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Super Meat Boy

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Super Meat Boy is a tough as nails platformer in which Meat Boy must rescue Bandage Girl from the nefarious clutches of Dr. Fetus. It was developed by Team Meat and released on Steam on November 30, 2010.


April 12th Update

The Cave Johnson Help Wanted Poster and Obtaining the Audio Transmission

The levels contain the code (instructions and images are below) 3131B95073 which if entered into google as "3131 B 95073" leads to The Couch Potato Discount Sofa Warehouse 1

IRC user Scorkpian(Thisisntjon) and his lovely wife let irc talk them into checking out to the Couch Potato Discount Furniture Warehouse where they found Media:CaveJohnsonPoster.jpg and a surprise visitor bearing a copy of SMB (unfortunately the later happened on a return trip caused by miscommunication, which in turn was caused by Twitter's own horrible app, and was not recorded). There is video here and you can see the Twitter exchange between Team Meat and pubvo(Scorkpain's only link to an irc ravenous for info) here

The Cave Johnson Poster contains another code under the word HELP. The code is 17395A. This is now believed to be a red herring. It is a list of the first part of the level names 17 3 9 5 A,

To reach the new Aperture Science Login Screen, search "FOR MEANING" (as referenced in the Cave Johnson poster) in the "levels" tab in Super Meat World, which is unlocked with 20 bandages. The login page will pop up automatically.

The Numbers

Smb 17X011.png

Five new levels (17X011 3X100 9X010 5X000 AX111) are discovered in SMB. None of these levels end.

The new levels each contain hidden alphanumeric symbols that can be found either by using an alt-key(or F10) glitch or by climbing upwards using invisible blocks, or both.

31 - In the level, 17X011, invisible blocks can be sprayed with gibs or walked on to reveal 31.

31 - In the level 3X100, the symbols XXXI can be seen near the top of the level. XXXI is the roman numeral form of 31.

B - In the level 9X010, a pole and two wheels make the shape of the letter B. Many believed it to be a 18 but tweets from Team Meat implied otherwise.

95 - In the level 5X000, the number 95 is derived from the number of birds on the map when the level starts. This can be difficult to see in game as moving up to see the birds scares them away and it appears the alt trick necessary to get the key can also make the birds move. Thankfully this theory remained prevalent on irc despite the arguing to the contrary by some (myself included). The birds can best be viewed in the level editor screenshots below.

073 - In the level AX111, the number 073 is found high up in the level.

The levels were listed on the featured levels list in this order. Team Meat's tweets hinted we should keep the code in this order.

View the Symbols Yourself

To see the symbols you can use these level files extracted by Juzz. You can open them with level editor. (-devmode)

Level file: AX111.smbl

Screenshots: Level editor, Number: 073, Jump blocks

Level file: 5X000.smbl

Screenshots: Level editor, Birds count? 95

Level file: 9X010.smbl

Screenshots: Level editor, Number: 18 or B(66)

Level file: 3X100.smbl

Screenshots: Level editor, Number: 31, Jump blocks

Level file: 17X011.smbl

Screenshots: Level editor, Numbers: 31, 37 or 3j

Alternatively in-game screenshots can be found Here

To see the symbols in-game you have to break the level (Except for 3x100). This is done by hitting alt or f10 which will freeze the game, if you hold a direction button for a short period then press alt again you may find Meatboy has moved through certain objects. They are not that hard to puzzle out with that bit of information, I won't spoil all the fun.

Appearance by GLaDOS

GLaDOS can be seen in Super Meat Boy behind Dr. Fetus in the movie that plays after selecting Super Meat World.

April 8th - SMB Twitter

April 7th Update

SuperMeatBoy Letter.jpg

The game updated and the letter related to Audiosurf finally showed itself near the glyph.

Playing Chapter 4 (Hell) level 19 (The Hive) and dying 11 times loads up an Aperture Science login page. This corresponds to 04/19/11, or the supposed release date of Portal 2.

19:49 EST Thatnerdguy The download resulting from doing this and entering the password "keith fetus" contains four images related to Portal 2, one of which is contained in the "D" file and is apparently broken. .

Conversation with @SuperMeatBoy

@CD_ARC: @SuperMeatBoy Why the birds can't be red? @SuperMeatBoy: @CD_ARC because red birds cant follow the ray of sun

Additionally: @SuperMeatBoy: no one seems to follow the ray of sun to the potato patch...

He was hinting at the never-found in-game method of obtaining the Mono glyph letter. On SMW's Featured level screen there's a random Meat Boy graphic in the bottom right corner. Refresh the screen until it's the dead meat boy. Click the dead meat boy and it opens up Danielleorama's Flickr in the Steam browser, with the M picture prominent. We never found this and so he gave us extra hints in the patch notes and in Twitter. And then Killing Floor told us explicitly what it was.

Two new tweets have been posted directed at @RayTheSun, the latter of which is "@RayTheSun the potato patch has more then one potato in it", suggesting there is more to pursue.

Twitter conversation with SMB devs

MOOMANiBE: @SuperMeatBoy Hey. Heeeey. You should give us ARGers a mysterious hint as to where the Letter for Audiosurf glyph is in SMB.

SuperMeatBoy: @MOOMANiBE maybe i already have? or maybe i dont even know what youre talking about

MOOMANiBE: @SuperMeatBoy Well that is definitely mysterious. We will now resume inane potato-related speculation and/or wild guessing.

SuperMeatBoy: @MOOMANiBE potato hunting is fun! GL!

MOOMANiBE: @SuperMeatBoy brb going to click on everything in existence

SuperMeatBoy: @MOOMANiBE you might be one click away

SuperMeatBoy: @MOOMANiBE did you get the free smb game code i sent you? i might have tweeted it to someone else...

MOOMANiBE: @SuperMeatBoy Are you referring to this? 7fa6ce99d281

SuperMeatBoy: @MOOMANiBE does it work?


SuperMeatBoy: @Eyefunk @MOOMANiBE im just glad it got into the right hands

Twitter Information Summary

Update: The latest Super Meat Boy update had this in the update log: 7fa6ce99d281 > 68657873697676697982657765

Patch Notes

-- Bugs
-- Difficulty decreased on harder levels
-- Better Ammo (what the hell does that mean?)
-- Happy #PotatoFoolsDay

  • Level play order in reference to Imgur album layout: Imgur Album Layout.png
  • This happens when the game is loading the list of levels
Confirmed. Loaded up the game, turned off my network connection, and went to the level portal. The beeps kept looping as it was trying to load the levels. Psykus 20:59, 6 April 2011 (CDT)
* Maybe this is supposed to be the morse code for "S"? Then we have our letter. --Volcano 10:53, 7 April 2011 (CDT)

It's important to note that Team Meat has been publicly working on this update for a while. I wouldn't be surprised if a majority of the content was completely unrelated to #PotatoFoolsDay.

Completed Savegame

0% meatboy save: (Will not unlock any achievements)

Save with 20 bandages and world 4 unlocked (only 1 achievement completed) -

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