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The whole PotatoFoolsDay ARG is still quite new! Please help us get the word out about not just the wiki, but about the ARG in general! Post a link to a thread/post/page/whatever you create referencing the ARG!

Facepunch threads:123 4

Steam Powered User Forum Threads: 1 2 3 Threads: 1

/v/ Threads: 1

Steam Groups:valve arg1, "The Baked Potatoes" 1

Reddit submissions: 1

Potato ARG on Russian 1

LFTO (Let's Figure This Out) Forum post on Rooster Teeth. 1

Wordpress blog (tin foil hat time) 1

Dire Thoughts' blog - post made about Valve and the ARG under the title of "Valve". Lots of stuff on it :)

facebook group 1

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