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The Wonderful End Of The World

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The Wonderful End of the World (abbreviated TWEOTW) is a game by Dejobaan Games. It is similar in concept to the popular Katamari Damacy games, in which you are attempting to pick up objects smaller than your current avatar, but as you progress, your avatar becomes larger and larger, and what once were obstacles can be then picked up. Unlike Katamari Damacy, the size of your avatar is based on the number of objects you pick up rather than their size, so very small objects will still contribute to your score and growth even when you are several times larger than them. There are about twelve level, unlocked progressively, each level the goal to collect a certain number of objects within the time alloted, earning an "A+" grade for making this metric.


Getting Potatoes


You will need the levels "Arcadia" and "Sugar Candy" unlocked to get both potatoes. If you can't unlock them, you can replace your contents of your save file (prefs.dat) with this (Please note: This will unlock all the levels and achievements. If you would rather not do this and earn them legitimately, use DF3X's save file instead, which only unlocks the levels you need to get the potatoes). You can find the prefs.dat here: "C:\Users\~YOURNAME~\AppData\Local\The Wonderful End of the World".

Gameplay strategy

In general the best way to beat a level is to find the best route to take so you are constantly picking up items, and get large enough to hoover up almost everything by the end (but at the same time don't miss too many of the small items, which can sometimes become impossible to pick up if you get too large).

First Potato

The first potato can be found by getting an A+ on the "coloured" secret level. You can find this by selecting the Arcadia level and holding down 'U' while it is loading. Deity_Link on IRC made a walkthrough video which might help if you stuck. Once you get an A+ you should see an Aperture Science login screen, enter the password "every piece" to get a potato.

Second Potato

This is similar to the first. This time you select the level "Sugar Candy" and hold down "P" while it loads. You should find yourself in a similar-looking level filled with coloured companion cubes. Once again your objective is to achieve an A+, and IRC user SmauG has provided a video walkthrough. Once you get the A+, an Aperture Science window should pop up, and you should have another potato on your profile.

April 12 Update

IT'S NOT FINE. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT USE ANY SUGAR. Don't worry. Changes are here.

Holding down P in the same way as the last secret level on the level "Sugar Candy" takes you to a special Companion Cube level with a different version of "Still Alive" playing in the background. (The easter egg does not work here properly -- GLaDOS will make a comment about you not taking this seriously, and you will not be able to control your character correctly.) Reaching and absorbing the cake in the level opens up an Aperture Science login screen. No password is required, it automatically transmits a GLaDOS audio transmission. This gives you another potato on your Steam profile.

The Audio transmission is: "The spirit of our youth resides in gathering books."

IRC user SmauG provided this walkthrough and screenshot of the companion cube level for TWEOTW: and YouTube video:

Degoban's Tweet picture

From the un-sheared image of Degoban's recent Twitter picture there is what appears to be a warehouse level full of companion cubes. The text on the image suggests that U was WRONG followed by a string of P's. In the April 12 update, it was discovered that this wasn't a coincidence as both the "U" and "P" keys are used to open hidden levels on the "Arcadia" and "Sugar Candy" levels respectively.


April 7 Secret Level

Colorless Secret Level

A picture on the April 7th update news for WEOTW showed what looked like a possible new level added to the game, filled with colored crates.

WEOTW-steam update colored crates.png

The full text of the update is:

*I* removed all the color. *I* removed all the crates. *I* removed the muscles in my legs, as there was too much spring in my step. There are no castles to tame, and I have sliced the beast in twain to make a grand number, which was my goal all along!

Based on this, Cchrist found a version of the level filled with colorless crates. To get into the level, hold Shift + I or Shift + Alt + I or Shift + Alt while entering Word Forge on any setting.

Ignoring color, the level layout matches up (eg in the update pic, there's a medium white crate on top of a yellow crate not attached to anything else. This can be seen in at least two of the shots above.)

