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Amongst other images found by means of the Aperture Science login screens were photos of whiteboards. These boards feature messages in plain english and mathematical equations. The purpose of this page is to analyse any hidden meaning within these shots.

Text featured across the set of boards is:

As for the math involved and shown on the boards, most of it seems to be physics equations based around the idea of creating portals. (warning incoming physics/math jargon) Some of these involve energy levels of bound states in three dimensions, the summation of length contractions when approaching the speed of light (basically how to shrink the distance between two points by traveling at the speed of light, or faster as the case may be), Some complex fast fourier transforms, some Euler Circuits, a Piecewise function, and, generally speaking, equations pointing out the physical ramifications of portals.

It is also likely that there are multiple authors, indicated by the writing in differing pen colors. The text mentioned above are all likely from the same author and written on the board rather late. The only color seen to be added after the black text, is the blue pen, as it fixes some of the black text which has been erased. The red colored marker is possibly used by the "smarter person" as they won the Tick-Tack-Toe game (board 5) and completed the "house with an X in the middle without lifting the marker" (board 3).

All the whiteboards were written in the same place after another was partially erased (In this order: Boards 1 -> 2 -> 4 -> 3 -> 5)


Additional points of comparison are shown here:

Between board 1 and board 2, there is a section of text that was written, and subsequently erased. The areas of missing text are shown below.


Here is an overview of all the boards overlapped on each other. Why did these red / black circles with "eyes" get drawn in this specific configuration?


An alternate, less interesting speculation is that Valve wanted the whiteboards in the game, but used the same whiteboard over and over to create the textures, while accidentally failing to erase everything from the previous board before writing the next.

Board 1


Details of Note:

Board 2


Details of Note:

  • It's possible that the a got smudged and thus looks like a backwards five, seeing as other text got smudged.

Board 3


Details of Note:

Possible theories (by IRC user PVTCaboose1337):

Other theroies

Board 4


Details of Note:

Board 5


Details of Note:

  • I also find it strange, but I'm not sure how much relevance it has overall.



At least one of the whiteboards has been been found within the game; while this doesn't discount them as part of the ARG, it is unlikely to contain clues that were not already in place when the game was shipped for release (mid-March).

Two others whiteboards can be found while doing the Co-Op Storyline (when you have to plug CDs often).

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