the password you get this.
2. A potato is updated on your Steam community profile as well.
3. Killing Floor then updates (12.7 mb) and you get this.
4. You can download the file from [here].
5. Change the extension to "rar" hinted from Security Officer Thorne's bio. Also: Stupid Science Guy refers to the Patriach.
6. Upon extracting we are prompting for a password. Password: carnivore
7. Here are the three pictures without enhanced alpha channel, then with:
Portal 2 Box Art, Bear In Woodland Park
Portal 2 Concept Art, Lighthouse Roasters F.I.N.E Coffees
Portal 2 Drawing Board, 45th Street Clinic
8. The fourth file which is named "d" should be renamed "".
The compression size suggests that each game's single letter file has to be combined to form a ZIP file that can be extracted.
The single letter file is corrupted. For KF it contains: 61.tga and 62.tga

*unconfirmed* Using a repair tool on it allows it to be opened and it prompts for a password. It is collaboration (discovered by Echoblade in IRC). Some files are unextractable, suggesting that a full archive is needed. The single letter files are able to be merged by hjsplit, by renaming the files in order, although dummy files need to be provided for the missing letters to allow it to be merged. When the order of the numbered TGA files are arranged, the single letters form "connnec_dadots" which suggests "connect da dots", pointing to the map of locations being generated from the alpha channel images. More may be in the complete zip file.

April 1st Update

April 1 2011 Update News.

Fixed several map exploits in the following maps:

Evil Santa's Lair
West London

Updated mutator whitelist and greylist. See the forums for additional information.

Happy #PotatoFoolsDay!

This update also included a song from Killing Floor Beta: Icy Murderous I.mp3

The four maps updated don't have any significance other than actual fixes:

April 4th Update

The following text appeared in-game in the news tab:

Hello there, specimens!
There's more to be found,
But your head's in the ground,
If you'd study the roster
Perhaps Mr. Foster?

And why stop when Foster's already been found?
Those symbols and letters are all around
Indeed, DJ Skully may not be wrong,
But other games might need players and songs.

Goodbye now, specimens!

99 76 101 97 114 108 89 44 32 116 104 101 114 101 32 97 114 101 32 110 111 32 109 111 114 101 32 99 108 117 101 115 32 116 111 32 98 101 32 102 111 117 110 100 32 122 101 114 111 32 114 101 97 115 111 110 115 32 101 120 73 115 116 32 116 111 32 99 111 110 116 105 78 117 101 32 116 111 32 108 117 114 99 104 32 105 110 116 101 114 110 97 108 108 121 44 32 115 117 114 101 108 121 44 32 106 117 115 116 32 34 71 111 111 103 108 105 110 103 32 97 114 111 117 110 100 34 32 105 115 32 98 101 84 116 101 114 32 116 104 97 110 32 34 112 108 97 121 105 110 103 34 32 102 79 114 32 89 79 85 114 32 112 117 114 101 32 114 101 115 101 97 114 99 104

Note that "DJ Skully" is misspelled. Normally it is written "DJ Scully". This tells us that C and K glyphs are the same glyph.

The numbers from this text translate into:

cLearlY, there are no more clues to be found zero reasons exIst to contiNue to lurch internally, surely, just "Googling around" is beTter than "playing" fOr YOUr pure research

Taking the capital letters, this turns to LYING TO YOU. This means not to Google around but to look in-game.

Besides that, the text of all character descriptions were updated:

April 7th Update

April 7th Update

New Thomson/BT Homehub Router workaround posted to Steam Support:
Silly specimens, I don't know why I am updating this, you won't figure it out anyway. You still haven't solved the last puzzle.

The following text appeared in-game on the news tab:


I am disappointed in some of you
While others have successfully completed part of this new test
You complain that is broken while you play alone or cheat
A reminder to all specimens, the previous test has still not been completed
You have found what you needed

I am watching

The first update to the achievements
The second update to the achievements
The third update to the achievements

Six new achievements were added in three steps during this update. Apart from Uber Tuber, the icons are all Glyphs.

Uber Tuber Uber Tuber

Expensive but delicious! Brought to you by Dr. Dougley and Lord Ned.

  • Icon: A potato with a £ sign on it.
  • When bought, achievement for all in server ticks and a Steam overly window loads with the Aperture Science login page.
  • Dr. Dougley and Lord Ned are the #valvearg2 channel admins.

Killing Floor Glyph Time For


  • Decodes to ONGRATULATIONSYOUFOUNDTHEMESSAGE (the missing letter is "C")
  • Icon: The glyph associated with Killing Floor, found in RUSH.

Aaaaaa Glyph A new Puzzle


  • Decodes to OODJOBPUZZLEHUNTER (the missing letter is "G")
  • Icon: The glyph associated with AaAaAA!!!, found in Defense Grid.

Razer Glyph This Time


  • Decodes to EREISYOURCLUE (the missing letter is "H")
  • Icon: The glyph associated with Razer.

Bit.Trip Glyph Use H E X


  • Decodes to IXTEENANDFOURISTHEWAY (the missing letter is "S")
  • Icon: The unknown glyph sourced from Bit.Trip.

Audiosurf Glyph Not ASCII


  • Decodes to ESSAGETRANSMISSIONCOMPLETE (the missing letter is "M")
  • Icon: The glyph associated with Audiosurf, found in Super Meat Boy.