Colored Secret Level

After some time was spent trying to complete the colorless secret level (which seemed to be impossible without cheating), we got two messages. Mikaxsus, a player in the ARG, received an email. Among other things, it included the words:

Red herrings can be colorless. Good luck finding the colored herrings. They are vivid.

Also, Sandy updated her blog saying:

The people in the warehouse today seem to be lost. Maybe they've been wandering in the wrong door.

From this we surmised that we had possibly reached a red herring. We discovered a Google account with pictures of text overlaid on top of the mode select screen in the game. Reading this text it was worked out that one could hold down U while starting the Arcadia level. This led to the same crate level as before, but this time with fully-colored crates, as in the update screenshot. Layout-wise, the level is exactly the same as the colorless version, but it is possible to jump in this level by pressing SPACE, which is necessary to be able to complete the level. (This does not require the use of the easter egg!)

Getting an A+ on this level in Timed mode leads to this game's Aperture Science login page.

Reference to the Swan found on a poster?

In the secret level, there is a formation that resembles that of a swan. Perhaps it is related to the "Art for swans is dope! 'I sauce age a taco.'" poster found by Jake_R.


The music used for the second secret level was labelled "Cave.mp3" by the ARG community, although its real name was later revealed to be "Hole in the Ground", created by Dan Brainerd. (source). An instrumental version of the song was earlier heard in HubertUberson's video of a break-in. The lyrics, as worked out by the community, are:

INTRO (Before The Song Begins): 
1, 2, 3, 4...

I don't know a cave from a hole in the ground
I wandered an age through a cool and dark cage
Tried finding my way by touch, taste, scent, sound
(1st time) But no way out of hell, as the sin is on stage
(2nd time) But I'm here and I hope I won't see old age
(3rd time) But I figure the solitude's my only wage
(4rd time) And long past the point of pretending to rage
I wonder what happened up there to my truck
Left parked with a load, no doubt long since been towed
I never expected to have such strange luck
I should have obeyed what that road sign forebode
Cavefish is delicious, but only if cooked
You'll mess it up bad, well let's leave it at that
I've eaten whenever, whatever I've hooked
I'd kill for the thrill of a meal with some fat
I don't know my soul from a hole in the dark
I'd wake from my sleep and I'd silently weep
I once knew a girl who loved me as a lark
My pain, she explains, is what made me so deep
I thought I was ever so lonesome at home
It needled at me until I couldn't see
The forest for trees nor the sea for the foam
And I took up the job that was all absentee
The miles and also the hours were strained
Kept my hands on the wheel, it was solid and real
And wind blew and snow fell and storms rumbled and rained
And I drove through it all but found I could still feel
Inspire me world, I was writing a song
Saw a sign for the cave, thought "artistic" and "brave"
I grabbed my guitar and I moseyed along
and though I hate to state it, I entered my grave


The line 'Cavefish is delicious but only if cooked' is word for word the search result from CrimeFlyerInventor's TinyURL, short some potatoes.

Newspaper Articles

In the middle of playing, these screens show up with a loud alarm sound. They seem to only show up in specific levels (Not in specific levels! Dorn O'Leary screen has appeared in Level 1 See Here), but that may be because some other condition is required and works best with these levels. The text is aligned to the right, and is written in the style of a newspaper article.

Please note that there may have been mistakes in copying the text from the images to this article, so reading from the images directly is recommended.

Each screen ends differently. Notice the following

 Albert Gratin: CONT'D at CrimeFlyerIntimidator.
 Don O'Leary: CONT'D at CrimeFlyerPuncher
 Eric Williams Borst: CONT'D at CrimeFlyerInventor

This is as if the text is a front page story which is continued later in the newspaper.

Albert Gratin
Albert Gratin, with a part of a newspaper article about him and the Dirty Spud Gang.

The Peeler City Police Department requests the assistance

of law-abiding citizens in the location and apprehension

of the Dirty Spud Gang. If you spot a member of the Gang

please do not approach or engage them; call the

authorities and the PCPD will respond immediately.

