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Theories relating to Portal 2

The following is a collection of information and theories taken directly from the Theories page that directly links to Portal 2.

BTB Score Message is Portal 2 Reference?

I read the BIT.TRIP BEAT score message ("A sage sausage? I ate it fast! So sue us... we cave.") as a DIRECT reference to Portal 2 (although it may just be my brain working too hard).

  • "A sage sausage?" could be referring to a wise ("sage") meatbag ("sausage"); ("Meatbag" is a fictional term occasionally used by evil computers/robots to refer to lowly humans.). Perhaps talking about Chell or Cave Johnson (Aperture Science founder; more on him later).
  • "I ate it fast!" could be about how Chell was quickly returned to captivity after she defeated GLaDOS, or how [SPOILER] Cave Johnson's mind was put into a computer after his death. (The Cave Johnson thing comes from Valve's casting call for the Cave Johnson character. Look it up...?)
  • "So sue us... we cave." could be a cryptic mention of Cave Johnson, or it could just be talking about Aperture Science's relentless pursuit of science. They were in bad financial standing before inventing portal tech, and they clearly wouldn't let a simple lawsuit get in their way. They'd rather pay a fine than stop running their experiments.

Portal "Bridging the gap"

Evidence for Portal relation

  • A little while ago, Valve announced that they had plans to bridge the storyline gap between Portal and Portal 2 with some sort of surprise bit of story. It is likely that, due to a few very obscure links to Portal and Aperture such as the potato achievement, this is that link. The potato achievement could be related to a part of the ARG that must be solved in Portal 2, similar to the radios for Portal 2's announcement.
  • Valve did say that the connection between Portal 1 and 2 would be made before Portal 2's release so they don't have long left if this is not it.
  • An incredibly unlikely link, a map found in Defense Grid appears to resemble the outdoor area of Portal shown at the end.
  • The text displayed when the Cogs potato level is completed, seems to mimic the way in which GLaDOS speaks. The tone of voice is very same and wording, somewhat sarcastic, and the fact that it is 1st person helps with this idea.
  • Some of the images on the screen displayed by GLaDOS near her death in portal resemble potatoes. A youtube video of almost all the images (her screen shows literally hundreds of different images real quickly), displayed here: shows spud-like pictures at 3:58 (on the left of the plate) and maybe at 6:50 too.
  • An image used by Bit.Trip.Beat's Facebook/Twitter score posting, when the colors are modified, appears to be a section of the Aperture science logo.


No evidence appears to point towards a storyline for this bridge though this may change in the course of time. It has, however, been confirmed by someone who has play tested Portal 2 [SPOILER?] that Potatoes are integrated into it's storyline.

Story connection between P1 and P2 is confirmed here: [1]:
Erik:...There was an unseen character in Portal 1 who scrawled on walls, and he’s also in Portal 2 to tell the story of the first game in six panels. He was there watching the final battle, witnessing what you did in Portal. [Other interviews confirm this is the Rat Man (eg drattman from ARG names)]
Would you consider elaborating on this person in Portal 2? Chet: We can’t really talk about that yet. Erik: There’s some ancillary stuff outside the game coming up that will answer that.
Other interviews mention that these drawings are the prelude to the game.
Probably unrelated but this interview [2] talks about these being drawn in 6-panel segments. Doesn't match the gylphs/phrases but the idea of panels isn't new here.

On the contrary, It could match this actually. Prehaps all 12 glyphs are just 6 pairs representing the 6 panels (6x2=12).

Sandy, Laszlo, & Combine Advisors

In Half-Life 2, in the chapter "Sand Traps", there is a character named Sandy. His friend, Laszlo, is the guy who got mauled by Antlions. The Combine Overwiki has this quote from Sandy: "Dear God! Poor Laszlo! The finest mind of his generation, come to such an end!" [3]

The SandyMayOrMayNotBeFictional blog has a post titled "Archimedes? Is that you?" [4] Archimedes was a Greek mathematician, and "regarded as one of the leading scientists in classical antiquity." (Wikipedia)

From the side, Combine Advisors vaguely resemble large potatoes.

Also possibly worth noting, a comment on one of the blog posts (when run through DEC / CHAR and BASE64 here) translates to:

"Dear Sandy, Hello. I hope this finds you well. I have a question for you. Do you ever feel as if you are living in a world where sleep is not what it seems? Do you feel as if you become someone else when you close your eyes? Or perhaps you were someone else before you ever opened them? I ask, only because your blog has awakened something within me that only you can help me find the answer for. Please help me to find the answer... Sincerely, L-------o" [5]

This is kind of a stretch, as the comment could really be from anybody, but "L-------o" might be Laszlo, Sandy's friend. However, this isn't likely, as Laszlo died in HL2. I'm just including this information because it might be useful to someone.

