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Potato Sources

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Source Method Password Count In Source
AaAaAA!!! "Kiss" enough Potato Bins to reach 100%. Each bin is worth 5%. (Guide) long fall 2
In the main menu, press the bottom left button. Type in the phrase "Killing you and giving you good advice aren't mutually exclusive." (EXACTLY that, minus quotes). Beat the level that appears with 5 stars. (Guide)
Amnesia: The Dark Descent Create a profile named "Casbah" (case sensitive) (based on clues from phonograph puzzle) troubled memories 2
In the "Justine" DLC game, save the 3 men, collect all 9 notes, the wax cylinder, and examine the statue and grave. Video walkthrough.
Audiosurf Beat the song Icy_Murderous_I.mp3 from Killing Floor with any character and difficulty, and get a gold medal. rail rider 2
Get a gold medal (on any difficulty) on the new song, "The Device Has Been Modified" (labeled in Audiosurf Radio as "TEST -- For Science"). (Here is a guide to getting an easy gold.)
BIT.TRIP BEAT Get to the boss in Descent and enter MEGA mode (MEGA Mode is when your background says MEGA not when the top right corner says MEGA) as soon as you can. Stay in MEGA mode throughout the battle and you'll get the login screen. Works on easy. chips challenge 3
Complete the <TEST> level.
Complete the <TEST> level, again, until you get a different page.
Cogs Solve the second hidden puzzle ("BestLaidSchemes...") with Master Mechanic (Gold/Gold/Gold). The latest round of updates has changed the solution by making the gray blocks immovable. Video guides located here. Here is a script that solves the puzzle. Here is another script movable panels 3
Complete the "WCC" level with Master Mechanic (Gold/Gold/Gold) (apparently). Requires 300 Stars to unlock (save file on the Cogs page). Video guides located here, too. Script here
Complete the "In the Box" level with Master Mechanic (Gold/Gold/Gold). Requires 400 Stars to unlock (save file on the Cogs page). Video guides located here, too. Script here
Defense Grid Login user "jsharman" with password "ultraz7x4" in the console, run "tonylanche" and win the dot game. (Easy instructions here.) deadly lasers 6
An updated version of the tonylanche console program (used for the first login) was added called super_tonylanche. Open the console, type: twood (as username) > GradsNotRads (as password) > i_beat_tonylanche_for_real > eimqufjnrv (as password, this will work for everyone)
In console, login as "twood" password "GradsNotRads", go to "cd inventory", and run "enter_missing_unit". Use "kungfuhustle".
In console, login as "twood" password "GradsNotRads", run "mutation". Get to round 18, then press "A". (I got this when I got to 17, may be even less.)
In console, login as "twood" password "GradsNotRads", run "mutation". Get a score over 3000 and press b.
Complete CHAS with a gold medal on campaign and earn the achievement "Few and Proud". Then, in the console, login as "jsharman", password "Ultraz7x4". Run "cd recruitment", followed by, "recruit", you'll then be booted to the Steam overlay, and the Aperture audio page.
1 2 3 KICK IT! Play the mp3 and surpass 50,000 points. ugly truth 3
Gain 100% (230,000 points) on the new song "Alive and Kicking.mp3".
Simply have Razer hardware. (Use this if you do not have Razer hardware)
Killing Floor Purchase Potato Gun In-Game. failed experiments 3
Press your 'use' key on the corpse under the "Use Me" graffiti in kf_bedlam. YouTube Guide. Play online (alone or with people).
Press your 'use' key on the computer under the "Use Me" graffiti in kf_aperture. YouTube Guide. Solo Method. Play online (alone or with people).
RUSH Placing specific tiles on "Key to Success" as determined from an image in the 4th RAR file from Amnesia conveyor belts 2
Complete the 5th Actual challenge Level. Solutions are here. joinitforsuccess
Super Meat Boy Die eleven times on level 4-19. (save file for all levels, password: super) death traps 2
Search "FOR MEANING" in the "levels" tab in Super Meat World, which is unlocked with 20 bandages. Login page will pop up automatically.(video)
The Ball All at once get: 89 health, 233 distance from the ball, 26:37 minutes, 3 monkeys killed, 2 deaths, 13 monsters killed and 5 secrets. Save file located here. weighted companion 2
Finish the Portal level that can be found under survival mode. Then use "flood" as a password when prompted for one. Video solution located here.
Toki Tori Reach the bottom right part of <TEST> bonus level 2. Solution is here on YouTube. Solutions to the normal levels. bird eggs 2
Beat the real bonus level 6. ZIP and Video solution located here.
The Wonderful End of the World Hold [U] while entering the Arcadia level on timed mode. Get an A+ rating. You can use [Space] to jump on this level. Guide here on YouTube every piece 2
Press "P" while entering the Sugar Candy level on Timed mode, which gives you a level filled with Companion Cubes. Get an A+ on the level. You need to pick up the cake to win
NELIPOT (NLPT) Joining the Steam group "NELIPOT (NLPT)" grants you a potato! Link 1
Golden Potato Once all of the above potatoes are obtained, a 36th potato is granted, and a Golden Potato symbol appears to the left of the Steam Community Profile name. 1
Total: 36

Easy Potatoes

We believe we need to get more potatoes as quickly as possible, so you might want to grab some easy ones first. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Nelipot group
  2. Amnesia, make a profile with "Casbah" as the profile name
  3. SuperMeatBoy, "die 11 times in world4 lvl19" and the search "for meaning" in world -1
  4. DefenseGrid has 5 console related potatoes
  5. RUSH, use YouTube for the solutions
  6. The Ball, use the savegame+instructions, or use the console commands
  7. BIT.TRIP BEAT, play the "Descent" level, and the <test> level until you have 3 potatoes or
    play the <test> level, save the k=x (where x is a 10 digit number), and plug into the other 2 links.
  8. Killing Floor, Finding the manolantern in bedlam can usually be done in a matter of seconds if you use the video guide.

User validation errors

If you keep getting an error when the Aperture Science pages open, it might be because your Steam Overlay is no longer signed in to the Steam websites. Go to / in your overlay and see if you are logged in or not. Logging in manually or restarting Steam should fix the problem. You don't need to do all the steps for the potato again; if you copy the URL from the address bar when the overlay pops up, you should be able to just put that in any browser, provided you are logged in to the Steam websites.

Potato hack website

For a limited time, a website existed that would use your Steam details to determine the correct URLs that would open the appropriate Aperture Science login screens that would lead to being granted a potato. Valve has identified and stopped this site, as it was against the spirit of the ARG, and while they let people that earned pototes this way keep them for most of 4/17, they eventually removed this ill-gained taters. Players still have the opportunity to earn them legitimately.

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