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Third Parties

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Oddities in bold, but someone needs to check me on Government Station T - doesn't sound right mynameismonkey 20:21, 14 April 2011 (CDT)

The Boston subway is known locally as the "T" and Government Center is a station on the line. Not that mysterious. Troofus 20:45, 14 April 2011 (CDT)

UPDATE 2011.04.14 2:28AM (EST)

Okay. Zero. At Bostonpostmortem, in numerous emails and on zero Twitter I’ve been weeding through possible three sightings. From what I four can tell, almost every one of them is a case of mistaken identity. In some cases they were twenty-seven just fooling around and not taking this seriously. But one sighting zero is sincere and accurate, I believe. Arshan (previous update) was on zero to something. By his account, Ichiro was at three the Government Center T station, wearing the zebra jacket. Arshan called out four to Ichiro by name seconds to see if he was all right; he replied, “That is not my name” and froze in place. When Arshan twenty attempted to approach, pseudo-Ichiro began to blather seven on that “everything is fine.” He then jumped a turnstile and words ran away.

Extra text: zero zero three four twenty-seven zero zero three four seconds twenty seven words

0034270034 seconds 207 words / 0034270034 seconds 27 words

34270034 seconds is 1 year 1 month and 1.2 days, subtracting that time from the date of posting yields March 13 2010, which is shortly after Portal 2 was announced. Connection? Enolan 01:30, 15 April 2011 (CDT)

Boston Indies

On Wednesday, April 13th, the blog Boston Indies posted a new entry titled Has Anyone Seen Ichiro?. Within this post were the following two emails:


I must be careful.  I’m being monitored.  The answer is in the blight.

aaaaaaaabbbbbccccccccccccdddddddddddddddd eeeeeeeeeeeeefffff!


Count the each repeated letter and you get 8,5,12,16 13,5. Turn that into numbers and you get "Help me!"


Subject: Re: [Out of Office Reply] Post


Thank you for your message.  I am currently out of the office, with [limited] [no] access to email.  I will be returning on [day] [date].

If you need assistance before then, you can reach me at [telephone number].  For urgent issues, please contact [name] at [e-mail address] or [telephone number].


how that tin pot :ate /
/was good only once
.now go
leave /me Elone red
jazz quick zebras

Nothing is wrong.  Please disregard.  Oh that.  Yes.  Someone wrote a poem for me do you like it everything is fine and the weather is charming in Boston as always don’t you think I do too can we all learn to set aside our differences for the good of s-self fulfilment yes of course that’s what I mean because I always say that don’t I I’m a very funny guy ha-ha. Yes.

There is work to do.

Good night.

By taking the first letter of each part of the poem in the second email lead us to the url (take the first character of each word), which linked to a page describing two types of fungus. The line 'The answer is in the blight' from the first email, told us that we were in the correct spot. We then noticed that 'AN IRRATIONAL ALES' is an anagram for alternaria solani, one of the fungi listed on the site.

Further analysis is ongoing.

Another update has been posted:

UPDATE 2011.04.13 5:36PM (EST)
Okay, this is hitting a little too close to home. Moments ago as I returned to my desk with coffee to keep me going I suddenly heard loud crash. Like an idiot, I ran toward
the sound at my desk to see what was up. (I’ve got to check that instinct from here on out.)  I saw a furry… something… going out the window. Somebody shouted, shrieked,
heck I’m not really sure anymore, I’m just shaking as I type this. The critter must have landed on someone’s head or something. I think… I think it was a raccoon but it
looked like it was wearing a checked shirt, jeans and a toolbelt. (I know how crazy that sounds.  Trust me.) When I shook it off and looked at my computer the browser was
open to a banking site. (!?) Someone had entered the wrong account information three times and been locked out. It wasn’t my bank. In fact, I’ve never heard of this bank.
The computer went into sleep mode.  I retyped my password (it worked! whew) but the browser was closed. When I reopened it, the whatever banking website I had seen was now
gone from my history. Sorry folks. I messed up and lost a clue, it seems.  I wish I’d copied the address somewhere.  Friends, I’m thinking I may just stay home from the
Bostonpostmortem meeting tonight.

This is probably a reference to Steve's video here

[email protected]

[email protected] has demonstrated a connection with the goingtomakesomechanges account.

The e-mail.
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