Rattman Narrative

I believe all clues lead to a narrative of the ARG focused around rattman and what he did after chell defeated glados which allowed him to escape.

I also believe that rattman is leaving the clues and symbols in the other games.

For rattman to have survived so long before chell came along (indicated by markings on the walls), there must have been some type of food in the place, potatoes are a good candidate, considering how easy they are to grow all year around, there was also evidence of fires and utensils used to cook said potatoes whenever we found one of his hideouts in Portal.

  • --shanos111

It is also believed that Steve is infact ratman himself.

  • --frogmella

Potato/Apple Chemical (Riboflavin)

The portal update pre-Portal 2 release included a number of decoded ASCII images located here [6] All of these turned out to be later concept art/parts of beta levels or trailers, but the only one not solved yet is this one:


This features a structural chemical backbone and 3 pseudo-images of perhaps a potato, an apple, and another apple. Also, a number of letters are present on the edges of the images, perhaps a code, perhaps a red-herring. Steam Portal 2 forums have discussions which may link it to the chemical, and vitamin b2, riboflavin, which is YELLOW [8] but it is tenuous. [9] Theories, which may or may not be backed with evidence dictate "the Boreialis contains a medical compound to kill the combine." (with riboflavin being the precursor molecule)? Riboflavin is also destroyed by exposure to light. Also, the other two gells Aperture created were originally designed as digestion aids, and vitamins such as B2 closely link to this. This may also be linked to the "ship overboard" achievement, the potato "Bring science forward" achievement and the "lost experiment" of the Borealis.

There is a face in the Frame 944, and two interlaced hands. Who could be...?--CeInfo 17:12, 5 April 2011 (CDT)

  • His nose looks smaller than that one, and I see a difference between their clothes. But the ɑ don't let me see his hair/front, so, it could be.--CeInfo 17:21, 5 April 2011 (CDT)
  • It may be a younger representation, as at the time of Portal 2, Cave Johnson is dead and most likely an AI, so if he were to represent himself, he may chose a younger version. --RegrettableDeed 18:25, April 5 2011 (EST)
  • I personally think its Geoff Keighley. They look so similar, it must be him.--Benp321 21:57, 5 April 2011 (CDT)
  • Don't assume that it is. You may be right, but I would refrain from saying it MUST be him simply because we can't find better candidates. Do you perhaps have a photo of Geoff in this pose?--Mizusajt 22:09, 5 April 2011 (CDT)
  • You're right. What I meant to say is that he is a very good match. Also, read his latest twitter post here. Could be relevant to Portal 2. --Benp321 09:16, 6 April 2011 (CDT)

Possible letter assignment for Portal 2

  • Given the rather unusual reference to mercury poisoning, is it at all possible that we can assign Portal 2 to represent the letter H?
    • Have you got a source for that?--Nighthood 11:17, 6 April 2011 (GMT)

Superdinoman's youtube page

Have anyone checked out it? Notice company, occupation, and website. Also his description.

A clue?

  • He's probably just playing along with the ARG. Wouldn't call it a clue yet. Somebody decode all that stuff.
  • Decoded all the crap:
  • Occupation: Test Subject
  • Companies: Aperture Science
  • Description: ur a faget
  • Not a clue 99%.
  • Okay, it was just something I saw and thought so.
It's nothing to do with the ARG, he's just a funny guy like that. His Facepunch information is the same sort of thing.

Website updated got updated and now has potatoes under the Christmas tree.

  • There are no potatoes. Not that I can see. It's just the lighting.
  • May be so. Moved to discussion, not to jam the main article with such stuff.
P-Body IS there now, however. After the first loop, he will show up in front of the christmas tree. The ornaments are different when he appears. -- Mizusajt 13:55, 6 April 2011 (CDT)
Looking inside the FLV video file being played, the date modified is 2010-12-21. It is unlikely that the website will have anything to do with this ARG -- Julusian 14:31, 6 April 2011 (CDT)
  • [XpLoDWilD] : I decompiled the SWF video. In fact, you have 1 out of 4 chances when the video starts that the companion robot will appear. The two FLV videos played are called "wcc_holiday10_v03_egg.flv" (with P-Body) and "wcc_holiday10_v03.flv" without him. Picture here: (sorry I can't upload it to wiki, it always says "MIME type doesn't match")
what else does the swf say?--Iaindude 06:43, 7 April 2011 (CDT)
is it me or does the lab on the p body one look different than the other one--Iaindude 06:43, 7 April 2011 (CDT)

Unverified Video

It is confirmed that this video is fake, it's on the Rube Tuberson account which has made several fakes during the course of the ARG.

