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Toki Tori

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Toki Tori is a puzzle platformer developed by Two Tribes. It is similar to an older game by the same studio, Eggbert. The player controls a bird and must collect the eggs in each level using a limited number of tools and abilities. Toki Tori was released on Steam on January 28, 2010.

Going with a "creepy camera" motif.


April 12th:

You need to grab a file to do the right level 6. See Bonus level 6

Patch Notes:

Updates to Toki Tori have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:


Updated files:

Noticeably, 3 new Bonus levels were added to <TEST> section.

New text messages

The introduction text to <TEST> bonus level 6 contains periodically changing code/nonsensical character strings and messages.

Of note are the following messages:

Message 1

1)&)44p--5/ttention! remember where you found the previous zip? go there but use a different name this time. the code you need to use is zero beta delta delta zero two e/-64r/%-+(6

This is likely related to the zip file that was found by connecting the dots.

Message 2

2401p)7as2'1 not come and look for us, by the time you get this she will have already found us. don't be a hero save the rest while there is %t/|77$&&2/r%(

Message 3

3%&80(o70nce you have found the payload, replace the ones in your game! they are fake, they're lies, there to get you. don't fall 4nt6 /e(23$#*$(+

This confirms that we need to find the zip from the first message, which will possibly contain a solvable <TEST> bonus level 6.

Message 4

#33; %u224 6 bet she has hidden a log of her "actions" somewhere in the gamefiles. you know t&sc$r' y64027

Message 5

82.#'h6cr-p! i think i hear her coming, hide the lapto7/8'ck)'#&5%68

Message 6

$$-%* -8/! *eah you! listen, we barely got away but she got meinte and collin! we're setting up this broadcast to send our message every half hour. it's really important tha"82#.)*

Here's the transcription of one of them :


With the increasing number of these code/nonsensical character strings it is possible that they are just filler text between the useful messages. The code/messages are now looping and it is unlikely that any new messages will appear at this time.

Bonus Level 4

Video walkthrough of <TEST> Bonus level 4 courtesy of IRC user error1

Bonus Level 5

Bonus Level 6

Currently impossible to solve, likely need the zip file containing a new map from the text messages above. If you didn't already have the "So Sad" achievement, however, this is an easy way to get it.

Zip file found via IRC user RAPINTIME.

Copy the contents to Toki Tori files :

Be careful with the directory, it's in maps/bonus/testlab, and NOT maps/testlab !

To reach Aperture Science page, go to the "teleporter" thing on the top most of the map.
Here's a Video solution courtesy of IRC user error1.
Here is an easier Video Solution that doesn't involve glitching past the monsters. ~DN

Code for success.jpg


> import "os"
> import "zlib"
> path = os.path.abspath(os.getDir("TOKITORI"))
> package = createZipFile()
> for file in path.walk() do
> (
> if file.dir == "/bonus/TestLab" &&
>   ( == "06.tokilevel" ||
> == "06_shoebox.xml") do
> (
> package.addFile(file)
> )
> os.sendFile(package, secureLocation)

Length: 5559 (5.4K) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: ***
100%[==========================>] 5,559 --.-K/s in 0s


success.jpg was one of the files released on April 12th (found in the textures directory), and seems to be a followup to 00000011.jpg. In this picture, the people in the room seem to have been gassed and are lying, presumably unconscious, on the floor. The code in the thumbnail of this picture seems to show that an alternative Bonus Level 6 has been packaged in a zip file and sent to a secure location, as hinted at by the text messages above.

Interestingly, the pseudocode for this example is incorrect as it does not have an ending to its "for" loop. This is most likely purely a mistake. (This was corrected in the April 15th update; the second-to-last line of the code listing (not including the output of the code) now has two parentheses.)

New Images/Files Included in Update

helptext.bin was updated and includes the following repeated.

\Here's another "clew": I don't make mistakes. Maybe you should look it up in your Theseus.
⁏狡�You found me. Finally. �You found me. Finally. �You found me. Finally. �You found me. Finally. �You found me. 
Finally. �You found me. Finally. � ݾᓅ�[signal blocked] �[signal blocked] �[signal blocked] �[signal blocked]
�[signal blocked] �[signal blocked]

April 7th: Three New Levels

The combination of the three new bonus levels to match the dots

The update on April 7th brought about 3 new bonus levels in the <TEST> section (screenshots) (Solutions). It seems that there are no special messages after solving all three of these puzzles. New textures were included in the update containing among others three Portal 2 signs. These were leaked before the official game update happened.

The dots were matched (as prompted by the Surveillance video) and a pattern was found. The pattern was then transformed into a QR code and scanned to obtain a zip file. The zip file contaned three images numbered 1-3 in binary. Each image had a modified thumbnail that contains psuedocode. (See originals 1, 2, 3)


The A surrounded by brackets matches the A, bracket for bracket, in 00000010.jpg.

