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Prelude Login Screens

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First Set of Login Screens

Game Address/Message Method Login Password Archive File Name Archive Password Numbered TGA files Letter Archive
AaAaAA!!! "Gravity disregard" "Kiss" enough Potato Bins to reach 100%. Each bin is worth 5%. (Locations). long fall


grandmacookiecontribu.tor teddy

(In the game, Grandma says that Teddy's ashes are in her cookies, as such, he contributed)

1-3 c
Amnesia: The Dark Descent "Dark descent" Create a profile named "Casbah" (case sensitive) (based on clues from phonograph puzzle) troubled memories

(from DG flower)

keypotioningredi.ent damascus rose 4-6 o
Audiosurf "mode Fe" Beat the song Icy_Murderous_I.mp3 from Killing Floor with any character and difficulty, and get a gold medal. rail rider


noisy.sfx crowd 7-9 n
BIT.TRIP BEAT "Don't be a square daddy-o" Get to the boss in Descent and enter MEGA mode (MEGA Mode is when your background says MEGA not when the top right corner says MEGA) as soon as you can. Stay in MEGA mode throughout the battle and you'll get the login screen. Works on easy. chips challenge


0105mess.age arecibo

(This is hidden in the first level of BTB.)

10-12 n
Cogs "Move that thing" Solve the second hidden puzzle and get all gold trophies. The latest round of updates has changed the solution by making the gray blocks immovable,"Here" is a script that solves it for you. Run the au3 script if you don't trust the file. My friend compiled it and it works every time. movable panels

(Toki Tori)

2xincred.its tomas izo

(In the Game Credits, Tomas Izo is credited twice)

13-15 e
Defense Grid "Chas s17 entry" Login user "jsharman" with password "ultraz7x4" in the console, run "tonylanche" and win the dot game. (Easy instructions here.) deadly lasers

(From Kick It, tied in with Razer through the Cult of Razer message.)

dadsdess.ert raspberryshortcake

(from a recipe in the console)

16-18 c
1 2 3 KICK IT! "Drop the baby" Play the mp3 and surpass 50,000 points. ugly truth

(Stems from "the writer" in KF after using a console command the password appears)

richestper.son sweetie baby

(from Dejobaan's blog)

19-21 t
Killing Floor "Perk-collate" Purchase the potato gun in game. You can't use cheats to get the money. failed experiments


stupidscience.guy carnivore

(Security Officer Thorne's nickname, the name of the zip is a quote from his bio.)

22-24 d
RUSH "Three simple rules" Placing specific tiles on "Key to Success" as determined from an image in the 4th RAR file from Amnesia conveyor belts


cubeproponlyalteredincred.its speed

The speed of the cubes is altered in one level (the one shaped like a gun) as well as the credits, dev oversight?

25-27 a
Super Meat Boy "Spikes and pits" Die eleven times on level 4-19. death traps

(The Ball)

drsfulln.ame keith fetus

(it's the "doctor's" full name, i.e. Dr. Fetus from Super Meat Boy)

28-30 d
The Ball "I want my mummy" All at once get: 89 health, 233 distance from the ball, 26:37 minutes, 3 monkeys killed, 2 deaths, 13 monsters killed and 5 secrets. weighted companion

(Source has yet to be found. Suspected to be in AaAaAA!!!. Coincidentally, there is a weighted companion "ball" in a Portal 1 level.)

herobirthy.ear 1909 31-33 o
Toki Tori "Ovoid rescuer" Reach the bottom right part of <TEST> bonus level 2. Solution is here on YouTube. Solutions to the normal levels. bird eggs

(Super Meat Boy, via Twitter)

tokioriginaln.ame eggbert

(The prequel to Toki Tori)

34-36 t
The Wonderful End of the World "Big demon fish" Hold [U] while entering the Arcadia level on timed mode. Get an A+ rating. You can use [Space] to jump on this level. Guide here on YouTube every piece


bearaudiences.ize eight

(On the level Sugar Candy, eight bears are watching another on a "stage".)

37-39 s
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