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RUSH is a game developed by Two Tribes that involves placing tiles on three-dimensional grids to control the flow of autonomously-moving cubes from a start to an end goal without falling off the level or colliding with other cubes.


<TEST> Levels

The April 11th Update added five new <TEST> Levels to the game with GLaDOS taking the place of the standard announcer, and companion cubes replacing the normal blocks.

To Access the levels: Access is partially based on chance, but generally adheres to the following method:

  • If this does not happen immediately, keep trying. It will always be when you first begin a level. But you may have to load several.
  • The Key to Success seems to have a higher chance of triggering this message.

Level Contents

  • The Correct path in the final puzzle reveals the password to be: "JOINITFORSUCCESS" (This needed to be lower case for me ~DN)

Audio Transmission

  • Successful login begins an "audio transmission" from GLaDOS. It does not appear to be functioning correctly for everyone.
  • The audio is of GLaDOS speaking seemingly random words. Much like the cyphers. Transcription needed.
I hear "Ken's kingdom ships all espresso by dispatch."


Below are solutions for each puzzle:


  • (via Wolfin in IRC)


  • (via Wolfin in IRC)


  • (via Wolfin in IRC)


  • (via TheCell in IRC)
  • (via Wolfin in IRC)


Getting to the Login Screen

To get the login screen:

Puzzle Solution Videos:

April 1 update

RUSH was updated on Steam on April 1st like all other Potato Sack games to incorporate potatoes in humorous ways, but leading to the bigger ARG puzzle.

Three changes were immediately apparent:

April 7 update

The label on "Key to Success"

RUSH was updated on April 7th once all the glyphs and cyphers were discovered by the ARG.

Audiosurf password

The patch notes include the statement "Fixed small color issue in the skybox", which prompts the user to view the skybox by looking underneath the levels. For nearly all of the maps in the game, players found a new text label somewhere on the undersides of the level. [A complete archive of these pictures is available.

All maps had these labels excluding the map "Black Hole" (where the textures are all black, likely obscuring the text) and the 5 hidden levels. Most labels had the form X#-#, where X was B, E, H, M, or T, the first number ranging from 11 to 55, and the second number ranging from 1 to 16. Uniquely, the level "Key to Success" had a box around this label whereas all the rest did not. A few have the form "EOT", commonly read as "End of Transmission". Some labels were in an apparently different font but this did not seem to matter.

The ARG players recognized that the letters stood for Bonus, Easy, Hard, Medium and Tutorial, and that the first number was two digits representing the column and row, respectively, of the referenced map on the level selection screen (eg, H23 would by the 2nd column, 3rd row puzzle at the Hard stage selection screen). With this, it is possible to create a tree of which level refers to another

Clearly, there was a path from the "Key to Success" level to an EOT node, but the second number in each code was not yet understood. IRC user mib_566m99 identified that the second number is used to select the nth character from the level title; for example, "B52-1" from The Key to Success points to the level Revolver (on the Bonus gird at the 5th column, 2nd row), and thus the character for this path is "R" (the 1st character). Following the path from Key to Success gives the password rail rider, the password for the Audiosurf login screen as hinted by the credit glyphs.

Aperture Science login page

The Aperture Science login page for RUSH was pointed at by Amnesia. They include messages from the Frictional Games such as: Amnesia's April 1st patch included 4 encrypted RAR files requiring four different passwords. Once the first password was obtained from the April 7th update, the subsequent RAR files were decoded, with the 4th one containing an image spread on two edges that clearly resolved into a map of a RUSH level, "The Key to Success", with specific placements of the grid. Playing this level and placing the tiles as shown opens the Aperture Science login screen. The password itself comes from Amnesia, through the "Mysterious Omen" puzzle, which produced the lines conveyor belts.

Other observations

Actual challenge

The April 11th Update added five new levels to the game with GLaDOS taking the place of the standard announcer, and companion cubes replacing the normal blocks.

Accessing the levels

Access is partially based on chance, but generally adheres to the following method:

  • If this does not happen, continue loading up levels. It may take several tries to get her to kick in.
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