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List of Unused Strings

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The following is a list of every string we have found that has not yet been used to specifically solve a puzzle. These may be useful as passwords, keys and whatnot for ciphers, etc.


From the games themselves

Amnesia The Dark Descent

The leftover letters from the Forum Fiction post: knnHldp

The leftover letters from the Unexpected Omen crack: tyfioqbld (plus 'ssn' for the switched letters)


From the April 7th update: Uw==7c6f7c01010011


Defense Grid

The names of the ARCHITECTS mosaics:


Super Meat Boy

The code tweeted to MOONMANiBE: 7fa6ce99d281

  • Actually I think in one of the April 7 updates there was an update that said 7fa6ce99d281=xxxxx (xxxxx being the number that was in the update.) This was then used in a different puzzle that I can't remember off the top of my head.

The Wonderful End of the World

The cryptic message in the April 7th update with two 3-digit numbers highlighted: Hey, there were 105 and 167 admiring pairs of smiling eyes, last I checked. Probably a few more now. But that's not enough weight. It takes at least a ton or two to break that.

Here is the much-researched Cave.mp3 ("Hole in the Ground" by Dan Brainerd):

INTRO (Before The Song Begins): 
1, 2, 3, 4...

I don't know a cave from a hole in the ground
I wandered an age through a cool and dark cage
Tried finding my way by touch, taste, scent, sound
(1st time) But no way out of hell, as the sin is on stage
(2nd time) But I'm here and I hope I won't see old age
(3rd time) But I figure the solitude's my only wage
(4rd time) And long past the point of pretending to rage
I wonder what happened up there to my truck
Left parked with a load, no doubt long since been towed
I never expected to have such strange luck
I should have obeyed what that road sign forebode
Cavefish is delicious, but only if cooked
You'll mess it up bad, well let's leave it at that
I've eaten whenever, whatever I've hooked
I'd kill for the thrill of a meal with some fat
I don't know my soul from a hole in the dark
I'd wake from my sleep and I'd silently weep
I once knew a girl who loved me as a lark
My pain, she explains, is what made me so deep
I thought I was ever so lonesome at home
It needled at me until I couldn't see
The forest for trees nor the sea for the foam
And I took up the job that was all absentee
The miles and also the hours were strained
Kept my hands on the wheel, it was solid and real
And wind blew and snow fell and storms rumbled and rained
And I drove through it all but found I could still feel
Inspire me world, I was writing a song
Saw a sign for the cave, thought "artistic" and "brave"
I grabbed my guitar and I moseyed along
and though I hate to state it, I entered my grave


The line 'Cavefish is delicious but only if cooked' is word for word the search result from CrimeFlyerInventor's TinyURL, short some potatoes.

From the Gabe Newell emails

The leftover text from the translation of the bathysphere image: 4/19/2011_7AM=4/15/2011_9AM


Hubert Uberson

The extra text from the Finnish Tale of Two Cities quote: 'pmuj' 'ni' (jump in)

Sandy the Raccoon

The 16 pixel black line in his YouTube profile pic:


Pretty much everything from the page could potentially be used again. Many of the TinyURLs lead to dead ends.

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