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Razer is involved thanks to some phrases said in 1 2 3 KICK IT! if Razer hardware is detected.


Razer hardware detection in Kick It!

If a Razer device is detected when on the main menu, a message will be displayed that says "Cult of Razer" and "83 69 67 82 69 84 77 69 83 83 65 71 69", which translates to "SECRETMESSAGE". This code appears to do this:

   function try_cult_of_razer() {
       if(razer_devices()) {
           popup_message("Cult of Razer", "83 69 67 82 69 84 77 69 83 83 65 71 69");
           audio_play_sample(sample_vo_razer_1+int(random(15)), 50*title_volume_control_aaaaa);
           popup_message("", "");

Dejobaan support was asked about this secret message:

   I am expecting that too. Don't let me down, man!
   Have a great day,
   Ichiro Lambe
   Dejobaan Games
   On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 9:44 PM, Chaz Schlarp <[email protected]> wrote:
       I was expecting a much better secret message than "SECRETMESSAGE".

And a further reply:

   > There really is no point to this, is there?
   I really can't say any more, Chaz.
   Ichiro Lambe
   Dejobaan Games

After the Razer message is displayed, a female voice will say a potato related phrase, which there appears to be fifteen of.

After all 15 of the phrases were found, this exchange occurred:

   On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 1:47 AM, Dejobaan Games <[email protected]> wrote:
     Nicely done, sir!
     How'd you decompile the code, anyway? I wasn't expecting anyone to do that,
     so I didn't put much time into obfuscating it. Freaked out on this end
     when I saw it. It's like seeing me in my underwear. Which is also in the
     source somewhere.
     Have a great evening,
     Ichiro Lambe
     Dejobaan Games
     On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 1:31 AM, Chaz Schlarp <[email protected]> wrote:
       Hope I haven't disappointed.

Potato phrases

These phrases have been found in Kick It!, and some lead back to recently modified blog posts on Razer's website. By the code above, there should be 15 of these phrases. Here is a list of known phrases and their Razer website counterparts, question marks indicate uncertain spelling of the word:

 Have you ever tried Boiled Kestrel? Not a lot of meat but if you line four or so on a stick and then submerge it, they are delicious. Cut up some carrots and potatoes for added flavor.
 At our next event, we are going skeet shooting with potatoes. Bust out the Flintlock and blast us some Crinkle Cut the old fashion way.
 ———— ——– ————————-
 Note to self: Seaborgium is not a good source of Starch….stick to potatoes.
 An Isopod tried to feed me a plate of Pommes Frites. I said, "Go away Isopod. You are an Isopod and have no buissness serving me food. Leave me and my potato dishes alone."
 On a side note, we just had lunch you say.... Le Patatas Fritas es un Mirabilis...or something.
 I had a pet Gastropod when I was young named Murphy. I would race him on my way home from school. I always won.
 My dates are never impressed with my large commemorative Fusarium Medallion. I tell them I wear it becaue I am a fungi...they never appreciate the pun. 
 Peerless Tuberosum is the leading cause of friendless potatoes.
 Who says you can't use a Fingerling potato as a Domino?
 ----- - ---------------------------------------
 Never trust a potato...they have eyes everywhere. They are always listening...we never went to space! SPUDnik was a Russet Conspiracy!
 If Linda was a  Precocial bird, I bet the first thing she would eat is a fat plate of Poutine
 ———————— —– —————-
 Cascarudo? We prefer Scalloped.
 ———————————— —- —–
 I see you brought a watergun to a Aqueduct Cannon fight! Eat liquified antiquity!
 Ever hear of a Rhodomonas Salad? Its spudtastic. 