These ciphertexts are encoded using the German Enigma cipher. When plugged into this decoder with the key "H E X", each one is decoded into a message that misses its first letter, referring to the glyph's letter associated with each achievement. The missing letters in sequence are C G H S M.

The translated message:

Congratulations you found the message
Good job puzzle hunter
Here is your clue
Sixteen and four is the way
Message transmission complete

The missing letter for each message matches the respective glyph. (The AaAaAA!!! glyph was just swapped for G in the latest patch, with an "oops" added) This includes the much-contested M for the Mono glyph and speculative S for the dot glyph. "Sixteen and four is the way" was a clue to the Glyph squares.

Also, Killing Floor's password to another game was added. The phrase “ugly truth” was found printed in the players log file. To get it to appear one needed to kill multiple specimens with a grenade. This is something that happens often enough in any game that we figured it would be found if anybody would check their log for any reason. This was not discovered during the ARG.

April 8th Update

All biographies were blanked with the exception of these three:


  • This translates in Base64 to "the writer" which lead us to look in the console in KF for the 1 2 3 Kick it password for the Aperture login.

Mr_Foster="I said, "One's sofa have deep counts," as I die."

  • This is used for a cypher. (might also be an anagram for "a disco dish" which points to bedlam)

Paramedic_Alfred_Anderson="41 6c 69 65 6e 20 38 20 49 74 2e 20 32 30 37 34 20 2d 34 36 32 39 20 31 37"

  • This translates to "Alien 8 It. 2074 -4629 17" by HEX conversion. KF_Bedlam has posters from "Alien 8 productions" and the coordinates point to glow sticks inside a carved corpse named manolantern.

April 9th Update

April 9th TWI Blog Update.

"All over the Interwebski, people are chasing around an ever-growing storyline (), that seems to have started off with a bunch of potatoes on Potato Fools Day. Except for the usually ever-vigilant Killing Floor fans, who appear to be hiding under rocks these days. For another quote: "the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys." I get the distinct impression that there is a lot more hiding under the covers, so I'd suggest that you "go do the voodoo that you do... so well!". if you have no idea what I'm talking about."

April 12th Update

April 12th Update

One additional map has been prematurely released.


The following official maps have been updated to address bugs and exploits:


The following text appeared in-game on the news tab:


The testing chamber is now open for

I will be seeing you soon

...and in KF_aperture
Bedlam - Graffiti added on wall by manolantern corpse.
Biohazard - God pipes, lockers, and shelf fixed. Trader glitch fixed as well.
BioticsLab - Unknown
Waterworks - Shelf glitch fixed.
WestLondon - Finished texturing and adding props next to underground trader.
Wyre - Staircase glitch fixed or roof? need someone to check
Audiosurf Glyph Glyphy
Glyph Glyph


I found only this --Dimap 19:21, 13 April 2011 (CDT)

April 15th Update

April 15 2011 Update News.

Addressed an issue where client would hang on connecting to servers
Various map bug and exploit updates
Her chamber has been opened... Help Us
The room with the Golden Potato

The maps changed:

The center chamber containing a static version of GLaDOS is now accessible. Also a well-reinforced door with graffiti warning, "Don't open". By unwelding the door there is a golden potato floating and rotating with several Aperture Science testing materials. Like the Weighted Storage Cube, a powerless 1500 Megawatt Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button and a Sentry Turret in the room. The achivement "Golden Potato" is granted by opening the door. Here is a quick video of the doors opening.

Golden Potato achievement.jpg Golden Potato

Additional Information

Note from Tripwire to HLDS Admins

The following E-mail was received by user M3PH on the Valve hlds_linux list server on April 12th.

It has been brought to our attention that Killing Floor has updated for all clients, 
with a full, free, new Portal-themed prototype level. This is a complete, 
fully-functional level, but was not yet due for release. While we are investigating 
the source of the leak, everyone who owns Killing Floor is welcome to explore the new 
level and let us know what you find! We suspect that this may be part of the bedlam 
that has been going on since Potato Fool's Day.  In order for your server to allow 
these updated clients to connect, you will need to update your server.
Dayle Flowers
Senior Programmer
Tripwire Interactive, LLC.

Accessed Content Description Record

This content was accessed on April 1st:

<ApplicationRecord AppId='98009' MinCacheFileSizeMB='13' MaxCacheFileSizeMB='13' OnFirstLaunch='-1' IsBandwidthGreedy='1' CurrentVersionId='0' TrickleVersionId='-1' AppOfManifestOnlyCache='1250'>
<Name>Killing Floor Accessed Content</Name>
<InstallDirName>Killing Floor Accessed Content</InstallDirName>
<ApplicationLaunchOptionRecord Description="Default" IconId='0' NoDesktopShortcut='0' NoStartMenuShortcut='0' LongRunningUnattended='0'>
<ApplicationVersionRecord Description="0" VersionId='0' IsNotAvailable='0' IsEncryptionKeyAvailable='0' IsRebased='0'>
<value key='icon'></value>
<value key='order'>1</value>
<value key='state'>eStateAvailable</value>
<value key='gamedir'>Killing Floor April 2011</value>
<value key='homepage'></value>
<value key='NoServers'>1</value>
<value key='developer'></value>
<value key='DLCForAppID'>1250</value>
<value key='primarycache'>98009</value>
<value key='serverbrowsername'></value>
<value key='MustOwnAppToPurchase'>1250</value>
<value key='SDK_NotOwnedByDefault'>1</value>

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