Code for 00000001.jpg

> import "irclib" as chat
> ch = chat.getParticipants(IRC_CHATTING)
> output = ""
> l = 0
> for p in ch do
> {
>     line = l.toString()
>     line += p.activeCount() + ":"
>     line += rjust( p.getNick(), 24)
>     line += "|"
>     line += activityToHGraph(p, true)
>     line += "|\n"
>     output += line
>     l++
> }

Image 00000001 is an image from the ARG IRC chat, so someone is obviously watching us. The code that goes with it appears to be taking a count of how many people are in the chat, each persons username, and an unknown function, putting it on one line, and printing it in the format of "#: Name | Unknown Function |". "\n" is a newline character, the equivalent of the enter key.

Code for 00000010.jpg

> import "algorithms"
> objs = for o on desk collect o
> for o in objs do
> {
>     o.addProperty("priority")
> =
>     o.priority = (o.confidential << 8) + (o.weight << 2) + o.z
>     if o.priority < EPSILON do
>     {
>     delete o
>     }
> }
> bubblesort(objs, priority)

Image 00000010 is an image of a bunch of things on someones desk. When the code overlay is on top, several o's appear on almost every object. The code takes each object, gives it a name (that is completely lowercase, toLower() is a C function which converts a string to lowercase), and then gives it a priority, by checking is confidentiality with a logical left shift of 8 added to it's weight with a logical left shift of 2, and added to an unknown z function (distance, perhaps?). It then sees if the objects priority is lower then the value EPSILON. If it is, the object is removed. Afterwords, the objects are sorted in priority using a bubble sort method. In the corner is the printout from the previous program.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Z Y X W V U T S R Q  P  O  N  M  L  K

This would mean 14 and 15 are actually "M" and "L".

Code for 00000011.jpg

> import "psychoanalysis"
> ppl = for p in chamber collect p
> for p in ppl do
> {
>     p.analyse()
>     if p.stress > EPSILON
>     {
>         deploy_

Image 00000011 is an image of four guys in an industrial room with pipes in it, fearful of the camera taking pictures of them. The code is some kind of biometric analyzer. Each person is labeled with "p", with p being the main stack in the program. The program seems to analyze them and see if their stress level is above EPSILON. If so, the function deploy is performed.


Note that each "circle" of a letter is made up of either brackets or curly braces ("[" or "{"). There are 14 characters marked this way, and each "circle" is unique, implying a 4-bit (16) code. Some permutation is necessary to come to figure out that the "bits" for each circle start from the North (top) symbol and move around clockwise, with "[" as a 0 bit, and "{" as a 1 bit. This gives a unique number, 0-14, for each letter, and spelling out the phrase, "Movable Panels", a password for an Aperture Science login screen.

Jake_R visits Two Tribes

Jake_R discovers the Toki Tori clue - Way to go Jake!

Coordinates were found in the "test" levels of Toki Tori. The coordinates pointed to a location in the Netherlands and were determined to be the HQ of Two Tribes, the developers of Toki Tori. Jake_R traveled to the headquarters of Two Tribes, and discovered REAL potatoes with glyphs and more text clues.

Footage of Jake finding the clues:

Comments by Jake:

Someone Surveils Jake_R

Footage linked to from Defense Grid suggests he was observed while he was doing this. The video also shows the original confusion on the coordinates (putting them in the wrong order shows the location near Seychelles), and photos that Jake_R took from his expedition.

There are glyphs on the side of the garbage truck that appears at 1:09 in the video. -- VintagePC

The glyphs are separated into distinct "chunks", reading (front of truck to back) "FLP NTL TH DTS(S) MTCH". The fourth chunk definitely consists of "DTS", the "dot" glyph for S is faint but present. There is a few frames where there appears to be a second dot, making the chunk "DTSS", which happens to bring out a total of 16 consonants, but doesn't seem to be directly applicable. With the "DTS" version, the phrase can be read as "Flip Until The Dots Match", which is confirmed to solve the April 7th puzzles below.

link to song

Glyph & Letter


Art for swans is dope!
"I sauce age a taco."

Intro screen

New <TEST> section

Screenshot of lights that form the hidden message in Level 3.

Some screenshots of the levels. How to beat the first levels, and how to get the login screen

Level 1

Level 2

Entering redirects to . It is probably a coincidence.
This is not related to anything.

Level Solution

This is one way to solve it. For a different way see this video walkthrough.

Level 3

Level Solution

For a slightly different solution see this video walkthrough.

Bonus Level 1

Bonus Level 2

You need to get to the teleporter at the bottom right. Video walkthrough.

Bonus Level 3


Test Edge

Original Test edge
Enhanced Test edge
Colour coded test edge
Colour coded grid
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