Note: The watermark appears to be the same as the one in the circulating picture which is said to be from Meet The Medic.

I believe it's a fake. Steve's Youtube, Sandy's blog, the Twitter Accounts... They were all made in March, before the "reveal" of this ARG. The Youtube account that uploads that video was created on the 5th, soon after the Steve and Hubert video got out. Although it looks of relevance, mostly because of the Aperture Science logo, with every other account being pre-made (to make sure all links and ties work, etc) why would they leave this one so late? Seems offputting to me, but that may just be me...
Incase anybody missed it, it says Big Bad Jellyfish in the video tags. Still dunno if the video is real or not, but the Big Bad Jellyfish was a Portal 1 easter egg.
Please keep discussion on the talk page. Also, make sure to sign your comments with ~~~~. Netshroud 07:49, 6 April 2011 (CDT)
Now this is just a shot in the wild, but isn't the offices looking a lot like the ones in the valentine video? --SoulDrake 08:54, 6 April 2011 (CDT)

HOLY CRAP GUYS; I knew I'd seen the watermark before. It's on THIS SUSPECTED PIECE OF HL3 CONCEPT ART which nobody knows how it got on the net:

Which is up on a wall at Valve along with a shitload of other Half-Life-looking concept art:

omgomgomg :D

The other details are in this thread on the Steam forums:

--Gloone 10:08, 6 April 2011 (CDT)

I feel like we need to find the source of this watermark, because there is one thing to note: To make the video with the watermark, the creator needed a source version of the watermark. It would have been very difficult to subtract the watermark from the Medic picture, or the other HL3 art. So the person who watermarked this video had access to the original file. IF we can find the original picture of the man and (wo?)man, then the possibility of the video being faked is much more likely, however, we might also find a treasure trove of other new clues. --Mizusajt 13:29, 6 April 2011 (CDT)

As someone pointed out in a comment on the youtube video, the people in the watermark resemble Zafer Ergin and Alp Korkmaz

I can see Zafer Ergin, but who is he, and why? And Alp Korkmaz is harder to see. -- Mizusajt 13:51, 6 April 2011 (CDT)

Seems like he is a foreign actor, kind of a long shot() Sent a message to the person that made the comment, checking if they relate to each other or any other relation to the ARG they could have

 *If you parse the numbers in the video like so 05-02-1(980)131-3108 you get a North Carolina cell-phone number.
  I have not tried to call it, and I am not sure I should. -- demose 15:25, 6 April 2011 (CDT)

Another video, makes this seem a bit more ambiguous. Sorry if I keep pushing us further from the correct path, but there's no harm in investigating. -- Mizusajt 13:49, 6 April 2011 (CDT)

 *Good job, RubeTUberson is an account to keep an eye on. -- demose 15:25, 6 April 2011 (CDT)

Okay, so I know I'm biased, but people are saying things like "Fake, confirmed on ARG". Now, I don't see any confirmation that it's fake. I myself believe it is VERY fake, but we haven't received confirmation, which means we can't go saying it's fake. We can say that's it's probably not legitimate, but we should not say it's fake simply because it's difficult to imagine an element from an ARG being set up last minute. -- Mizusajt 19:27, 6 April 2011 (CDT)

Alternate Theories (Moved from article)

Alternate theory:

'□' refers to the number of letters (consonants) per cypher (similar to how you might write, for example, an 8-letter hangman word: "□□□□□□□□"), and 'ɑ' refers to the number of unique letters used in the cyphers (as in, its "alphabet"; ɑ is the Greek letter "alpha"). The glyphs may be entirely unrelated.


There's already been a lot of mention of Yellow. I also noticed there's multiple instances of the colour yellow during this video. Notably at [10] 28 seconds there's a yellow tag on Peabody's leg that I've never seen before.

Additionally there's a yellow turret at [11] 30s as well.

Users Mentioned:

Oddly, the phrases in the images directly address three users outside of Valve who have been working on solving this ARG.