 Once again, it’s our fault that we didn’t anticipate the demand, but hang in there –
 once the orders have been shipped out and the dust has settled, we’ll do a little something
 for our loyal (and patient) supporters. We appreciate your support and faith in us and we’ll
 be contacting you directly with our mea culpa soon so do stay tuned!
 I promise it will be better than a hunk of Antimony and better than a slop of Potatoes Au Gratin.
 – RazerGuy

Message so far


S-----a----'--------------------l-----arm-Oh--- (aqueduct cannon)
----e------------e-----------e-----e----------- (rhodomonas salad)
---------i---m-us--.--**---is--a-one--arm-----. (russet conspiracy)
Slice------------------------------------------ (patatas fritas mirabilis)
-l------l-l-------***-----------l-------------- (fusarium medallion)
*****--------------------*****-*****------***** (murphy gastropod)
----- - --------------------------------------- (domino fingerling)
------------------...-------------------------. (peerless tuberosum)
--------------o--------o--o------o--------O--o- (isopod pommes frites)
Slice             ... no noise alone      Ohio.

Pieces with improper spaces:

–ice-a——–use—-no-no——on–ha—-hi– (boiled kestrel)
———— ——– ———————— (crickle cut flintlock)
S—————————————–O—- (seaborgium starch)
———————— —– —————- (precocial poutine)
———————————— —- —– (scalloped cascarudo)
———————————————– (aqueduct cannon)

Final message, so far:


Slice a lil' mouse... no noise alone harm Ohio.

Matched up with the asterisks:

Slice             ... no noise alone      Ohio.

No asterisks:

     -a-lil'-mouse   -  -     -     -harm-

It should be noted that the Aperture Science Enrichment Center is located in Ohio, further extending the belief that the ARG is related to Portal 2.

The phrase has 16 consonants, so could be one of the Cryptographic messages.

Facebook Messages

Razer posted an image of what looks like a potato along with another somewhat cryptic message:


Huh? Hardly Helpful Handy Hardware.... Hypothesis?

Their previous one also quite clearly linked to this Potato ARG: Historically Having Hurried Hands Hardly Helps in Handling Hardy Helpings of Hash browns and Home fries. HAHAHAHA..aHHHHH, Hilarious.

Examing the Razer product website:

named "Heathcliff Hatcher". More of those "H's" springing up?

that used in the picture they placed on Facebook.

  • Razer uses that color (#00FF00) for ALL of their logos, and all over their website. They just like the color green, for some reason. I don't think this has any significance.

Looks kinda like Super Meat Boy face when rotated...

  • It could be another image that requires color correcting.
  • Does anyone want to take that on? It may contain something we're missing.
  • I tried editing the curves on it; no dice... as-is, it might be our glyph for Kick It, seeing as it has a big box around it.
  • I think it might be, if that's the case the alliteration probably means it's the glyph for H
  • Oh, I was just about to ask about the letter. But, H makes sense.
  • If you color correct it there is what might be a lower case r in the upper left corner

Vertically Flipping the image looks like a boy with an epic hair-cut?


A link was reached by using the extra letters (HHYYRV) from the paper flower decoding on TinyURL. It led to a Google search for "Blity's not here, man" leading to the use of instead. This resulted in a link to [], which gave us a password-protected .zip containing an mp3 titled "Searching. Emergence. Discovery.mp3".

Razer have posted a supposed question and answer session about lasers, involving several of the games in the ARG. It's currently speculated that this may contain the password for

The password for is WhyMustThereBeSiblingRivalry, as discovered when the OGG file sent to Jake_R was spectrographed.

MP3 Data

Track#: 1

Disc#: 2

BPM: 3

Album: Unknown Planet

Track name: Searching. Emergence. Discovery.

Performer: Unknown Sender

Accompaniment: Unknown Creator

Composer: Unknown Deity

Publisher: Unknown Proliferator

Genre: Unknown Theme

Encoded: LAME in FL Studio 9 (from ID3v2 tag)

Recorded date: 1974 (a year after 1973, mentioned in the ARG)

Comment: 123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123123

Analyzing the Audio

Reversed mp3


Error message

Currently (April 12, 1:55AM PST), points to an error page, with a 404 Not Found header. Title of the page is Error and the body is ϵͳÕÒ²»µ½Ö¸¶¨µÄÎļþ¡£

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