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Possible Clues

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This page needs to be cleaned up.

This page is for Theories and Clues that are considered Possible. Theory pages represent the current majority understanding of the group, and may be corrected at a later date.


Dinosaur's Screenshots

Super Meat Boy Tweet

im not sure if @danielleorama redeemed the code i sent last night so here it is for anyone who wants it 7fa6ce99d281
ANSWER: Not a clue. The URL shorteners are fake/trolls. The SMB website simply parses "7fa6ce99d281" as the number 7, and displays blog post #7.


At least twice now sausage has been used. Perhaps there is an anagram that fits with the letters in sausage.

"I sauce age a taco"Toki Tori "A sage sausage? I ate it fast! So sue us... we cave." BIT.TRIP BEAT

ANSWER: See Cyphers.

Cogs, Glados

Text from completing the <test> level sounds very Aperture Scienc-y, and the fact that the level is called a test could also point in that direction. Is GLaDOS testing us?


More Audiosurf Files?

Hitting the "www" button next to the listing for "The Device Has Been Modified" in Audiosurf Radio grants access to a user with several mp3 files. I'm downloading and investigating now. --KingMudkip 17:27, 12 April 2011 (CDT)

ANSWER: Not a clue. The mp3 files on that account were posted in 2008. They were not made specifically for the ARG.

There's a hole in the sky... through which I can fly

Maybe is a reference to the portal ending, in which GLaDOS is thrown through a hole and is in the top part of the chamber and Chell gets thrown there in a fly style. --Sakoa 11:53 14 April (GTM -3)

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