  • Dougtato, MikaXsUs and superdinoman are all valid YouTube accounts, with MikaXsUs and superdinoman makinging VALVE game related videos, and superdinoman showing videos or a Portal 2 style mod (Maybe causing VALVe's immature behaviour - He's copying them)
    • Dinoman's youtube profile info has the portal 2 official website linked on its personal web site and has codes in some of the fields:
      • On "Occupation": 54 65 73 74 20 53 75 62 6a 65 63 74 20. Which is "Test subject" in ASCII Hexadecimal codes
      • On "Company": QXBlcnR1cmUgU2NpZW5jZQ==, which is base64 for "Aperture Science". He's probably trolling.
    • Dougtato, MikaXsUs and superdinoman are all users of Garry Newman's forum, Facepunch.
    • Both of the names are users in the facepunch ARG thread... perhaps they said something that was on the right track?
      • Superdinoman said in Facepunch that the ARG was a lie here
      • Perhaps he is being mocked for this as he and Valve employee/Facepunch user, Jeep Barnett (AKA PersonGuy) have a running joke in which Jeep makes sexual comments concerning Superdinoman's mother. Here is the collection of these jokes.
    • MikaXsUs is a very active user in the #PotatoFoolsDay thread on Facepunch and is one of the first few posters to realize the ARG.
  • Dougtato is the Steam username of the Facepunch user "Dougley"
    • For those out of the loop, this is the same Dougley who has been helping with this ARG since day one.
  • If this "thirteen cyphers" theory isn't considered rock-solid, it might be worth noting that "Dougtato, mikaxsus, superdinoman" has sixteen consonants - reduces to dgttmkxsssprdnmn.


"We put cameras inside the cameras. He'll never suspect" on the listed page four sounds a lot like the theory that I don't even know what this is is the reverse view of They did it again and this time I got the evidence. -- Kinrah

I think that the pages 5 and 4 in the comic are in the wrong order (if the 6 given are in series), as it is him getting the drugs, and then taking them.

  • Haplo_64

This discussion has been closed. If you wish to continue the discussion, continue in a new section on this talk page.

Aperture Science Log in discussion

  • Hey, see Investigation History for some details. In a nutshell: Beta codes were found on the steamworks internal website which stores information all packages available on steam. The code for Cogs took us to a tile shift puzzle which featured glyphs as the tiles, on completing the puzzle (I believe the only way so far is by cheating) the game opens the steam browser and takes you to an Aperture Science login page which has since been replaced with a background of potatoes. --Ionis 10:08, 7 April 2011 (CDT)
  • Ah thanks, i just got caught up.

Comic pages

They're out of order. I'll figure it out laterr tonight; can't on my cell phone. --Vekter 12:48, 7 April 2011 (CDT)

Hey guys, Did anyone else notice on the 6th page, It says "Don't even try, feels like a trial." Could it be connected to "suffer the trial,stay alive"? -PyroZombie

Toki Tori Login Location?

TokiTori ApertureLogin.jpg
Located in Bonus Level 2 under the #PotatoFoolsDay profile.

I'm currently trying to work my way there, but it often takes me an age with these sorts of puzzles. ... Help? :) FrazerJC 20:12, 7 April 2011 (CDT)

  • Patience pays off. I got it and here is a screenshot to confirm it, as it seems the quicker Ionis hasn't put a screenshot up! FrazerJC 20:55, 7 April 2011 (CDT)
  • Anybody have a video uploaded regarding how to beat this thing?

AudioSurf Login Screen?

Does anyone know where I can download the Killing Floor song? Never mind.

For the people who are bad at Audiosurf, here is a 15-second version that still gets you the login Icy_Murderous_I.mp3 --L0cke 22:27, 7 April 2011 (CDT)

  • Thank God.... I suck at the game, but I want to get to the Login screen, for whenever we get to the password.

Cogs Login

Anybody have a video recording of how to solve the BestLaidSchemes puzzle? I know the gist of how to solve it, and have solved it a few times, just wondering if anybody has made a video of the solution.

Login pages "key" for AudioSurf and Killing Floor

Anybody noticed that in Audiosurf and Killing Floor much more digits in last part of Aperture Science login page? Other games got just numbers, but those two (or maby not only that games) got letters and numbers. Everybody got such links in these games?


I don't understand how to trigger the login screen. Ican get to the boss easily, but "get the ball behind it"? I don't understand what it means.


I bought the game yesterday, and I don't have any potato launchers on the tracks you mentioned. Am I the only one with the problem? What can I do now? --gyarfi 04:15, 10 April 2011 (CDT)

Aperature Science

Why did they write Aperature on some pics (3, 57)?

Video 4: Boots

"Long Fall" boots... "Banging rocks together"... Sounds familliar, isnt it...

I see numbers before Chell jumps off the platform (top right corner)... They don't seem to translate correctly with the translator that is linked to on this Wiki's main page Masterlegodude 12:11, 12 April 2011 (CDT)

Can someone explain where we got the magic number 236 to XOR with the numbers in the video? --Aegeus 22:14, 12 April 2011 (CDT)

Stupid Idea: Check the preloaded files

You know, there might be something... Cryoshell 07:08, 13 April 2011 (CDT)

just a thought the top map on the list can someone try to import it into portal 1 (it looks as tho its not a single player or multiplayer map due to its name)

April 14th Update

Did anyone check what it was all about? May be something in there. --RegrettableDeed 22:32, 14 April 2011 (CDT)

Look at this screenshot

Screenshot. Why this in-game video looking so familliar?

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