ALBERT GRATIN, aka "Al the Pal," aka "Bert the Squirt,"

aka "The Inchoate Offender," is suspected of grand theft

auto, destruction of public art, racketeering, witness

intimidation and conspiracy to commit murder. Gratin,

like the other members of his gang, maybe be assiciated with

the "Nova Thefts," a series of bizarre and unexplained

disappearences (of property, people, and even buildings)


Though these potatoes may not seem to do anything, we

advise members of the public to give them a wide berth.

They may just be sitting there, but the potential for

violence is always present. The PCPD cannot

overemphasize the level of caution which should be used

in dealing with the Gang.

While potatoes do have eyes, it is not known exactly why

this one wears a patch --- CONT'D at CrimeFlyerIntimidator.

Dorn O'Leary

Dorn O'Leary, with a part of a newspaper article about him and the Dirty Spud Gang.

The Peeler City Police Department is still seeking

information regarding the location of the Dirty Spud Gang.

If you see any member of the Gang, do not approach or

engage them; call the authorities and the PCPD will respond

with the highest possible priority. After our last request for

help, three different citizens ignored the warnings and

approached the suspect depicted here. All three are currently

hospitalized and in crucial condition.

DORN O'LEARY, aka "Bruises McGee," aka "The Irish

Fist," is suspected of witness intimidation, grand larceny,

assault with a deadly weapon, assault with a sack of

potatoes, assault with a lit cigarette, conspiracy to commit

murder, and smoking in a designated non-smoking area at a

Federal airport. O'Leary, like the other members of his

gang, may be associated with the "Nova Theft" series of

disappearences worldwide.

Though these potatoes seem to be just "sitting there," the

PCPD advises members of the public to stay away.

"Bruises" is believed to be a world-class expert in Muay

Thai, Irish Boxing, and Capoeira. While he has never

actually been caught on camera moving, much less ---

CONT'D at CrimeFlyerPuncher

Eric William Borst

Eric Williams Borst, with a part of a newspaper article about him and the Dirty Spud Gang.

The Peeler City PD still seeks information concerning the

Dirty Spud Gang. Please to nod approach the Gang if you

see them, alone or in a group! Since our last request for

help, thirty brave citizens, six law enforcement officers,

two firemen and one heroic dalmatian have lost their lives

or disappeared while following or confronting this

notorious organization.

ERIC WILLIAM BORST, aka "Smooth Time," aka "The

Tick-Tock Talker" is suspected of conspiracy to commit

murder, grand larceny, petty larcen, solicitation,

misdemeanor procrastination, posession of illegal

narcotics, and possession of illegal narcotics with intent

to distribute. Brost, like other members of the Dirty Spud

Gang, may be associated with the "Nova Theft" series of

disappearences worldwide.

"Smooth Time" has a brittle disposition and a borderline

obsession with punctuality; these traits make him

potentially the least predictable and most dangerous

member of the Gang. He is the only member who has been

caught in the act on more than one

--- CONT'D at CrimeFlyerInventor

The "Continued at" sections of the article, when used as Tinyurls, link to various related pages.
CrimeFlyerIntimidator "They did it again and this time I got the evidence" on YouTube, by HubertUberson
CrimeFlyerPuncher a Bing image search for "potato crime"
CrimeFlyerInventora Google search for "potatoes are delicious but only if cooked"

There is no currently known glyph in the game, but could the plaster on the 2nd potato point to Super Meat Boy as the next game?

Sandy connection

Posts on Sandy's Blog (found from a hint in 123KI) have many references to these flyers, including disappearances related to talking potatoes and flyers being handed out resulting in people getting hurt. Someone familiar with the game should analyze these further.

Chip's Challenge

When meeting the goal while in "Play Timed" mode on the level Word Forge, a new message plays at the completion screen after "end of round" is announced. It was interpreted as "Chip's Challenge", and this proved to be a password for an Aperture Science Login Screen.

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